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One or more of the characters is a Time Lord.
To be exact, all of the Color Kids (including Rainbow Brite herself) are Time Lords, and the Color Castle is their TARDIS.

Rainbow Brite's adventures are either the hallucinations of a dying girl on an operating table; or the reborn spirit of a young girl who was recruited by a god-like being to become a demi-goddess after her physical death.
In the two-part origin episode "The Beginning of Rainbowland" we know that originally Rainbow Brite was a girl named Wisp who followed an entity named The Sphere Of Light to bring color to a land that had fallen to darkness. She came from "somewhere else."
  • I must admit I did not come up with this one originally, and that all credit must go to Seth Green and the writers of Robot Chicken. They are ever tireless in their pursuit of deconstructing our childhoods. A worthy goal.
    • This would mean that Rainbow Brite's bringing of color to the land was her redeeming herself through Purgatory, after which she was admitted into Heaven.
      • Rainbowland is both Purgatory and Heaven for her. She had to rescue the Color Kids and defeat the Dark One to make Rainbowland beautiful again (Purgatory) and her wish for a world that needed her was fulfilled (Heaven).

Actually Published Accusation: The series is occult propaganda disguised as entertainment, seeking to brainwash your children.
Here's the quote:
The rainbow is a Biblical symbol that the New Age has wickedly mocked by attributing the false notion that the rainbow represents man's bridge to godhood. The "Rainbow Brite" heroine is pictured on the box of a best-selling cereal. Examine her image and you'll find a small, five-sided star (the Satanic pentagram) on her cheek. (Texe Marrs, Dark Secrets of the New Age, p. 242)
Here I thought that kids were attracted to bright colors and stars. And that marketing executives know this.

Of course, in the same few pages Mr. Marrs manages to:

  1. ...go a step beyond the normal problems Christians have with Ninja powers by asserting that the Chinese throwing star is "a unique death weapon": "a Satanic pentagram"...
  2. ...slam E.T. as "a demon look-alike" who is "patterned after Jesus Christ"... and...
  3. ...casts suspicion on any and all literature that attempts to reinvent the dragon (including a book for toddlers that "Depicts dragons as fun-loving, gleeful, human-like creatures deserving love and respect by humans"), apparently on the excuse that the dragon is used as a symbol for Satan.
  • The E.T. bit reminds this editor of Richard Abanes calling Harry Potter's Dobby a demonic figure. Are we not supposed to look past the appearance to see the heart?? And for that matter, the fact that a character is patterned after Jesus Christ somehow means that it's evil occult propaganda? What about Aslan?
    • This editor would like to point out that there are rabblerousers out there who actually attack Aslan and Narnia as Satanic, completely ignoring the massive Christian allegories, or else claiming - like above - that anything built to ressemble Jesus or God is actually mocking him.
      • Indeed, there are Christian and Catholic private schools that have actually banned the Narnia books for being heretical and blasphemous.
      • The Santanic Pentagram has the point at the bottom. Rainbow Brite's star has the point at the top. It's just a star put there to look cute.
    • They didn't like the Smurfs, either. Gargamel casting spells by dancing inside a circle — why, that's actual Witchcraft!
    • The rainbow symbol was attacked by Moral Guardians all the way through The80s for its connection to the New Age. Constance Cumbey's The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow and Johanna Michaelsen's The Beautiful Side of Evil were best-sellers.
There are five more Color Kids out there somewhere.
The roster of extant Color Kids includes the three primary colors (Red Butler, Canary Yellow, and Buddy Blue), the three secondary colors (Lala Orange, Patty O' Green, and Shy Violet), and one tertiary color—Indigo, or blue-violet. But as anyone who has ever studied Color Theory in art class can tell you, there are six tertiary colors. Nearly half of the Color Kids are AWOL.
  • Having kids named "Orange Red", "Yellow-Orange", and "Yellow-Green" would be kinda lame. Also, you forgot the Pink Color Kid, Tickled Pink - who basically ruled over all the colors not covered by the seven others.
    • There are better but arguable names for the other five colors. Namely, Goldenrod, Vermilion, Magenta, Lime, and Turquoise. Perhaps Tickled Pink had them all bumped off in a bid to gain power?
    • ... Goldenrod and Vermilion?
  • I never considered Tickled Pink to be a "real" Color Kid since pink is not a hue on the color wheel but rather light red. If she's filling in for the missing Tertiaries, that's great, but it doesn't put her in their league.
  • Would two of the missing being Cyan Kid and Magenta Kid? Which color theory are we talking about here?
  • But they're obviously named after ROYGBIV: the commonly accepted seven colours in the rainbow.
    • What about a black kid, a white kid, or a gray kid? The white kid could be an albino, I'm not really sure about the black & gray kids.

Rainbow Brite, the Colour Kids, Rainbow Land, and the Sprites are all several billion years old.
We know that Rainbow and the Colour Kids are over seven hundred years old, as they all stated as much when talking about how they defeated the Monstro-Murk seven hundred years ago. However, as life on earth is tied to Rainbowland, and has been going at a safe, steady pace for billions of years, Rainbowland must also have been in good health for all that time ( though it's been proven that Earth can survive small periods of ill-health in Rainbowland ). However, during the reign of the Evil One, Rainbowland had been a near-dead, somewhat hellish place for an unspecified but apparently very long period of time. In order for this to have had no effect on earth, it could only have been this way before life existed on Earth, and so Wisp's liberation of Rainbowland probably coincided with the start of life on Earth, and she's been ruling there as Rainbow Brite ever since.

The Rainbow of Light, and subsequently Elements of Harmony are all that remains of Rainbow Land.
The villian Tirac eventually defeated the Rainbow Children and added what was left of Rainbow Land to his darkness-shrouded empire. Remains of the power crystals used by Rainbow Brite and her friends were later reforged into the Rainbow of Light, which was used to defeat Tirac. Millenia later, after the original pony civilisation had forgotten about the Rainbow of Light, Celestia and Luna discovered the remains of it while trying to find a means to defeat Discord, and reforged the Rainbow of Light with the Fires of Friendship to rediscover the Elements of Harmony.

The series will be rebooted eventually
They tried to revise the dolls but they bombed. They'll try again eventually and make a new cartoon.
  • There actually is some kind of cartoon due sometime in late 2014.

The Color Kids each were brought to Rainbow Land like Rainbow Brite was

Each of them were summoned like her from different points in time.
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