Creator / Emma Thompson
"Children are the most wonderful audiences. What's struck me most is that that they watch it so silently, until the end when they shriek and shout and clap."

Distinguished British actress, born April 15, 1959, best known for a lot of Merchant Ivory movies, as well as Sense and Sensibility, Dead Again, Stranger Than Fiction, Nanny McPhee and Saving Mr. Banks. Introduced Fry to Laurie, thus making her responsible for a veritable English institution. Also almost played God (it was decided that Alanis Morissette would be funnier). Very much Vitriolic Best Buddies with Stephen Fry.

Thompson is also the only person who's won Academy Awards in both screenwriting (Sense and Sensibility) and acting (Howards End). Compare with Barbra Streisand, Laurence Olivier, George Clooney, and Michael Douglas, who also have unusual Oscar combinations.

Selected Filmography: