Creator / Octavia Butler

Octavia E. Butler (1947-2006) was an American science fiction writer, and probably the best-known (or in a lot of cases, the only known) African-American in that field. She won both Hugo and Nebula awards. Her first published book was Patternmaster in 1976. Other works of hers include Lilith's Brood and the Parable series, and her final book, Fledgling. She was working on a third book in the Parable series when she died of a stroke in 2006, aged 58.



  • Author Existence Failure: She died before completing a third book in the Parable series. Her last completed book, Fledgling, also left room for a sequel.
  • Humans Are White: Her books avert this.
  • Old Shame: Survivor, which was intentionally not reprinted.
    "When I was young, a lot of people wrote about going to another world and finding either little green men or little brown men, and they were always less in some way. They were a little sly, or a little like "the natives" in a very bad, old movie. And I thought, "No way. Apart from all these human beings populating the galaxy, this is really offensive garbage." People ask me why I don't like Survivor, my third novel. And it's because it feels a little bit like that. Some humans go up to another world, and immediately begin mating with the aliens and having children with them. I think of it as my Star Trek novel." quote
  • Speculative Fiction: Her book Kindred is often seen as either science fiction (due to the Time Travel, despite the fact that no explanation is ever given) or African-American fiction (because it's about an African-American, and thus Lit Fic). Butler herself saw it as fantasy.