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Webcomic: Life of Maid

Life of Maid (Maid-san No Hibi) is a Touhou Slice of Life 4koma series from a doujinshi artist by the name of colonel_aki. This series stars the cast of the Scarlet Devil Mansion and their friends in the Magical Land of Gensokyo. For the most part, "speech" is expressed through images (while many strips are completely silent), with only a few background signs, and the humor is character, rather than pun-based, making the series "translate" well.

Can be accessed here (Danbooru), here (pixiv, Japanese), or here (artist's personal blog, Thai). Note that Danbooru links, as always, are NSFW due to ads.

The daily lives of the Scarlet Devil Mansion residence features examples of:

Hang in There, Kogasa-sanFanWorks/TouhouMini Mari
LiltoonGag-per-Day WebcomicsLittle Tales
Fake HighImageSource/Web ComicsSchool Swimsuit
Legendary DestinationFan Web ComicsLife Sketch

alternative title(s): Life Of Maid
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