Headscratchers / Rainbow Brite

  • Why is Starlite called a "flying horse" when he doesn't fly? Galloping on rainbows is not flying, no matter how you look at it.
    • Krys did point this out during The Star Stealer.
    • Fly can refer to moving fast, e.g. this car really flies, but Starlite is the type to let you think otherwise. Or fly is just a verb for "moving in the air" rather than self-propelled flight.
      • In other words, Starlite being a "flying" horse is just metaphorical.note 
  • What the hell is the deal with the San Diego Zoo Adventure?
  • What is Tickled Pink's job, really? It's Fanfic Fuel for sure, but the pastel theory, while fanon for years, is still just that and can be explained with animation errors and attempts to make her character design unique. But then again, if she doesn't handle shading, what does she do?