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"Courting the girl of your dreams is hard when you work at the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, Japan. It's even harder if you are scared of girls, and near-impossible if your brother's kind of shady, your best friend is too excited, and your co-worker hates your guts."

A Comedy with a side of Slice of Life, Sakana, created by Madeline Rupert, stars Jiro and Taro, two awkward japanese brothers working at the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo. Ex-Delinquent Taro, the older brother, sincerely loves his job as a butcher and is very protective of his younger brother, Jiro, who is a talented register worker, but terribly afraid of girls.

Other important characters are their friends, family and co-workers, especially Taisei, Jiro's slightly silly and always cheerful best friend and roommate, and Yuudai, the gruff and snarky primary register worker, who bears a constant grudge against Jiro for being better at selling fish than he [Yuudai] is.

The plot revolves mainly around the various awkward yet (usually) hilarious the various cast members manage to get themselves into, such as Jiro's misadventures with "Cash Register Girl." Lately, however, it's begun to delve into more serious matters.

An affiliate of Hiveworks. Previously available on Smack Jeeves and the now defunct Inkblazers/Mangamagazine (many of the links to the comic on this page are unfortunately now dead links because of this).

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