Jack Frost

Jack Frost is the Public Domain Anthropomorphic Personification of cold in the air and the frost designs on windows. Unlike many, he is not necessarily associated with a holiday; although naturally he tends to be most active in Winter simply because that's where the action is. He can be depicted as playful and mischievous as a snow day; or as cruel as the killing ice.


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    Anime & Manga 

    Comic Books 
  • One of Santa's allies in Santa Versus Dracula
  • In the Fables spinoff Jack of Fables, Jack Hoerner successfully seduces and ultimately sleeps with the Lumin the Snow Queen. She comes down with illness (later revealed to be a pregnancy)and is unable to do her job, so she gives her powers to Jack, making him Jack Frost were he makes a total ass of himself. Their son would also be called Jack Frost, mostly referred to as Jack Frost II for convenience.

    Films - Animation 

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    Video Games 
  • The Atlus mascot, hee ho!