Film: Garfield

A Live-Action Movie based off the popular comic strip Garfield. It was released in 2004 by 20th Century Fox. It starred Bill Murray as Garfield, Breckin Meyer as Jon, and Jennifer Love Hewitt as Liz. It was directed by Joel Cohen.

The plot deals with Garfield, as lazy and fat as ever, being the extreme Jerkass and Deadpan Snarker he is. Jon Arbuckle buys a dog named Odie because his extreme crush, Liz Wilson told him to. Needless to say, Garfield doesn't like this, but then Odie gets kidnapped by a villain named "Happy Chapman". Garfield sets out on an adventure to rescue Odie...and get back to his beloved chair!

The movie was followed with a sequel in 2006, called Garfield: A Tail Of Two Kitties. In it, Liz goes to England to make a speech, and while she, Jon, and Garfield are there, Garfield gets his life mixed up with that of an English cat.

There were also three CGI Direct-to-Video Non Serial Movies from 2007, 2008, and 2009: Garfield Gets Real, about Garfield getting sick of his job as a comic strip character and going to the real world, Garfield's Fun Fest, about Garfield trying to get Arlene back from a cat named "Ramone", and Garfield's Pet Force, a spin off showing the characters as superheroes.

The live-action movies contain examples of:

The CGI movies contain examples of: