Series / Roger and the Rottentrolls

Roger and the Rottentrolls started life as a book and audio tape, written by Tim Firth, commissioned by EMI and W.H. Smith, and produced by Robert Howes and The Childrens Company, intended as a 'spooky story' for children, part of a series of over 30 titles.

Tim's dad, Gordon, who had originally invented the characters, drew the designs for all the characters from which the puppets were made.

The series followed the adventures of Roger Beckett (aged 10... sorry, 10) in Troller's Ghyll, "where the rocks are all slightly mad"; after crashing his bike in the valley, it is soon discovered that he is The Chosen One and he was crowned King of the Rottentrolls. Cue four seasons of a pretty damn funny mix of live-action and puppetry. It won a BAFTA.

Examples of tropes: