Nightmare Fuel / Garfield

The Comic

  • Those eyes...THOSE EYES...brrrrrr. Nobody can sleep on Christmas Eve. NOBODY.
  • The horrifying Halloween-themed strip in 1989 depicted Garfield waking up in an abandoned house to learn he's in an alternate reality where he no longer exists. Unable to cope with being alone, he screams out "I don't want to be alone!", and the next thing he knows he's back in his own time again. Some fans speculated that this meant Garfield was really in an abandoned house and slowly starving to death, and imagining future strips in a never-ending state of denial. Jim Davis himself has said that this is false; he had wanted to write a Halloween strip that was actually scary, and decided on what he felt was what people feared the most: true loneliness.
    "An imagination is a powerful tool. It can tint memories of the past, shade perceptions of the present, or paint a future so vivid that it can entice... or terrify, all depending upon how we conduct ourselves today..."
    • One of the scariest things in this series was the exterior of the house; that panel is a masterpiece of utterly-terrifying desolation. Compared to other haunted houses in all types of media, this would be the one that the Ghostbusters would avoid completely.
  • The Halloween arc from 1982, which finds Jon and Garfield seeking shelter in a creepy, abandoned house.
  • Some of the other Halloween strips are also creepy.
  • The title panel for this Sunday strip.
    • Although the strip can be scary for some, too, considering It's about Garfield getting a visit from the ghosts of every animal he's eaten, and they're seeking revenge.
    • The title panel is lampshaded in a later strip, when Garfield makes a similar Scary Flashlight Face to Odie, who is understandably terrified.
  • This 1989 strip shows Garfield suffering a nightmare that he turned into a skeleton due to being on a diet. Jon's nonchalant reaction to seeing Garfield like this does not do it any justice.
  • This 1993 strip has Garfield having a nightmare about being gobbled up by an extremely Uncanny Valley-looking couch.
  • Garfield's face after Jon tries to get Garfield moving in this 1998 strip. As Jon says, "Don't ever do that again!"
  • There have been at least two strips in the early 80s where Garfield ends up being eaten alive by a dog.
  • This strip. The way Odie looks like on the last panel...It also doesn't help that this is arguably one of Garfield's crueler Kick the Dog moments, since he was just in such a bad mood...
  • Not on the strip, but in the game "Scary Scavenger Hunt." One of the levels involves going into a dark attic and interacting with a talking Binky doll who gives you a hint on a puzzle. After you complete the puzzle and try to talk to the doll again, his eyes turn red as he shouts directly at the screen "STOP BOTHERING ME!" Oh, and it'll cost you some hit points, so don't do this.
    • In Scary Scavenger Hunt 2, there's a picture in the hallway next to the spider musical room it's a picture of Garfield sleeping in his bed the game tells there's a hidden clue in the picture after you stare at it for a long time it suddenly shows a dark red demon pig face with glowing orange eyes, snout pig nose, and crooked teeth with a LOUD SCREAM! That's right, Garfield just Jump Scared you! It returns back to the Garfield picture saying Gotcha! The Binky Doll was scary enough in the first one but this screamer is worse! But on the bright side, it doesn't cost you hit points. But still avoid it at cost!
  • A Halloween themed Garfield pop-up book had all sorts of the usual 'pull tab to make something happen' scenes. The creepiness of the goings-on eventually has Garfield and Odie looking for help, trying to get Jon's attention from behind his morning paper. Pull the flap for the paper down and it reveals that Jon has been reduced to a slack-jawed skeleton with an Uncanny Valley-level of detail put into his skull and finger bones, for an extra-strong dose of Surprise Creepy.
  • The book Odie Unleashed!: Garfield Lets the Dog Out contains Davis' favorite comic strips featuring Odie, and one sketch where Garfield put Odie to sleeps, with the caption "No, you didn't see this. Keep reading."
  • There's nothing visually frightening in this strip, but the dialogue is quite dark for a newspaper cartoon.
    Jon: "You look a little depressed, Garfield."
    Garfield: "Bingo."
    Jon: "Just remember, when you're flat on your back, the only way to look is up."
    Garfield: "Thank you, Jon. I am no longer depressed. Now I'm suicidal."

The Live-Action Movies

  • The scene in the first movie where Garfield sneaks into the train controller room in order to get the train Odie is on back to the station. He controls various train track switches and accidentally rewires the tracks so every single train will crash into another one. He doesn't even realize this until the collision warnings and alarm get louder and the trains are heading right towards each other. When he realizes the trains are about to collide, he manages to press the "cancel" button at the last second.
    • Also Odie being shocked repeatedly with the shock collar.