Sexy Santa Dress

"You're supposed to be Santa's wife, not his mistress!"

A sexy dress designed to make it clear it's to be worn for Christmas time. The outfit is usually red, and trimmed with either fur (real or fake) or with feathers, often topped by a Santa hat. The exact form of the dress can vary:
  • Usually it's a mini dress.
  • Sometimes it's a sexy top and short skirt (in order to Bare Your Midriff).
  • Sometimes it's a sexy top and hot pants or booty shorts (again for midriff baring).
  • Sometimes it will be a skintight leotard.

Since these outfits are either skimpy and/or skintight, these outfits are major Fanservice. Shows will often have a Mall Santa with one or more ladies wearing this, whether or not it happens in Real Life.

Expect someone to make an obligatory joke about the character being Exposed to the Elements.

Side Story Bonus Art in Anime and Manga often has holiday pics with female characters wearing these dresses.

A Sub-Trope of Pimped-Out Dress, Costume Porn, Sexy Whatever Outfit.

A Sister Trope to Happy Holidays Dress (the one with the longer skirt, and is therefore warmer), Mini Dress Of Power.

Compare Fur Bikini, Sweater Girl, Homemade Sweater From Hell, Costume Porn, Exposed to the Elements, An Ice Suit.

This is about the dress, not just any kind of Christmas fanservice.


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  • Worn by Santa's helpers in this ad for Funeraria Lopez, a funeral home in Guatemala.

     Anime & Manga 

    Comic Books 

    Fan Works 

  • Mean Girls has the titular girls miming to Jingle Bell Rock in versions of this outfit. This is apparently the act they do every year in the talent show. We ought to note that the choreography was done by Janis Ian before she and Regina stopped speaking in Middle School; one presumes that the outfits were less revealing then.
  • In Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Harmony wears one of these because she's working at a sleazy Christmas party.
  • Love Actually has a bunch of women wearing these outfits in a music video with Bill Nighy's aging rocker.
  • The Ice Princess outfit in Batman Returns.
  • A porn star wears a revealing Santa cloak, with thigh-high boots and a leather thong, in Don't Open Till Christmas.
  • If You Believe: Susan gets sexy red underpants with green Christmas tree applications from her friendly colleague Gloria. Tom surprises her on Christmas Day in the morning and likes her outfit a lot.

    Live Action TV 
  • In Home Improvement, Tim Taylor had Jill wear one of these when trying to take a family Christmas picture. He didn't make her wear it when they tried again, but did suggest she wear it for private moments.
  • In Two and a Half Men, Alan's crazy Christmas loving girlfriend dons a skimpy costume when she realizes Santa's not coming because she's been a bad girl.
  • A staple of WWE's annual Tribute to the Troops Christmas specials.
    • Right before Christmas, WWE Raw will often have a Santa's Little Helper match, with the Divas all wearing these kinds out outfits.
  • In the Psych holiday episode, Gus's hot sister wears one of these as a disguise.
  • In a Christmas episode of Chuck, Anna Wu wears one for the Holiday sales season.
  • Elaine from Seinfeld wore this on the photo for her holiday cards. The one showing a nipple.
  • In the Are You Being Served? episode, "The Father Christmas Affair", Mr. Humphries wore one.
  • NFL Cheerleaders are guaranteed to wear these for the team's last home game before Christmas. Double points if it's outdoors and the women are in danger of freezing something important off.
  • Vanessa went this route in an episode of Hangin' with Mr. Cooper, when asked to dress up as a Mrs. Mall Santa. It was originally a Happy Holidays Dress, but she thought it was too plain, so she cut into something sexy. This angered Mark a bit, as it was a rental. Mark's Straight Woman cousin Geneva's reaction was priceless, giving the page quote.
  • Worn by Victoria Jackson on a Christmas episode of Saturday Night Live from 1989 (host: Andie MacDowell; musical guest: Tracy Chapman) on a Weekend Update segment where she plays a lonely Mrs. Claus who sings "Santa Please Skip Christmas This Year" and ends up kissing Dennis Miller and sitting on his lap.
    • The SNL bumper for the season 36 episode hosted by Paul Rudd had Rudd wearing a sexy Santa dress and heels.
  • Kamen Rider Double's first movie marks the first and only time the (male) character Santa-chan doesn't dress like Santa. When asked why (especially since it actually IS Christmas), Santa opens the door, revealing Queen and Elizabeth (the cute high school girls who help the protagonists) wearing these outfits.
  • On Nickelodeon teen show Victorious, the three main female characters Jade, Tori and Cat all wear differing dresses.
  • On Community, Annie wears one in "Regional Holiday Music". However, its actually a parody; while she originally uses it to seduce Jeff she devolves into a Brainless Beauty using Baby Talk that just manages to squick him out.
    Jeff: Eventually, you hit a point of diminishing returns on the sexiness.
    Annie What's a demmemememuah?
  • Stacy wears one while playing Mrs Claus in an episode of Spin City and is immediately swarmed by fathers wanting to sit on her lap.
  • Appears during the Season 3 Glee Christmas Episode, many of the glee girls wear matching minidresses trimmed in white fur and matching hats (presumably red, but the episode is in black and white) during their number.
  • Ally McBeal:
    • Ally wears a red mini-dress trimmed with white fur while singing "Santa Baby" at the bar when the office celebrate Christmas. The whole office thought she would suck, but they admitted she was good. And sexy.
    • Once Cage&Fish had a case representing an older man employed as mall Santa who was fired because the mall hired a young pair of models to play sexy young Santa-like guy and his hot female helper. Both wear red revealing outfits with Santa hats.
  • Will and Grace: Karen wears one for Jack's suggested window dressing. Including some bare-chested "reindeer."


