Trivia: Garfield

The comic strip

The film version

  • Actor Allusion: Bill Murray, well known for playing Peter Venkman in Ghostbusters, played Garfield in both movies. In The Real Ghostbusters, Lorenzo Music was the first voice of Peter Venkman,note  and was also the official "voice" of Garfield throughout both the franchise, and Lorenzo's life.
  • Preview Piggybacking: Argubly, the only reason anyone saw the first movie when it aired on The Hub was to see the Equestria Girls commercial that premiered on it (the song, the film wasn't out until two years later). This got lampshaded in a comic that showed a screenshot from the movie, Pinkie Pie's family looking at it in disbelief, a screenshot from the commercial, and the family with happy expressions.
  • Old Shame: Bill Murray said in Zombieland that he regrets being in the first movie. He even admitted on Reddit that he only signed onto the film because he thought the director, Joel Cohen, was another director with a very similar name.

Animated versions:

  • The Other Darrin:
    • Sandy Kenyon voiced Jon Arbuckle in Here Comes Garfield, but all other traditionally animated Garfield specials, including Garfield and Friends, used Thom Huge as Jon's voice actor. Then Breckin Meyer played him in the live-action movies Garfield and Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties. After that, Garfield Gets Real, Garfield's Fun Fest, Garfield's Pet Force and The Garfield Show utilized Wally Wingert's voice for Jon.
    • Strangely, Huge (rhymes with "loogie") has literally no other credits. According to Mark Evanier, Thom Huge was one of Jim Davis' associates at Paws, Inc.
    • In the very first animation, a nameless short film from 1980 that was just animated versions of the June 21, 1978, August 2, 1978, and July 2, 1979 strips, Garfield was voiced by Scott Beach. Starting with Here Comes Garfield, Lorenzo Music was his voice actor for all the animated adaptations. After he died, Garfield has been voiced by several other voice actors, most notably Bill Murray in The Movie. Frank Welker is his most recent replacement.