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Webcomic: Venus Envy
Venus Envy is a transgender-centered webcomic which is notable for portraying the subject matter more realistically than most, rather than taking the Transformation Comic route.

It originally started as a simple gag comic about transsexuality, but the nameless lead character soon developed into the comic's heroine, Zoe (ne Alex) Carter. The story itself is a Teen Dramedy that centers around Zoe's life as a girl in her new town, where no one (with a couple of exceptions) knows that she was Alexander Carter just a few months ago.

It briefly succumbed to Orphaned Series syndrome, due to the author's then-waning interest and busy real-life. Due to the original comic's cliffhanger ending and popular demand, Trans Girl Diaries did a fan followup (essentually a webcomic Doujinshi), here, which mimicked the style of the original comic and was well received by the VE fandom.

The author herself seems to have been pleased by this: The comic now updates, albeit sporadically, and seems to be following the basic outline of the aforementioned doujinshi.

This webcomic contains examples of:

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alternative title(s): Venus Envy
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