"Psycho" Shower Murder Parody

One of the most famous movie scenes of all time and perhaps the most frequently spoofed, parodied, imitated, plagiarized, referenced one. Alfred Hitchcock's movie Psycho (1960) has become infamous for the scene where a woman is murdered while taking a shower. Back in 1960 audiences were utterly shocked when they saw this scene for the following reasons:

  1. Audiences weren't permitted to walk in during the screening of the film in theaters. They had to be present from the start or they wouldn't be allowed inside.

  2. Janet Leigh's character had been the film's protagonist for the first half of the story. Audiences identified with her actions when suddenly she was killed off. Up to that point mainstream films had never let their central character die halfway through the film. Especially not that suddenly.

  3. It was the most graphic movie killing ever at the time, even though it was in black and white and the knife was never seen penetrating flesh.

Of course, nowadays, the shower scene is a case of Seinfeld Is Unfunny. People have seen this scene parodied so much that there's a sense of overkill and thus the shock value of the original lost its impact. In fact, the Psycho Shower Scene Parodies themselves (always complete with Psycho Strings) have transformed into uninspired stock parodies that leave an audience sighing: "It's Been Done."

Footage from over 20 versions of this scene became compiled in a YouTube video titled, "50 Years of the Psycho Shower Scene."


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    Anime and Manga 

  • In De Kiekeboes album "Het Plan Sstoeffer" Fanny takes a shower and thinks: "If I'm quick, I'll be able to catch "Psycho" by Hitchcock on TV". While she is showering she is attacked by a spy, but she notices him just in time and knocks him out.
  • One issue of ALF's comic had a Melmacian version of Psycho where the Norman Bates character (Sy Coe) was obsessed with bread. Flour comes out of the shower instead of water, and then Coe attacks with a baguette.
  • A cover for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Grind depicts Leatherface attacking a showering woman with his chainsaw.

    Fan Fic 

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Phantom of the Paradise when Winslow confronts Beef (in a comic allusion to Psycho) and threatens to kill him if he performs, namely by stopping his mouth with a plunger.
  • Planes Trains And Automobiles when Neal discovers what Del did to the bathroom, and that he had been washing his face in the water Del was using to soak his socks.
  • Also spoofed at the end of Silence Of The Hams, which is something of a parody mix between The Silence of the Lambs and Psycho. The killer in question is Alfred Hitchcock, who kills the director of Hams in the shower for making fun of his film. Then it turns out it was Dr. Animal Cannibal Pizza (Dom De Luise) wearing a latex mask.
  • In Mel Brooks Hitchcock spoof High Anxiety, the Psycho shower scene parody uses the shrill cries of an angry bellhop in place of the strings: "Here! Here's your paper! Here's your lousy, stinking paper! Happy now?"
    Thorndyke: That boy gets no tip...
  • Done in Looney Tunes: Back in Action when Kate finds Bugs Bunny in the shower. Bugs pours some chocolate syrup down the drain for the blood (which is what was actually used for the original scene).
  • Justified by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - the scene takes place inside a television, so it's highly possible that the cast is watching Psycho.
  • Done with a slight lampshade in the film National Lampoon's Vacation. Filmed from Clark's POV as he slowly enters the bathroom. The Psycho Strings emanate from the orchestra, and then he opens the shower curtain to find his topless wife showering. Duh. ...as he holds a harmless, ordinary BANANA and does his own (weak) vocal version of the infamous "REEE! REEE! REEE!" sound as the orchestral music fades away... Turns out it was only in jest, due to the blatant overuse of this joke.
  • Police Academy 3: Back in Training. Sweetchuck is alarmed by the sight of a sinister shadow on his shower curtain of a man wielding a knife, only for it to turn out to be Zed clutching a tube of hair gel.
  • Done in Monster in the Closet. Each time the woman's shower is interrupted when she sees an ominous shadow on the curtain, it's just her husband asking her if she needs any errands done or if she knows where the keys are. Further twisted since it's the husband who is killed by the eponymous monster while his wife is showering.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Done in a Hitchcock parody episode "Too Old To Trick Or Treat, Too Young To Die" of That '70s Show after Laurie unexpectedly finds Kelso using the shower.
  • In Spitting Image Margaret Thatcher discovers former Prime Minister Edward Heath in her shower. He decides he'll return as Prime Minister, but Maggie simply slashes him with a knife.
  • Charmed: In an early episode, where horror movie killers come to life and hunt the sisters, Piper, running from one such killer, makes the very wise decision of hiding in the shower. After noting her own stupidity, she sees a shadowy figure approaching from behind the curtain... luckily, it's Prue.
  • Monty Python's Flying Circus: A very subtle one. In "The Barber Shop Sketch" Michael Palin's barber character flips into homicidical mode several times, uttering the line: "Cut, CUT, HEART, HITCHCOCK, MURDER, BLOOD, PSYCHO, HOMICIDE, SPURT, ARTERY, TREMOR CORTEX, Arrrgg...!"

    Video Games 
  • In the old Sierra game Laura Bow, it's possible to take a shower. In usual order, the game mocks you if you're stupid enough to do so, by asking if Alfred didn't teach you anything.

    Web Originals 
  • The 5 Second Films video "The Early Bird Killer", in which the presumably eponymous serial killer comes to kill a girl in the shower. The twist is that she had already been killed by another serial killer, who is currently taking a shower in her place.

    Western Animation 
  • The Ren & Stimpy Show: In the episode "Haunted House" when Stimpy's taking a shower.
  • Kim Possible does it twice, once with Bonnie taking a shower as a homage to Psycho's famous scene, and again when music from the film plays after Ron falls off his bike and water comes from his head.
  • The Simpsons:
    • In the episode "Itchy, Scratchy & Marge" there's an original parody of the shower scene. Instead of taking place in a shower Homer is attacked by Maggie with a hammer in the garage. The Psycho Strings music is present, as are the same shots, and a can of red paint provides the same effect of blood flowing away in the drain.
  • Tiny Toon Adventures: Elmyra tried to bathe Dizzy in the "Wheel O' Comedy" episode segment "Devil Doggie".
  • Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, "The Big Cheese" when Cheese surprises Eduardo in the shower.
  • In the íMucha Lucha! episode "Curse of the Masked Toilet" the titular sentient toilet does this to The Flea with a luffa after he turns on the shower. Being that The Flea takes pride in uncleanliness, he's disgusted when in the following scene he's outside with his normally brown costume now white.