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Webcomic: Sordid City Blues
Edna: Luther doesn't believe in premarital sex.
Spiro: He ought to; it's real. I've seen it myself.

Sordid City Blues is an ongoing, loosely structured graphic-novel style romance/slice of life web comic, or "indie rock theological soap opera", as the site's header puts it. It focuses on the lives and loves of a bunch of twenty-somethings living in the semi-fictional "Sordid City" (actually a thinly disguised Boston/Cambridge). It contains theological ruminations and nude scenes in roughly equal proportions. It is a dominantly black and white comic although spot color is used to identify and accentuate the key players. Each key character has one item or clothing detail in a specific color.

This comic strip provides examples of:
Something PositiveSlice-of-Life WebcomicsThe Space Between

alternative title(s): Sordid City Blues
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