Webcomic / Cheap Thrills

Cheap Thrills is a furry slice-of-life/romance webcomic featured either here or here (includes sketches and preview art). The story starts out with a teenage rabbit named Jeordie, living a high life of booze, drugs, and girls, until he finally settles down with a childhood friend of his, Bethany, who has her own problems with her broken and abusive family. On the sidelines with their own subplots are Erik and Anna, Jeordie's other childhood friends; and Frank, Jeordie's and Anna's drug dealer with a messed-up life of his own.

The comic is divided into chapters, where each chapter jumps forward several months later and changes the art style, always for the better.

Undergone a bit of a Schedule Slip. May or may not have been ended.

Contains examples of: