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Creator: Jim Butcher
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Jim Butcher is a fantasy author, best known for writing The Dresden Files and Codex Alera. His books are notable for their high levels of genre savviness, Crazy Awesomeness, and shout outs, as well as the frequency of Crowning Moments of Awesome, Funny, and Heartwarming.

He has also written a Spider-Man novel, entitled Spiderman The Darkest Hours, and is currently working on a Steam Punk series, The Cinder Spires.

He is now a big enough name that recommendations from him show up on the covers of other writers' novels, and other writers do Shout Outs to him.

You should read his stuff. Yes, that means you.

Tropes associated with Jim Butcher:

  • Achievements in Ignorance: No publisher in their right mind would buy a twenty book series from an author. It just doesn't happen. Fortunately for all of us, Jim didn't know that.
  • One of Us:
  • Running Gag: For several years, someone was bound to bring up the publishing/adaptation rights at every public talk Jim gave, prompting him to quip "My publisher still owns the rights to that for N years and M days... not that I am counting." He has since gotten the rights back, so the gag has been honorably discharged.
  • Springtime for Hitler: Once upon a time, Jim Butcher was the unsuccessful author of High Fantasy novels that was told by the teacher of his writing class that, seeing as he liked Anita Blake and Buffy so much, he should write a novel like those using that teacher's method of book creation.
    Jim Butcher: When I finally got tired of arguing with her and decided to write a novel as if I was some kind of formulaic, genre-writing drone, just to prove to her how awful it would be, I wrote the first book of The Dresden Files.
  • Word of God: He pops into fan forums (including on this very site) every once in a while to confirm or joss plot points.

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