Webcomic: Tsunami Channel

To start with, Tsunami Channel is not a webcomic. No, unlike most other webcomic sites, Tsunami Channel actually hosts several webcomics, almost all of which is drawn by host Akira. These include Experimental Comic Kotone, Magical Mina, Love Situations. Just to make that clear.

So, firstly, Experimental Comic Kotone, the longest and oldest of the bunch. Essentially a gag-per-day comic centering on the antics of Robot Girl Kotone, her Onii-chan and various other characters. To be fair, a better description would be that it is a parody of various Harem Shows, with a small habit of Lampshading various tropes found in Harem Anime. And, before you ask, no, it has nothing to do with Excel Saga.

Secondly, Magical Mina. As the name would suggest, this is a Magical Girl comic starring a girl named Mina. It is also apparently set concurrent to Experimental Comic Kotone. Is apparently very much influenced by both Cardcaptor Sakura and various Shōnen anime.

Love Situations is a series of short stories exploring romantic setups based in some popular stereotypes of the genre. The first one is about extremely forward Kuudere Saki, and her (shy and more discreet) romantic interest. The second story features a setup with a Osananajimi whose relationship with her best male friend verge in the Cannot Spit It Out. The third and current (and still unfinished) one is centered around a Tsundere girl and her tribulations. This is apparently his latest pet project, and probably the reason why Experimental Comic Kotone and Magical Mina both seem like Orphaned Series.

ExCoKo and MaMi also feature an Author Avatar of Akira himself, as well as an Anthropomorphic Personification of his computer, Tsunami.

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Experimental Comic Kotone, Magical Mina, Love Situations