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Useful Notes: Patron Saints
Real Life saints who have been invoked as patrons in fiction.

Many such saints have many legends accrete about a bare kernel of fact, such as a name listed as a martyr. Real legends that help explain their patronage may also be included below.
  • The Virgin Mary, who is astonishingly active in her post-Biblical activities, according to pious legend. She is, among other things, patroness of the United States (the US being hostile to Catholics until one became President, the American Church must have figured that they needed the biggest guns they could find). She is also the patroness of Mexico. Known by a myriad of titles — you can find an "Our Lady of" just about anything.
  • Saint Agnes, patron saint of girls
  • Saint Anthony (of Padua — there are others), known as the Saint of Miracles; patron saint of Portugal, the postal service, elderly people and the oppressed, among many other things. Best known as the finder of lost things due to his prodigious memory.
  • Saint Barbara, patron saint of those in dangerous occupations (including Russian rocketeers).
    • She is the patron saint of all occupations where imminent and violent death is ubiquitous, including miners, artillerymen, military engineers and steelworkers.
  • Saint Bernadette, patron saint of the sick and poverty-stricken.
  • Saint Cecelia, patroness of musicians.
  • Saint Christopher, who carried Christ across a river, patron saint of travellers, and a medal of whom is usually featured in a car, is often the butt of car-related jokes.
  • Saint Dismas, the traditional name of the thief crucified to Jesus's right. Patron of thieves
  • Saint Dymphna. Historically, there is evidence of a martyr of this name. She picked up a legend of having repulsed her father's attempts to murder her — like the Fairy Tale "All Kinds of Fur" Donkeyskin, and their variants — and is the patroness of the insane and emotionally disturbed.
  • Saint Francis of Assisi, the humble lover of peace and nature, patron saint of animals and the environment, merchants, and the Cub Scouts.
  • Saint George, the preacher, legionary, and dragon-slayer, patron saint of England, Portugal, Greece, Bulgaria, Catalonia, Georgia, and...screw it, let's just say half of Europe; a ridiculous number of cities; armored units; and the Boy Scouts.
  • Saint Jerome, patron saint of translators - with good reason; that he translated the Bible (which, whatever one may think of it or the beliefs described therein, is an extremely complex, long and culturally detailed book) would already be quite a feat even WITH computers and translation memory software and so on; imagine WITHOUT, BY HAND. Considered to be one of the fathers of the Church for that precise reason.
  • Saint Joan of Arc, co-patron saint of France (Saint Denis is the original patron) and archetypal Action Girl, the Jeanne d'Archétype.
  • Saint Jude, unfortunate victim of the One Yehuda Limit, patron saint of Lost Causes. And police officers.
  • Saint Mark, the Evangelist, patron of Egypt, Venice, and barristers/litigators.
  • Saint Martha (of Bethany). Patron saint of housewives. Also legendarily attributed with having killed a dragon.
  • Saint Michael the Archangel, highly regarded for being a Knight In Shining Armour and general of God's army. Patron saint of police officers.
    • The Church also recognizes two other Archangels and designates them as saints along with Michael: Gabriel, the messenger angel who informed Mary that she was pregnant with the Messiah, and Raphael, featured in the Book of Tobit note , who is associated with healers and the protection of travelers.
  • Saint Nicholas, a.k.a. Santa Claus (a lot of Multilingual Memetic Mutation was involved), who surreptitiously gave gold to the poor, patron saint of children; also patron of (repentant) thieves and of bankers, moneylenders, and financiers (including pawnbrokers—hence the three golden orbs.)
  • Saint Patrick, patron saint of Ireland, said to have driven the snakes out of Ireland. As there are no snakes native to Ireland, this is taken to be symbolic of driving out the pagan influences (that, or he was very, very thorough).
  • Saint Peter, portrayed as standing at the Pearly Gates of heaven and acting as God's bouncer, as it were. Famously crucified upside-down (which is why if you wear an upside-down cross to be "Satanic," you are doing it wrongnote ). Patron of the Papacy, as he also has the distinction of being the first Pope.
  • Saint Thomas More, patron saint of politicians, statesmen, and lawyers.
  • The Internet claims as patron saints Gabriel, Charles Borromeo, and (officially) Isidore, who began work on the Etymologiae, a Great Big Book of Everything, in the 7th century CE.
  • ...and other saints with unusual patronage. There can be a lot of overlap in patronage, particularly in issues that cause people to pray a lot.

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