Webcomic: Imminent Moose

Imminent Moose is a Journal Comic written by Kyle Travers.

The series chronicles the life of the author through his day-to-day existence as a college student in Burlington, VT. Earlier strips focus on everyday dorm life but have shifted into focusing on apartment living and working retail. The comic is mostly self-reflective and often centers on the author’s life experiences and observations on life with sporadic appearances by friends and roommates.

Occasionally the strips take a more surreal turn in chronicling the struggles of Squid Fairy, a winged squid that grants wishes…pertaining to squids, as well as a short story about a snail’s dreams of flight and a trip into the refrigerator.

Updates weekly, but is occasionally subject to Schedule Slip

The comic went on hiatus in September 2013, but as of April/May 2014 is starting up again. The newer strips have been focused around Kyle's graduation from college, thoughts about that, and continued adventures in retail.

This series provides examples of: