Bright Castle
Look pretty nice when not cursed.

"Once upon a time, in a faraway land, a young prince lived in a shining castle."
Narrator, Disney's Beauty and the Beast

A classic trope within Fairy Tales, the Bright Castle is a beautiful structure usually owned by a monarch, magician or powerful creature. It is picturesque, but sometimes cursed or with a dark secret. It can also be the home of the protagonist, who often must either leave the sanctuary, or save it from imminent doom.

The Bright Castle may also contain the MacGuffin, or Deus ex Machina that the heroes need. It can also represent an ordeal or trap that they must overcome to better both themselves and their cause. May also be a Big Fancy Castle. Often a feature of the Shining City.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • In Yu-Gi-Oh!, the Bright Castle was a (field) spellcard that affected light-based monsters.
    • The anime also provides a more typical example in the form of the castle of Simlow, home of Princess Adina
  • The castle from Revolutionary Girl Utena. As revealed late in the series, it's nothing more than an illusion projected from Akio's planetarium.
  • The Kanejou family from B Gata H Kei lives in one. Played for Laughs, naturally.

  • The castle on the Disney logo, which is in turn based on Cinderella's castle. Almost ALL of the Disney Princess films feature this to some extent
    • Snow White's Prince whisked her off to one at the end of the film
    • As mentioned above, Cinderella's prince lives in one, which Cinderella fantasizes about and eventually goes to the famous ball there.
    • Sleeping Beauty lives within one; it is surrounded by a Hedge of Thorns.
    • The Prince in Beauty and the Beast lives in this trope until the Enchantress appears and puts a curse on it. While it is still quite beautiful in many respects, there are signs of what happened there in the decor — beast face-shaped doorknockers, gargoyles, etc.
    • The Little Mermaid has two: Triton's palace in Atlantica, and Eric's castle by the sea.
    • Aladdin has the Sultan's palace
    • Pride Rock from The Lion King. Though not necessarily a castle in our sense- it is one for Simba and family, still it's a beautiful and imposing natural structure.
    • Mount Olympus from Hercules. Unique in that it's completely inaccessible to mortals unless special requirements are met.
    • The Imperial Palace from Mulan. Distinct in that this is the only palace that the movie's matching princess does not live in/has lived in/moved into.
    • Kuzco's palace from The Emperor's New Groove.
    • Nedakh Palace from Atlantis: The Lost Empire.
    • Tangled has the royal castle of the Kingdom of the Sun.
    • Enchanted, being an Affectionate Parody of Disney Princess films, of course has the castle of Prince Edward. Parodied in New York with the billboard castle.
    • Aside from the existing castle she and Anna grew up in, Elsa actually builds one from scratch using her ice powers in Frozen.
  • Far Far Away Castle from the Shrek sequels. The first film, being something of a Take That at Disney's Real Life corporate practices as opposed to their fairytale image, features Lord Farquaad's brightly lit and impressively large castle, which comes across as monolithic (rather than ornate) and kind of creepy (rather than cheerful).


    Live Action TV 
  • Seen in the first episode of Once Upon a Time (and occasional flashbacks since then). Snow White and Prince Charming were married in it, although oddly, we're never told whose castle it was.
  • Camelot from Merlin, which is actually the real-life castle of Pierrefonds in France.

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    Western Animation 

    Real Life