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Fake Australian

So you've got an Australian character in your work. Unfortunately, the performer in question is American, British, or something else that isn't Australian. Don't worry - as with foreigners trying to be American or British, all that's needed to sell the illusion is an Australian Accent.

The specific accent is usually Broad Australian; in reality, Broad Australian is one of several different Australian accents, but it seems to be the only one which appears in popular culture, leading to a self-perpetuating occurrence of Small Reference Pools where most foreigners wouldn't recognize any other Australian accent.

It should be noted that, to Australians, many attempts to imitate an Australian accent end up sounding like London Cockney instead.

Compare Fake Brit and Fake American. Subtrope of Fake Nationality.


Fan Works
  • In an example involving imagine casting, Tsumugi from Rhythmic Pretty Cure is voiced by Emma Watson (Anglo-French) in the English version and, per Word of God, speaks with a General Australian accent (it helps that the character in question is half-Australian).

  • Both American Robert Mitchum and British Deborah Kerr in the 1960 film ''The Sundowners'.
  • December Boys: Daniel Radcliffe (English) as Maps.
  • Pacific Rim: Max Martini and Robert Kazinsky who play the Australian father and son duo, Herc and Chuck Hansen, are really American and English respectively.
  • Django Unchained: Director Quentin Tarantino (American) appears as an Australian slaver.
  • Quigley Down Under: Alan Rickman (English) as Quigley's crooked employer Marston.
  • Tropic Thunder: Robert Downey, Jr. plays Kirk Lazarus, an Australian method actor who is playing an African American character (in other words, Recursive Fake American).
  • Although the title character of Mad Max is an Australian, he has yet to be played by an Australia-born actor. Mel Gibson was born in America (but raised in Australia), and Tom Hardy was born in England.
  • Mad Max: Fury Road also features Zoe Kravitz (American) as one of Immortan Joe's brides. Charlize Theron is an aversion as she keeps her own accent.
  • In Natural Born Killers, Robert Downey Jr. plays Wayne Gale, a narcissistic golden-globe winning Australian journalist with his own TV show where he sensationalizes mass murderers.
  • The film Irresistible has the British Emily Blunt playing the antagonist.
  • Fierce Creatures:
    • Kevin Kline (American) as Rod McCain. He uses his own accent when playing Rod's son Vince.
    • Robert Lindsay (British) as the zookeeper Lotterby.
  • Kate Winslet in The Dressmaker and Holy Smokes. She used the same dialect coach on both films to properly get the accent down.
  • Sirens:
    • Northern Irish born New Zealander Sam Neil plays the famed Australian painter Norman Lindsey.
    • Canadian Pamela Rabe plays Norman's wife Rose. She did however live in Australia and became a citizen there in 1983, ten years before the film was made.
  • Meryl Streep in Evil Angels.

  • Terry Pratchett's The Last Continent is about the Discworld Australia - but here, the accents are exaggerated and knowingly caricatured for laughs.

Live-Action TV
  • Monty Python's Flying Circus (five English, the other American) did this several times, most famously with the Bruce Sketch. In it they play a group of stereotypical Australians all named Bruce who all teach in the Philosophy Department of the University of Woolamaloo.
  • M*A*S*H. John Orchard (English) has portrayed two Australian characters on the show: anesthesiologist Ugly John in Season 1 and MP Muldoon in Season 8.
  • A girlfriend of Daphne Moon's in Frasier is an Australian model in Seattle - but played by an American actress whose Australian accent is every bit as shaky as Daphne's English one.
  • In the Poirot TV series adaptation of Agatha Christie's Peril at End House, British actors Jeremy Young and Carol MacReady play Australians.
  • H2O: Just Add Water stars the South African born Cariba Heine as Rikki Chadwick.
  • Elizabeth Moss fretted about perfecting her Australian accent on Top of the Lake and spent six months studying it, to the degree that Jane Campion had to reassure her she'd be fine. She won an Emmy for the miniseries.

  • For his album Streets I Have Walked, American calypso singer Harry Belafonte sang the Queensland version of "Waltzing Matilda" with a Broad Australian accent.

Video Games
  • Crash Bandicoot: Dingodile has consistently been voiced by Americans.
  • The Sniper in Team Fortress 2 is voiced by John Patrick Lowrie, an American born in Hawaii, and raised in Colorado. The game's accents are all designed to sound like caricatures of what 1960's Americans would imagine these accents to sound like.

Web Video
  • In Dragon Ball Z Abridged, Jeice is voiced by GanXingba, an American, to heavily parody the heavy Aussie accent he had in the Funimation dub of Dragon Ball Z. Averted with the original performance, however, as Christopher Sabat actually did live in Australia for a while.

Western Animation