Under Age Casting

You know how sometimes you're watching a show and you think, "Hey, isn't that person too young to be a doctor?" This is an example of under-aged casting, and it happens when an actor or actress is not actually old enough to be their character, for instance, when a twenty-three-year-old actor plays a character with a PhD.

This happens most frequently to characters who are doctors, lawyers, or some other profession that requires a lot of schooling, and actresses tend to be cast in older roles more often than actors.

This can cause Playing Gertrude if the character has a teenage or adult child. However, it can also result from Playing Gertrude if the actor or actress portraying the parent is physically too young to have borne the child in question (e.g. a character played by a forty-year-old actress having a thirty-year-old daughter).

This trope is subverted when the character has actually skipped grades in Canon. It is not simply the opposite of Dawson Casting, because it doesn't only require that the actor is younger than the character. The actor must be too young to be the character.

See also Improbable Age.


  • In an example where a Playing Gertrude causes this, Angela Lansbury was only three years older than the actor playing her son in the original The Manchurian Candidate.
  • Sally Field played Tom Hanks' mother in Forrest Gump, though she's only ten years older than him. Granted, the two didn't share the screen together much since many of her scenes are flashbacks to when he was younger. Once it came time for them to act off one another, Field was in old-lady makeup while Hanks was invoking Dawson Casting by playing a man in his 20's.
  • In Superman Returns, Lois Lane is played by Kate Bosworth, who was only 23 years old and looked it. She was supposed to be an experienced reporter with a Pulitzer or two under her belt, not to mention a kindergarten-age son. Brandon Routh (Clark Kent) was 26 during production. The most problematic part of all this is that the movie is supposed to take place five years after the events of Superman 2, which makes these characters 35 at the very minimum.
  • Katie Holmes played an assistant district attorney in Batman Begins despite being 26 years old and looking to be about 23. She should still be in law school by all accounts. Aside from that, she was romantically involved with Christian Bale who is older by a decent amount.
    • To top this, according to the original script Holmes's character is supposed to be some two or three years older than Bale's, to justify her being an intern at the DA office when he's still an undergrad. In real life, Bale is some five years older than Katie Holmes.
    • If she'd gone to law school straight out of college, she'd have graduated at 24 or 25. The only thing unlikely given her youth and inexperience is that she'd be handling cases—especially major, high-profile ones—on her own, but she'd still be able to work in the DA's office. It's not as much a stretch as other examples.
    • In The Dark Knight, she is replaced by Maggie Gyllenhaal who appears only slightly older than Holmes (indeed, she is a year older). In that film, she was still the assistant DA in a love triangle between the aforementioned Bale and the even older Aaron Eckhart's Harvey Dent.
  • In Oldboy, the actor who plays Lee Woo-jin, Yoo Ji-tae, was born in 1976, while a scene in which his character is a teenager takes place in 1979.
  • In Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Sean Connery plays Dr. Henry Jones, Sr., father of Henry Jones, Jr., or Indiana Jones, who is played by Harrison Ford. However, Connery is only 12 years older than Ford (Connery was born in 1930, Ford in 1942).
  • In The Bourne Series, Julia Stiles played Nicky Parsons, one of Jason Bourne's field handlers on an extremely sensitive mission and apparently has beyond Top Secret clearance given what she is involved in (monitoring all of the Treadstone field agents). In other words, significantly more dangerous to the Agency than Bourne is if she screws up, or if something was missed in her vetting and she is less than 100% loyal. When The Bourne Identity was released, Stiles was a very young looking 21. There's an attempted Hand Wave in The Bourne Supremacy when Nicky explains her cover was an exchange student studying in Paris.
  • Wilfred Brimley was only 50 when he played senior citizen Ben Luckett in Cocoon, whereas his costars were all in their 70s.

Live-Action Television
  • House: Real doctors (not including Doogie Howser, M.D.) usually graduate from medical school in their mid-20s, and at that point they've still got years of residency ahead before they can do the kinds of jobs the characters on the show do. When their respective characters joined the cast, Olivia Wilde was 23, Jesse Spencer and Charlyne Yi were 25, and Odette Annable was 26.
  • When she was cast on Law & Order, Jill Hennessy was twenty-four. The minimum age at which a normal person can graduate from law school is twenty-five.
  • Gillian Anderson was cast as Dana Scully on The X-Files at twenty-four. The character in question had not only graduated from medical school, but worked two years at the FBI afterwards. She lied about her age to get the part, but still, she looks very young. One deleted scene of the pilot shows Scully teaching at Quantico, yet being only 24, she looks years younger than her students. This actually coincides with a case of Improbable Age for the character as well, which makes this trope even more noticeable. Becoming a forensic pathologist in the US requires a person to graduate from college with an undergraduate degree (4 years), graduate from medical school (another 4 years) and complete a residency (4-5 years), plus a fellowship (1-2 years). The average length of education required is about 13-15 years, plus the two years she'd been working at the FBI. Scully should be in her mid-30's or older at the start of the series, yet she was born in 1964—putting her at 28 when she is assigned to work with Mulder, since the pilot is set in 1992.
  • On Miami Vice, Helena Bonham-Carter was twenty when she played a doctor who was supposed to be about thirty. At the time, she looked like she was twelve.
  • The Newsroom: Olivia Munn was 29 years old when she started shooting Season One when the character is supposed to have two PHD's and several years of real world experience beside, prior to the start of the show, making her character at least a few years older than her actual age.
  • Similar to Wilfred Brimley as mentioned above, Rue McClahan was only 51 when she was first played retiree Blanche on The Golden Girls, whereas her castmates were all in their 60s. Her costar Estelle Getty was 62 when she started playing Sophia, the 80-year-old mother of Dorothy, despite being a year younger than her onscreen daughter Bea Arthur.
  • Star Trek: The Original Series, episode "Whom Gods Destroy": Fleet Captain Garth of Izar, whose exploits've been studied by Kirk at the academy's played by a 34-year-old actor. Steve Ihnat was in fact younger than William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy.
  • In the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "The Pegasus", Terry O'Quinn plays Riker's first commanding officer, Admiral (formerly Captain) Pressman. Pressman is presumably 15-20 years older than Riker, but O'Quinn is barely a month older than Jonathan Frakes, who plays Riker.
  • Power Rangers usually averts this, by having the majority of their teams be high school students (played by 20-somethings,) but the occasional season will have a team of rangers with other professions that require extensive training still played by the typical 18-25 actors they always have. There's also the running joke about the "Impossibly Fast Doctorate Program," where characters have gained credentials in obscenely shorts periods of time. Dana Mitchell of Lightspeed Rescue was a paramedic played by 20-year-old Allison McInnis, who was then a full-fledged pediatrician the next year. Similarly, by the time of Dino Thunder, Tommy Oliver (then-31-year-old-Jason David Frank) had finished college, gotten a Doctorate in Paleontology, and developed the Dino Thunder technology, all in the six year span since he graduated high school midway through Turbo.
  • Masked Rider had a really bad example of this: Candace Kita (then known as Candace Camille Bender), the actress playing Barbara, was fifteen at the time. Robbing the cradle much, Hal? The main purpose of the fifties housewife look is to disguise the fact that she's younger than her daughter. Of course, the kids are adopted...

  • AOA: A good chunk of the dance unit members in the "Short Hair" MV (police woman, car mechanic, air stewardess), but it's all in good fun.