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04:46:16 PM Jul 10th 2010
Big fan, but who told Mr. Butcher that High School yearbook, chin-on-fist pose is a good idea?
08:15:00 PM Dec 16th 2010
Probably his high-school yearbook photographer.
11:44:58 PM Dec 22nd 2010
In that case, somewhere, a high school probably could use a new high school yearbook photographer. Although that picture may not be his/her fault...
07:46:16 PM Feb 3rd 2011
edited by ninjadude853
It wasn't because of the photographer. Jim used took the picture like that specifically because he knew the chin on fist pose was a way to ward off evil wangst spirits while simultaneously empowering the Awesomeness producing organs of the human mind. It was just Crazy Enough to Work. That's how Jim rolls.

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