Side-Story Bonus Art
Putting the characters in Holiday Dresses is one of the most common themes.

Often artists make what could be described as official Fan Art. They draw scenes of the characters doing things that aren't actually in the work as such.

They could range from Beach Episodes to Christmas Scenes, to Fashion Shows, to Weddings of the Official Couples, to Alternate Universe settings, to Characters Switching Clothes, to Cosplay Fan Art. Again, it's anything a fan artist might do (that's still acceptable for the rating of the worknote ), just by the actual artists of the work, or people officially hired to draw them.

Currently, this is a particularly widespread trope for anime and manga, seen in many online galleries and even in books that are collections of these. Many Webcomics have these as well, often in the form of "voteys" - bonus images which you get to see if you vote for that comic on one of the various comic-ranking sites.

While seldom seen today, this sort of material used to be a staple of American Comic Books (primarily in the Romance and Teen Humor genres, or any other comics with a significant female readership.) "Fashion Pin-Ups" showing the characters in different outfits were common, as were reader-submitted fashions — often redrawn by professional artists, with credit to the young designer.

A Sub-Trope of Bonus Material.


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    Anime and Manga  
  • One Piece animated some of these to put in its newest intro.
  • Naruto too, including one with the characters in a modern school.
  • The girls of Noir. Dressed up as Santa Claus. With Toy Guns. Not enough wtf in the world.
  • Bleach loves doing this, to the point that most of the chapters have one or two pages featuring the cast just sitting around looking stylish. Possibly explained by the fact that the author has admitted that he's interested in pursuing a career in the fashion industry.
    • This is made surreally hilarious by the fact that any and all costume changes almost have to happen outside of continuity - the overwhelming majority of Bleach characters belong to groups where the dress code is either a black with white highlights samurai outfit, or a very spartan white with black highlights suit. After a run of ten years featuring Loads and Loads of Characters, the number of those characters who have substantially altered their main outfit can quite literally be counted on one hand.
  • Mahou Sensei Negima! occasionally has these. The earlier ones are generally more Fanservice-y, (like having a few of the girls in swimsuits or a Happy Holidays Dress) but more recent ones feature stuff like group shots of Ala Alba looking badass.
  • Several in the Lyrical Nanoha franchise. These range from pictures showing Riot Force Six during down time, to Nanoha, Fate, and Vivio having a family outing, to Nanoha and Fate (Or at least, the actors portraying them) doing a shoot for The Movie .
  • Done for some covers of The Law of Ueki; one Beach Episode cover is mentioned in an omake inside as a weird dream a character had. (And another character mentions that she wouldn't be wearing her glasses in that situation.)
  • The credits sequence for Divergence Eve is nothing but this sort of stuff.
  • Anything drawn by CLAMP gets lots of this, as seen with the above picture of ×××HOLiC. Usually, they feature the characters in Impossibly Cool Clothes (okay, more impossibly cool than some of the canonical outfits).
  • Rumiko Takahashi indulges in this trope A LOT. But of particular note is Ranma ½, where she takes the chance to put the eponymous, self-assured and macho Gender Bender in extremely, uncharacteristically feminine clothes (or less) and settings and enjoying iteven the Cat Girl outfits! This is possibly deliberate, as a subversion of Fanservice and gender roles at the expense of fans and the character her[him]self, since Ranma vehemently DESPISES wearing feminine clothes or doing girly things unless it's for an ulterior motive, and even then she/he doesn't like it. Other characters, both in this series and others, get this treatment too, but it's not as unusual or surprising (or as common.)
  • Naoko Takeuchi released 5 different collections of this of the Sailor Moon characters, one for each season. She liked drawing them in outer space, teleporting to Paris, or wearing princess outfits, swimsuits, bride's dresses, lingerie, just about anything out of the catalogs she had lying around her house.

    Comic Books 
  • Some early issues of ElfQuest had cartoons showing the elves living in Poughkeepsie with their creators the Pinis. One of the most telling had them jumping on Wendy Pini's bed early in the morning to wake her up.
  • Fashion Pin-Ups, showing the characters in new outfits (either based on current fashion trends or reader designs) were a common "filler" feature in girl-targeted comics of the Silver Age and Bronze Age. Some typical examples (mostly of the "reader design" type) from Harvey's Bunny ("The Queen of the In-Crowd") comics can be seen in this Flickr collection.
  • Superhero comics occasionally had these features as well. In the early '70s, DC Comics (no doubt realizing that a number of costumes designed in the '40s and '50s looked a bit dowdy by contemporary standards) sometimes showcased reader submissions:

    Video Games  
  • Advance Wars Dual Strike has some bonus artwork like this, showing the cast in civilian clothes and driving around with a Cool Car.
  • Lots of Nippon Ichi games have this.
  • Just about all of the promotional art for Ace Attorney are such works.
  • Any game with unlockable bonus costumes could be said to be indulging in this, perhaps most famously Kratos going from a half-naked god-killing badass to... a cow.
  • In DLC released for Fire Emblem: Awakening, a select few of the characters are given this treatment.
  • Sonic Jam had a lot of official artwork depicting Sonic and Co doing things like being at the beach, racing, having holidays, etc. Given how long the franchise has been going on he's probably done everything shown in the artwork now but at the time...well anyway you could use these as wallpaper if you inserted it into a CD-Rom on your computer.