Webcomic: Forever 16

Nineteen-Ninety-Something (formerly "Forever 16") is a webcomic found on Deviant ART about Joel Maxwell, a 16-year-old in Minnesota during the '90s, who is a big fan of music, cartoons and movies.

His friends include his disgruntled food court worker girlfriend, Michelle Hseign; his best friends, Steve and Aaron; Steve's girlfriend, the punk rocker Jocelyn (she, Joel, Steve and Aaron form the band Westworld), and the animation fanatic and object of Aaron's unwanted affection, Kendra.

The series takes place in the 1990s and allows the author, JB Warner, to pay homage to the culture of that time while quite a number of strips take place in modern times as well.

Can be found here; http://jbwarner86.deviantart.com/ and here; http://1990somethingcomic.com/

This webcomic contains examples of:

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