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If there's one commercial children's toy that is far more iconic than others, it would be LEGO. They may go by different brands, but building blocks are pretty much always associated with the name LEGO. They're easy to use. They let our imaginations run rampant. They let us act out horrific acts of violence without consequences (Besides breaking them, but the base parts are pretty damn indestructible, sans the ones smaller than one-fourth a cubic centimeter). And there's also something just plain cool about seeing iconic characters in the LEGO-man look. Not to mention how adorable little LEGO stormtroopers are.

Therefore many people have started using LEGO as the literal building blocks of their medium so that everything gets built of LEGO. This ranges from webcomics with LEGO being photographed rather than drawings, through LEGO stop motion to people design video game worlds specifically to mimic the appearance of LEGO. They are taking the fun, characterful and innocent character of LEGO and building it right into their works.

The positive light LEGO blocks have been getting recently seems to indicate that LEGO may very well be the heir to the penguin throne. One of its clear advantages is its accessibility to amateurs- all you need is a bucket of LEGO blocks (although that may need a bucket of cash) and imagination to create full sets and characters.

Also, don't step on them while barefoot. It hurts like hell.

Not to be confused with LEGO Genetics. For examples of LEGO just popping up in fiction, see LEGO.

Compare Gem-Encrusted (everything's covered with jewelry).



  • During September and October 2013 Marvel did variant covers for a lot of their major comics at the time. The variants where done in LEGO and where made to coincide with the release of the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes video game.

  • Although it's easy to miss if you're not paying attention, in the movie Time Bandits, Evil's castle is made of giant LEGO blocks.
  • The Monty Python and the Holy Grail DVD has an extra on it where you can watch the Camelot musical sequence redone with LEGO minifigs. It's quite adorable.
  • The LEGO Movie, natch. Even water, smoke, explosions, and some of the motion blur effects are made of LEGO! The only subversions are the artifacts coming from the real world.
  • Now You See Me shows this when the cops arrive at the Four Horsemen's apartment. Some of the models for show venues are made of LEGO.

  • Sophie's World calls LEGO "the most ingenious toy in the world," due to its ability to nigh-endlessly be built into something, destroyed, and then built again into something else much like the Greek philosopher Democritus thought with his version of atoms.
  • In I Knocked Up Satan's Daughter, Jonathan has lived with a mild obsession with legos for most of his life. He built a house out of legos, made all of his furniture out of them, even a lego girlfriend. He is even so good he can build a full-sized tyrannosaur out of legos in mere minutes. When Lici enchants the legos, anything he builds out of them becomes real (animals, motorbikes, etc).

Live-Action TV
  • James May (of Top Gear fame) wrote and presented a series in Autumn/Winter 2009 called Toy Stories, in which he makes the toys of his youth full-sized and awesome, to get today's kids involved in old-style entertainment. Among other things, this included making a full-sized, fully functional two-story house — including toilet, shower and (uncomfortable) bed — almost entirely out of LEGO. Sadly, it was on borrowed land in a vineyard, no buyer stepped forward and it was demolished. The bricks were on loan from LEGO and were returned, with the intent of putting them to use in a yearly charity build. Its name liveth forevermore.
  • An episode of Ultimate Cake Off had the teams building cakes for LEGOLAND California's 10th anniversary (in their usual Cooking Duel way, of course).
  • Mythbusters tested the veracity of a viral video in which some guys built an eight-foot diameter ball out of LEGO and successfully rolled it down a street in San Francisco. The myth was Busted; the LEGO ball collapsed halfway down the hill. So that means it must've been glued together or the same sequence was repeated in the video.
    • Also it couldn't have just been glued together for the video as the Mythbusters had to clear out the LEGO Group's North American supply and also borrow some from a private collector to have enough bricks to finish the build. Completely impossible for most people to have the required number of LEGO bricks for that video to be real.
      • The narration of the episode hypothesized that all they built was a hollow shell with the inside being made of something much lighter (possibly polystyrene).

  • New Scientist ran a competition for readers to create a LEGO sculpture that reflected "science technology or nature". You can see the winning fetus, runner up virus and moon landing, and a couple of cool entries that were sadly disqualified [[here.


Tabletop Games
  • Brik Wars, although it doesn't mention LEGO itself due to copyright issues.
  • Mobile Frame Zero is a nerd trifecta. Tiny Giant Robots, LEGO, and a tabletop war game. Frames are built entirely with LEGO or similar parts, and can get quite complex (and expensive). A 5cm tall model may contain upwards of 80 individual pieces.


