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Western Animation: Rainbow Brite

Rainbow Brite (real name: Wisp) is a young girl who helps to bring color to the world, accompanied by the seven Color Kids, Twink the sprite, and Rainbow's horse, Starlite.

Rainbow Brite and her allies frequently have to deal with the schemes of Murky Dismal, a short, mustachioed villain who, along with his oafish henchman Lurky, tries to make all of Rainbowland as dark and gloomy as his lair in The Pits.

The franchise was initially adapted as a series of 5 TV specials in that aired during a syndication week. This was followed by a feature-length film, which in turn was followed a 13 episode TV series.

Quite prominent in DeviantART, where most of the fan art features Rainbow Brite as a scene kid or an animesque Magical Girl.


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