Serial Numbers Filed Off

No, Chik'N Bash is ''not'' an Angry Birds ripoff.
Pink pigs. Chickens. See? Totally original.

"File off the serial numbers, change the body lines a bit. give it a new paint job, switch it over the state line, and it's yours!- that's the secret of literary success. Editors always claim to be looking for new stories but they don't buy them; they buy 'mixture as before.'"
Richard Campbell in Robert A. Heinlein's
The Cat Who Walks Through Walls''

When a Follow the Leader seems to be almost exactly like the leader, but with cosmetic identifiers (the "serial numbers") changed. The blatant copying of characters and plot is on a level that would make even makers of The Mockbuster blush. (Although that needn't mean the quality is bad....)

Sometimes this can be by the very creators of the source work, perhaps as a form of applying Captain Ersatz to an entire series (see Alternate Company Equivalent).

So named because some stolen goods (particularly firearms) would have their identifying serial numbers filed off to make them untraceable.

Fanfic writers will sometimes convert their fanfics into original properties as an Ascended Fanfic. In the event that the original fanfic is available, you can actually directly see which character was filed off into which character by comparing the orginal fanfic with the new work.

Compare Mission Pack Sequel (when a follow-up is almost just like the first game), Better by a Different Name, Spiritual Licensee, Spiritual Successor, They Copied It, So It Sucks, Recycled Script, Divorced Installment.

Contrast Dolled-Up Installment, In Name Only (both are when a work seems to have the serial numbers of another work scribbled on), Shoddy Knockoff Product (a ripoff that seeks to look like a work, but is a very poor copy) Lawyer-Friendly Cameo (when shown as part of a work of fiction), Bland-Name Product.

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Serial Number Filed Off