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Unfinished Dub

Sometimes a foreign show starts being dubbed, but for some reason the dub is dropped before the end of the actual show.

Compare to Cut Short, Orphaned Series, Screwed by the Network and No Dub for You.


  • Mew Mew Power, the American dub of Tokyo Mew Mew by 4Kids Entertainment, had only the first 26 episodes dubbed into English as opposed to the full 52.
  • Magical DoReMi, the American dub of Ojamajo Doremi, ended at the first season of the show, leaving the other four seasons undubbed.
  • The first season of Super Gals was dubbed in English by ADV Films, but they never made it to the second. In 2006, Right Stuf released the second season in a subtitled box-set.
  • Patlabor: While the rest of the series is dubbed in English (including Movies 1 & 2), only the first four episodes of "The New Files" OVA series was dubbed for the North American release, while the rest was English subtitled.
  • You're Under Arrest! was much the same, with only its first season (OVA 1-4 + episodes 1-52) and the mini-specials being dubbed in English. "Full Throttle" and "Fast & Furious" (seasons 2 and 3 respectively) are only available in Japanese with English subtitles.
  • The first season of the Virtua Fighter anime was only available in English with 24 episodes with the rest not produced and sold by Media Blasters due to mediocre sales.
    • Averted in other parts of Asia, South America and the Middle East where the show received a complete broadcast in their own language.
  • The Manga Entertainment dub of Fist of the North Star only covered the first 36 episodes, ending with Kenshiro defeating the fake Toki. This was only a third of the original series, which is 109 episodes long.
  • Lupin III (Red Jacket) was dubbed into English by Geneon. Only the first 26 episodes aired on TV, and the dub ended entirely after 79 out of the 155 episodes.
    • An older dub of the same series from Streamline Pictures suffered this even worse, since they were only able to dub the two episodes Hayao Miyazaki directed. There were plans for more, but they could never find a TV station willing to pick it up. Granted, their efforts covered episodes Geneon never got to, but even if you're willing to put the two dubs together, this leaves only 81 episodes dubbed overall.
  • The English dub of Hamtaro only covered 104 episodes of the 296-episode TV series.
  • The English dub of Lyrical Nanoha only covered the first two seasons. Nothing from StrikerS onward was ever officially translated.
  • The English dub of Zatch Bell! is a Double Subversion. The dub Zatch Bell! was discontinued after episode seventy-seven on Cartoon Network on December 23, 2006. It later picked up from where it left off on July 20th, 2007 on the Canadian YTV station before it got discontinued on episode one-hundred and four.
  • Kodocha had its first season split into two for the US, with the Japanese second season left out. They left the episode preview in, since further releases were intended but cancelled.
  • The English dub to Higurashi: When They Cry only completed season 1. Most of the Answers Arcs were adapted in season 2, Kai, which was released sub-only.
  • While the first two parts of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure received full dubs, part three only had its first three episodes dubbed into English as a way of testing the waters for a full-series release. However, it's been around a year since the test dub released with no word from the producers. Many have expressed their disappointment at this fact, since the English cast received near-unanimous praise to the point of the dub being considered Superlative Dubbing.
  • Only the first three seasons of the Detective Conan anime were dubbed despite the massive length of the series (over 800 episodes).
  • F-Zero GP Legend had a retooled English dub by 4Kids which only lasted for 15 episodes before being cancelled.
  • While the English dub of the Pokémon anime has been able to avert this for the most part, the various special episodes about Brock, Dawn, Iris and Cilan's adventures after leaving Ash were never dubbed. The Dawn one creates a small Dub-Induced Plot Hole, since her episode is the one where her Cyndaquil evolves into Quilava, and as a result in the Western releases it seems like that is just something that happened offscreen (not like that never happened before...)
  • The original English dub of Voltes V was left unfinished due to the Marcos regime in the Philippines, where it was recorded, cracking down on programming with alleged messages of resistance. The fiasco would become a Never Live It Down moment for the Marcos regime as a whole, and the series is still a Filipino favorite to this day.
  • The English dubs of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX and 5D's were both cancelled before their last season. Some countries (like Italy) solved the problem by dubbing the missing episodes from the original Japanese version.
  • The English dub of Kaeloo never made it past the first season finale.
  • The English dub for Future Card Buddyfight ends after episode 25 of thee second series. After that, it was released on the same YouTube channel, but only subtitiled.
  • The English dub for Sgt. Frog was only the first 78 episodes. Not even a third of the total 358. This is believed to be due to poor sales.
  • The English dub for Toriko was only about 50 episodes. A small taste compared to the total 147. Another example where people assume it is due to poor sales.
  • DIC's Infamous Knights Of The Zodiac dub of Saint Seiya only lasted 32 (out of 114) episodes, before the first arc of the series was even finished. ADV Later tried to rescue the series with a new dub, but licensing issues meant they had to stop after episode 60, in the middle of the sanctuary arc.
  • The Ocean Group's The New Adventures of Kimba The White Lion dub of Jungle Emperor 89 (an remake of the original Jungle Emperor/ Kimba the White Lion) was heavily panned due to its low quality, and as an result ended on a cliffhanger after just 12 of its 52 episodes, skipping episode 2 and 3 for some reason.

English - Rescued
  • When Cardcaptor Sakura was dubbed into English by Nelvana, the company did not purchase the dubbing rights to the second film and left that untouched. Instead it was dubbed by another company afterward.
  • The original Dragon Ball only had its first 13 episodes dubbed for U.S. syndication in 1995, but low ratings forced Funimation to cancel the series and focus on dubbing its more popular sequel series, Dragon Ball Z. When DBZ proved to be a success in the U.S., Funimation went back to the original series, dubbing all 153 episodes (including redubbing the first 13 episodes) for Cartoon Network's Toonami block between 2001 and 2005.
  • Science Ninja Team Gatchaman had two Americanized dubbing attempts in the form of Battle of the Planets in The '70s and later on as G-Force: Guardians of Space in The '80s, with both versions being exactly 85 episodes long in order to meet syndication requirements. Between the two versions, 99 of the 105 original episodes were dubbed, leaving six episodes undubbed by either series (which included the final four episodes). When ADV Films picked up the rights for Gatchaman in 2005, they proceeded to do their own dub of all 105 episodes.
  • When Monkey was first translated into English by the BBC, they only did 39 of the 52 episodes due to lack of resources. Following a successful DVD release in the early 2000s, arrangements were made for the remaining 13 episodes to also be dubbed and released, in the same style and with as many of the same voice actors as could be arranged.
  • After the infamous 4KidsEntertainment English dub of One Piece was cancelled, Funimation picked up the series where they left off but with no censorship this time. Funimation even went back and re-dubbed all the previous episodes to create a more faithful translation.
  • The original DiC Entertainment English dub of Sailor Moon in 1995 only included 65 episodes, ending the series halfway through the second season. While the remainder of the season was eventually completed years later and Cloverway dubbed the third and fourth seasons, the fifth and final season was never dubbed. In 2014, Viz Media announced a complete new dub of the entire series, including the fifth season.

English - Temporary Cases
  • Was originally the case for the 2006 D.Gray-Man series. Funimation initially had plans to dub all 103 episodes, but originally, only the first 51 episodes were dubbed in 2009-2010. It would take 6 years for Funimation to finally license the second half of the 2006 series, along with the 2016 follow-up, Hallow. Since they were giving Hallow a broadcast dub during the summer simulcast season, it's very likely that will go back and finish the dub of the 2006 series as well.

  • Super Sentai:
    • Only five episodes of Turboranger aired in France.
    • Only about half of the series of Jetman was aired in France.
  • Despite the international success of the show, only the first book of The Legend of Korra ever received a French dub. However, a French fandub is on its way, is supported by Janet Varney (Korra's original VA), and there are ongoing discussions with Viacom to let it become the official French dub.
  • Only the the first season of Drawn Together was dubbed in French. The poor reception on a channel that mostly aired animated series like The Simpsons and South Park might have been the issue.

French - Rescued
  • Ken le Survivant, the French dub of Fist of the North Star, only got up to Episode 84 back during its initial 1988 run on France's TF1 channel, although Episodes 85-91 were already dubbed when the series was pulled off the air. While the missing episodes eventually aired in later reruns, the final 18 episodes remained undubbed for nearly 20 years until a remastered DVD set was released in 2010 (with an entirely different cast taking over for obvious reasons). The sequel series Hokuto no Ken 2 however, remained undubbed, having received a sub-only DVD release in the early-2000's.

  • The Italian dub of Arthur ended after eight seasons, because Cinar (the original animation studio) went out of business after a financial scandal.
  • The Italian dub of Cyberchase, which was done in Turin, ended after five seasons, because Nelvana gave the production rights for the later seasons to another company. It is unlikely the dub will resume, because Jackie's VA is retired, and the other actors have other series commitments in Milan and Rome.
  • The Italian dub of Transformers: Super-God Masterforce stopped at episode 26.
  • The Italian dub of Transformers Animated ends at Season 2.
  • The Italian dub of Teen Titans only arrives at Season 4.

Italian - Rescued
  • The Italian dub of Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, originally done back in 2004 and aired only in 2006 for reasons unknown, originally ended at episode 51, which is also the first part of a two-part episode, so they basically stopped the series at a cliffhanger. Then in 2014 the series was reaired for the first time on an accessible channel on a decent schedule (the first TV airing was at 7 AM in the morning during the summer, basically when nobody is awake and watching TV, and later was streamed on the Wii Kirby TV Channel), and the viewings were enough good to allow, after 10 years, a dub for the show's second half, keeping almost every voice actor from the first half (the only voice changes were Tuff, Professor Curio and Tokkori, because the former two's VAs retired from the job and the latter's one died.)
  • The Italian dub of Mazinger Z went only up to episode 56 (with some episodes before skipped), but in 2015 the remaining episodes were dubbed for DVD release. The entire cast was obviously replaced.
  • The Italian dub of Yu Gi Oh 5 DS, which overtook the English one by being based on the Japanese version starting from episode 65, was interrupted at episode 124. The remaining 30 episodes were aired for the first time in 2016, only 5 years later.
  • The Italian dub of The Transformers followed the Japanese continuity, so after Season 3 they dubbed The Headmasters and ignored The Rebirth. The latter was finally dubbed in 2014, using the same cast as the Season 3 redub two years before.
  • The Italian dub of The Busy World of Richard Scarry covered only the first two seasons. In 2008, the entire series was redubbed and this time they got to dub the last 20 episodes.

  • The European Portuguese dub of Young Justice reached only the end of the first season, with the second having never been picked up. Season two was aired in Portugal, but in English on Cartoon Network, as was also the first season.

  • The European Spanish dub of Total Drama ended at Island. However, the Catalan dub (a language widely spoken in Barcelona, where the Spanish version was made) carried on until Revenge of the Island. Latin America was far luckier, getting all seven seasons so far.