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Fan: Did Tarquin's adventuring party have an official name, like Order of the Stick and Linear Guild do?
Rich Burlew: Vector Legion. TWITTER CANON!

Basically, creators have two ways to interact with their fans:

The official channels, like the official Web site/forum, Twitter/Facebook/Relevant popular media Web site (IMDb for movies, GoodRead for books, etc.) These are easily searchable on using a search engine. These are usually maintained by their promoter/agent.

Some of the unusual haunts, like a creator-made blog/LiveJournal/WordPress/deviantART etc, or In a One of Us moment, visiting and interacting with fans on a popular site like Reddit or a fansite. This is becoming more and more common as creators embrace New Media. They allow some level of interactivity, like allowing fans to place comments that are read and maybe even answered by the creator.

These are NOT their personal accounts, just their public accounts which they themselves reveal to fans, and are known to interact there. Please respect their privacy.

Links to examples goes on the trivia page of the Creator/Work, not the main page.

Contrast Why Fandom Can't Have Nice Things.


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     Comic Books 


  • Travis Beacham, co-writer with Guillermo Del Toro of Pacific Rim, has a Tumblr blog where he already answered hundreds of questions from fans‎.


    Live-Action TV 

    Tabletop Games 
  • Several of the people who work on Magic: The Gathering have tumblrs where they take questions from users.
    • Mark Rosewater's tumblr, Blogatog, is where he answers questions regarding game design and Magic news, as well as his "Making Magic" column and a series of one-panel comics.
    • Doug Beyer's tumblr, A Voice for Vorthos, is dedicated to answering questions about MTG's lore and flavor.
    • Rules Advisor Matt Tabak's tumblr, Snarkham Asylum is for questions about the rules and game mechanics.
    • Gavin Verhey talks about strategy and deck-building on his tumblr, GavInsight.
  • The staff of Savage Worlds regularly post on the official Pinnacle forums, with one section being devoted exclusively to getting official answers to rules questions.


    Video Games 

    Web Original 

    Western Animation 

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