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Webcomic: The Anime Club
We assure you, they're only this terrifying 30% of the time.note 

A web comic that was, originally, just a recurring cast in KC Green's Gunshow. It stars the four members of a high school Anime Club: Mort, Mark, Dave, and the newest member, Clyde.

One day, Mort brings pornography...err, ''hentai'' to the library for them to watch. Unfortunately, the disc gives Dave's computer a virus, and this sparks a fight between the incensed Mark and the always-furious Mort.

To make matters worse, The Anime Club is booted from the public library for the fight (and for watching hentai,) leading them to search for a new location to conduct their club, as well as a refund for the corrupted data.

A five part web-comic (not including the original strips, a very short Part 2.5, and a non canon Part Six,) it's a short but highly recommended read. It can be found here. A Fan Vid series has started by the people who did the Hiimdaisy Persona4 fandub, and is probably even more hilarious.

This webcomic provides examples of:

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alternative title(s): The Anime Club
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