  • The cover photos of some of Mariah Carey's Christmas albums show her in a sexy santa catsuit, an atypical example of this trope, but the fanservice is still there.
    • A straighter example is in her recent re-recording of "All I Want For Christmas Is You", where she wears a red mini dress and hat trimmed with white feathers.



    Video Games 
  • THE iDOLM@STER: Live For You has these as a costume set.
  • Often turns up in Virtual Paper Doll games.
  • In World of Warcraft, there are green and red "Winter Veil" outfits. Not surprisingly, on female characters, the outfit falls under this the skimpy variation, but on male characters, it is much less revealing.
  • In Hitman: Blood Money, there is a level taking place at a porn king's mountain villa during the holiday season. You can guess what the women are wearing. Or not wearing as the case may be...
  • Rareware did this official wallpaper of Kameo.
  • Resonance of Fate gives us Leanne (or Reanbell) wearing the mini-dress type during a later mission where you must deliver Christmas presents to little kids.
  • Starcraft's Infested Kerrigan of all people ended up in one of these on a Christmas wallpaper.
  • For the Christmas event in Killing Floor, the Stalker wears a very skimpy Sexy Santa costume.
  • Soul Calibur IV features Santa suits as DLC that turns into Sexy Santa Dresses on females.
  • Riot Games, creators of League of Legends, release one of these as a limited-edition champion skin for one of their hot female champions every Christmas. In 2009 it was Snow Bunny Nidalee, in 2010 it was Candy Cane Miss Fortune, in 2011 it was Mistletoe LeBlanc and in 2012 they released Slay Belle Katarina.
  • ''Dead or Alive: In DOA 2 Ultimate, this was an unlockable outfit for Kasumi. In DOA 5, this was Christmas DLC for all the girls, including the Virtua Fighter girls.
  • The third instalment Warriors Orochi offers this as a DLC for Da Ji, Wang Yuanji and Mitsunari.
  • One of Ryouta's odd jobs in Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star involves wearing one. Yes, a male pigeon in a Sexy Santa Dress. He's shown in it in the creator's Advent Calendar. The human girl comments that she wants to try it, too.


    Web Original 

    Western Animation 
  • Turns up in the Christmas Episode of American Dragon Jake Long when Jake accidentally finds himself in the middle of a Christmas-themed chorus line. (The dancers think he is there for the Chinese New Year number that is coming up later.)
  • Dr. Girlfriend wears a Christmas outfit in The Venture Bros. Christmas special.
  • In the Phineas and Ferb Christmas special, Dr. Doofensmirtz had Santa girls as backup dancers during his "I Really Don't Hate Christmas" song. The extended version features Stacy and Jenny wearing these in the song "What Does he want?"
  • In the American Dad! episode "Tears of a Clooney" Steve and Roger start an orphan sweat shop and Steve has two of the teenaged female orphans wear this outfit during winter.
  • Cher and Babs wore matching ones in Tiny Toon Adventures.
  • The Totally Spies! episode "Evil G.L.A.D.I.S. Much?" has Alex, Clover and Sam wearing these at the W.H.O.O.P. Christmas party. The girls were not pleased... that their outfits were red, when fuchsia was the appropriate color that year.

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