Video Games
  • A slew of LEGO-themed video games have been released over the years:
    • Most recently as tie-ins with other franchises, like LEGO Star Wars, LEGO Indiana Jones, or even LEGO Batman and LEGO Harry Potter. Even stranger, these games are actually fun. It may be worth pointing out that The LEGO Group produces tie-in building sets for all these franchises — the video games are an extension of the license.
    • LEGO Universe, a short-lived MMORPG set in the LEGO world. The trailer alone is a Crowning Moment of Awesome.
    • LEGO BATTLES is also The Game to Play as a Knight, a Evil Wizard, a Pirate, a Ninja, Space Man, and an Alien.
    • And now there's LEGO Rock Band, where you can demolish buildings using The Power of Rock. With the added bonus of playing as LEGO Iggy Pop, LEGO David Bowie, and LEGO Queen.
    • Before the recent bombardment of licensed games, there were many other games based off of LEGO's own ideas. Examples include games like LEGO Racers and its sequel, where the player could build their own cars to race with (sorta), and the LEGO Island trilogy.
      • Some games didn't quite do this: LEGO Rock Raiders involved building, yes, but the world and creatures living in it were not plastic. LEGO Stunt Rally had no actual building of LEGO models at all.
      • Taken to an extreme with the LEGO Creator series and LEGO Digital Designer, where you basically create your own world.
  • Blockland is made entirely from bricks of all sizes, shapes and colors. City or mountain, cave or subway, it's all brick. And in the alpha version of the game, it used to actually just be LEGO, but then copyright happened and now it's BLOCKO.
  • Voxelstein. The entire game is made out of LEGO-like voxels that are completely destructible. This means that you can shank your way through walls if you have enough patience.
  • Minecraft is more like it's made out of DUPLOs. The entire map is built out of large blocks that you can mine and craft into more blocks.
  • Roblox is a free (well... sorta) MMO Wide Open Sandbox where almost every single bit of content is user-made, there is almost unlimited customizability, and uses bricks, meshes, and GUIs (Guided User Interface). It also features the scripting language of Lua, which can be used to create almost anything within the user's scripting capability.
  • While not actual LEGO, the "dot" graphics in 3D Dot Game Heroes certainly give off this effect.
  • Kingdom Hearts: Gummy Blocks and the ships made from them were more or less this.
  • The boss stages in the Super Mario All-Stars version of Super Mario Bros. 2 for some reason all appear to be made from red, green, and blue blocks resembling LEGO bricks.
    • They're actually made out of N&B Blocks, a toy Nintendo produced in the 60s to compete with LEGO.
  • Kingdom of Loathing presents: the BRICKO™ Brand Funucational Construction System Core Unit! You can build weapons, armor, even giant chickens out of them!
  • MapleStory: The world Ludibrium looks like it was built with Mega Blocks, and all of its mobs are some variety of toy monster.

Web Comics

Web Original

Western Animation
  • Robot Chicken occasionally has LEGO-based sketches. One involves an attempt to build a pyramid, and another makes fun of the licensed lines with "LEGO Babel."
  • In 1980, LEGO commissioned the "LEGO Sports Champions" which included topics like Gymnastics and F1 Racing.
  • Subverted in the LOGO channel's Rick & Steve: The Happiest Gay Couple in All the World. While the original pilot episode used LEGO, the rest of the series had to use Play Mobil because LEGO objected to the creators using their product on the show (which may look like a kiddie show that would air on Nick Jr. or PBS, but really isn't).
  • Blockoland from The Simpsons, which appears at the start of the season 12 episode "Hungry, Hungry Homer" note . Interestingly enough, an actual LEGO Land appears in another episode which mentioned Mr. Burns dumping toxic waste there.
    • "Brick Like Me", in which Homer finds himself in a Lego version of Springfield created when he goes into a coma after being hit by a giant Lego statue at a builders' convention.
    • The Couch Gag for the episode "Midnight Towboy" had the Simpsons (and their living room) constructed out of LEGO blocks.
  • One of Ben's new aliens in Omniverse, Blox, is made of Lego.
  • The Zig And Sharko episode, "Silly Builders" has Zig using LEGO (never identified by name) to get to Marina.
  • Two LEGO original properties that have been made into Western animation are BIONICLE, Ninjago, and LegendsOfChima. Bionicle is noteworthy in that it's distanced itself away from the traditional brick structure (favoring more organic shapes) while Ninjago and Chima are more straight-up examples. note 
  • To a lesser extent, Mixels.
  • The LEGO Star Wars franchise has been animated in Lego Star Wars The Yoda Chronicles.

Real Life
  • Legoland; theme parks featuring extensive LEGO sculptures and displays. Anything that isn't built out of LEGO bricks (such as rides) uses a LEGO design motif.
  • There is LEGO CANDY.
    • On a similar note, Lego has also been selling Lego ice-cube trays. The ice-cubes, once frozen, are the same size and shape as a typical Lego minifig. And just as adorable.
  • However, subverted in some places where LEGO products aren't made with the iconic bricks. The LEGO Technic line uses construction based on things like pins, axles, and ball-joints instead, and their "constraction" figure lines ("construction" + "action") like BIONICLE and Hero Factory started out as a spin-off of Technic. Lego Znap was an attempt to compete with K'nex (failed), and Lego Galidor was an entry into the action figure market (failed horribly).
    • Also strangely averted with fast-food tie-ins. Many LEGO Happy Meal toys these days are your standard throwaways, with no interactivity with the LEGO system. LEGO Club Magazine editor (and BIONICLE's "Real Daddy") Greg Farshtey has mentioned that fast-food chains have started to shy away from building toys because they want no assembly required.
  • The Lego-Brucke (Lego Bridge) in Wuppertal, Germany is a concrete bridge that was repainted to look like it was made out of giant Lego bricks. The Lego Group was consulted and formally approved of the project to do so.
  • Say hello to EverBlock, a jumbo-sized LEGO-esque building block system designed for real-world prefab construction.

Waldorf: I used to build things with Lego bricks.
Statler: Really? Were you able to make an artistic profession out of it?
Waldorf: No, sorry to say, my art career went all to pieces!
Both: Do-ho-ho-ho-hoh!

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