Heartwarming / Sakana

At the right times, the character interactions in Sakana can be just as heartwarming as they are hilarious. There's something really touching about an Ensemble Cast of Loser Protagonists of all varieties coming together.

  • Dear ladies and gentlemen, I present to you how Jiro and Taisei met. All together now: Awwwwwwwww!
  • Taisei doesn't seem the slightest bit put down by Yuudai's prickly exterior, and immediately thinks of him as a friend. Yuudai is understandably confused by this, though. Because seriously, Yuudai is always such a Jerkass to everyone, that he really doesn't have any friends.
  • Genji apologizing (after Taro already left, but still), after he had taken some money from Taro in a very unfriendly fashion, which showed that he really isn't such a bad guy after all, that he didn't lie about being in money trouble, and that he does feel genuinely sorry. After all, Taro already left and nobody would have heard him anyways, which makes it kind of a What You Are in the Dark moment.
  • Cutest strip ever or cutest strip ever? Made especially heartwarming due to Jiro's general bad luck with girls. You just want the guy to finally get lucky.
  • Also counts as a Crowning Moment of Awesome, but Jiro standing up to Arata and telling him that he should leave the stall. And he's doing this for Yuudai, too. The guy's never been exactly easy to work with, and he's noted to have a special kind of hatred for Jiro, but Jiro himself knows that nobody should have to deal with someone like that.
    • The fact that he also checks up on Yuudai afterwards, and takes the time to hear him out and talk about what happened. But this also doubles as a Tearjerker, since Yuudai initially thinks that Jiro only followed him to make fun of him.
  • When Yuudai asks Jiro why he's so insistent on trying to see if he'd be at least good friends with Taisei after he learns that Yuudai has a crush on him, Jiro gives a surprisingly profound answer.
    Jiro: I mean, you like him. The big, loud, excitable version of him. [...] I don't think he's ever dated someone outside of work, but you like that Taisei, so... I think it's worth a shot at least! It could be a good experience for both of you.
    • And this exchange from just a few pages earlier certainly counts. It's a bit more subtle than other examples, but as one commentator states, the fact that Jiro can recognize these qualities in someone who had been treating him like dirt for years has melted at least a couple of readers' hearts.
      Jiro: Liking a shitty person doesn't automatically make you shitty.
      Yuudai: Oh? So you'd say I've been a generous and good-natured person to work with, right?
      Jiro: Uh... No, I wouldn't use those exact words... But you are a hard worker. And you really care about your job. And those are qualities that appeal to Taisei.