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Western Animation: ThunderCats (2011)
ThunderCats are on the move! ThunderCats are loose, once again!
ThunderCats (2011) is a reboot of the 1985 animated series of the same name. The series follows a group of alien cat-people from the Kingdom of Thundera on the planet Third Earth. Led by the young King Lion-O, they travel in search of artifacts that can defeat a re-awakened enemy from the ancient past, the evil sorcerer Mumm-Ra. It's produced by Warner Bros. Animation and animated by Japan's Studio 4C. It received an hour-long premiere on Cartoon Network on July 29, 2011. Click here to watch the official trailer

The show has been canceled, but fans of the show are currently working hard to convince Warner Brothers and Cartoon Network to give the series a second chance, including an online petition and sending feedback through email and social network sites like Facebook, twitter and tumblr, and suggesting it for crowdfunding on

The series aired on Toonami, like its father before it, up until Cartoon Network lost the rights to it and they reverted back to Warner Bros. on July 20, 2013. Time will tell if the WB has any future plans for the series and the franchise as a whole.

Has a wiki here. Has a discussion thread here. A recap page is currently under construction.

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