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Webcomic: 3-Chord Dorks
3-Chord Dorks is a webcomic by self-proclaimed rock fan Kevin Griffin. The comic stars Kevin Griffin (no relation to the author) and his friends Arya (his roommate) and Cassie (who is also Arya’s girlfriend). Other characters include Jolie (Kevin’s Tsundere Love Interest and Cassie's older sister), Sultan (Kevin’s best friend from childhood), and Wade and Myles Brownstone (Kevin’s next-door neighbors). The jokes revolve mainly around rock and metal music, but draw plenty from other materials (such as anime, superhero comics, and video games).

Also notable is Kevin's reviews of a number of artists and albums. Kevin is known to be level-headed and sensible when it comes to judging music, making a distinction between “objectively low quality” and “not my taste”. Check out what he has to say about Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber. He can also distinguish between being popular and being skilled, which sometimes brings surprising insight for a gag-a-day webcomic about rock.

3-Chord Dorks provides examples of the following tropes:

This Is Not FictionSlice-of-Life WebcomicsToo Much Information
ThornsaddleGag-per-Day WebcomicsThree Panel Soul
Running GagImageSource/Web ComicsStart My Own

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