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Useful Notes: Montenegro

Montenegro (Montenegrin: Crna Gora / Црна Гора, meaning "Black Mountain" — the English name is itself a Venetian Italian translation) is one of the world's newest independent states after an independence referendum in 2006 led to the breakup from Serbia with 55,5% being for it (the requirement set by EU was 55% to recognize it as an independent country).

During the most of it's history, the people of Crna Gora considered themselves Serbian. In the 19th century it became a small Balkan monarchy and after World War II, it became a member state of Tito's Yugoslavia.

The capital city is Podgorica. The country is a candidate for The European Union and NATO even though the the majority of people are strongly against if public opinion polls are to be believed.

Montenegro's appearances in fiction:

The Montenegrin flag
The flag derived from the royal standards of the country (the golden border is a modern addition). At the center is the national coat-of-arms — a two-headed golden Byzantine eagle holding a scepter and orb (symbolizing the union of State and Church, respectively) supporting a shield showing a lion on a blue-and-green field, symbolizing the Montenegrin theocracy that ruled for three-and-a-half centuries until its subjugation by the Austrian Empire.


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