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Franchise: Transformers: Timelines
"Do you know that there are more than fifteen quadrillion concurrent universes? It's true!"
Bug Bite. Yes, that Bug Bite, in "Games of Deception"

In 2005, when Fun Publications took over the official Transformers convention and fanclub, they put most of their "Transformers" fiction under the Transformers Timelines label.

Storywise, the Timelines storylines are separate from each other, although the events of different stories do influence each other (sometimes across different continuities). Also, the stories are not even all in the same medium. Instead, the storylines are all told via serial installments spanning multiple mediums—mainly Comic Books and Web Original short prose stories—which are available for members at the official fan club website.

There's also the official fan club magazine. The magazine issues contain a main serial comic and minicomics which aren't part of the Timelines brand. Despite that, the stories within the magazine are interrelated with the Timelines stories. Events within a Timelines story would influence or lead to a story in the magazine, and vice versa. Thus, this page is for tropes regarding both Timelines and the fan club magazine. (Confused yet?)

Fun Publications Transformers fiction involves these continuities/universes that originated in previous fiction:

Continuities/universes original to the fanclub have also been introduced:

Tropes across continuities

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