Happy Holidays Dress

Pretty, yet warm enough for dancing out in the snow.

"It may snow all night, but I'll never feel cold!"
Cinderella, "Dressed for the Ball"

A grand, old style dress designed to make it clear it's to be worn for the holiday season.

The standard form is a dress with a tasteful bodice (though it can include an Impossibly-Low Neckline or Absolute Cleavage), a full length bell-shaped skirt, and a generous amount of trimmings such as fur (that's usually white), jewelry, ribbons, snowflake decorations, Sparkles, sprigs of holly, etc. Best designed to wear during a formal dance, lounging around the fireplace, or walking around on a clear night after the snow fell.

Red is the most common color, followed by white (especially if worn by a Winter Royal Lady), green, and even gold. If blue is used, it is often paired only with white (and sometimes silver) to evoke an icy appearance, especially if worn by a Winter Royal Lady.

This is meant to equate the lady wearing it with Mrs. Claus, but her typical outfit is of the homely 19th century grandmother type, while these dresses can be quite extravagant.

This trope may date back to Victorian times (especially if royalty dressed up for Christmas).

Side-Story Bonus Art, particularly with anime and manga, often has holiday pics with female characters wearing these dresses, as does a majority of chapters/episodes that take place in December.

A Sub-Trope of Pimped-Out Dress and Costume Porn.

A Sister Trope to Sexy Santa Dress, Fairytale Wedding Dress.

Compare Sweater Girl, Homemade Sweater from Hell, Costume Porn, Stylish Protection Gear, An Ice Suit.

Contrast Exposed to the Elements, Fur Bikini.


Anime and Manga
  • In Digimon Adventure 02, one of the International Digidestined is a French girl named Catherine; she's seen wearing a fur trimmed dress that's red and, compared to most character's outfits, very fancy. Since the battle Catherine was involved in happened on Christmas Eve night, she didn't really have much say in the matter, as there was no time to go home and change.
  • In the Christmas episode of Chrono Crusade, Rosette wears a Santa suit while delivering presents to a local orphanage. Chrono was forced into a reindeer outfit.
  • The main heroines of Suite Pretty Cure ♪ done Santa-like outfits for their Christmas episode.

Comic Books


  • The American Girl dolls' outfits in their Christmas books are always special-occasion outfits, sometimes with a religious significance (such as Kirsten's St. Lucia dress in "Kirsten's Surprise"), or sometimes meant for a fancy party. The outfits accompanying the sixth book ("Changes for [Name]") will comprise the hardier, more practical winter wear.

Live-Action TV

Professional Wrestling
  • Molly Holly tended to wear these in Santa's Little Helper matches instead of a Sexy Santa Dress like the other WWE Divas would.

  • Named for the "Happy Holidays" Barbie line, which has several different kinds of these dresses.

Video Games

Web Comics

Western Animation

Alternative Title(s): Grand Holiday Dress