Webcomic / Imminent Moose


Imminent Moose is a Journal Comic written by Kyle Travers.

The series chronicles the life of the author through his day-to-day existence as a college student in Burlington, VT. Earlier strips focus on everyday dorm life but have shifted into focusing on apartment living and working retail. The comic is mostly self-reflective and often centers on the author’s life experiences and observations on life with sporadic appearances by friends and roommates.

Occasionally the strips take a more surreal turn in chronicling the struggles of Squid Fairy, a winged squid that grants wishes…pertaining to squids, as well as a short story about a snail’s dreams of flight and a trip into the refrigerator.

Updates weekly, but is occasionally subject to Schedule Slip.

The comic went on hiatus in September 2013, but as of April/May 2014 is starting up again. The newer strips have been focused around Kyle's graduation from college, thoughts about that, and continued adventures in retail.

This series provides examples of:

  • Demoted to Extra: Several characters, most notably Scott, looked like they would have a bigger role when first introduced
  • Dramatic Wind: The last panel of Frigid 24, as well as other occasions throughout the Frigid arc.
  • Put on a Bus:
    • Robin.
    • After strip #118, "Through The Eyes," the WHOLE rest of the cast disappears. The only characters featured are Kyle, Squid Fairy, and the snail. This means that the list of characters currently on the bus is: Robin, Scott, Allison, Jeremy, Chico, Ryan, and Eboney.
  • Skunk Stripe: One of Kyle's more frequent hair styles is one or two of these on his forelocks.
  • Splash of Color: The comic is done in grayscale save for Kyle's hair color.
  • Strip Buffer:
    • Happened at the beginning of the comic's run.
    • Still happens occasionally, depending on the author's life at the time.
  • The Cameo: The Snail makes an appearance, apparently living in the apartment Kyle and Squid Fairy share.
  • Those Two Guys: Kyle and Ryan in earlier strips of the comic.
  • Unsound Effect: The author prefers them in lieu of real sound effects.
  • Weather Dissonance: Welcome to Vermont!
  • Wholesome Crossdresser: Kyle has moments of this.
  • Word Salad Title: There is no moose anywhere in the comic. It is hard to tell if one is imminent, but there has been nothing pointing to that part being true either. This may be a Stealth Joke in reference to the many "Moose Crossing" signs that are stationed all over Vermont.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: One of the only colors ever seen in the whole comic is Kyle's frequently changing hair.