Webcomic / Korino Bara

Kori no Bara is an ongoing SliceofLife Shoujo Webcomic created by pickle962! It chronicles the tale of Susan Graham. An all American redhead teenage girl who lives in Japan with her grandmother who runs a boarding house at Susan's soon to be High School Fukuzawa High. After earning a free room as a reward for passing the entrance exam for said high school, our protagonist is then publicly embarrassed by so called ladies man Aono Takeshi by pure accident. Vowing to swear off guys throughout her high school days, how long Susan sticks to her word is any ones guess...

Can be viewed here at DeviantArt

Provides Examples of:

  • Death by Origin Story: Susan's parents were killed by a drunk driver 10 years prior to the story...
  • Insult Backfire: Happens to Takeshi when he tries to insult Hiroshi in a joking manner. Eiji gets a good laugh out of this!
  • Meaningful Name: Fukuzawa High gets its name from Fukuzawa Yukichi, a prominent figure in Japanese history who was responsible for Westernizing Japan right down to democratic principles
  • Significant Green-Eyed Redhead: Susan fits this trope to a T