Heartwarming / Garfield

Heartwarming moments in Garfield:
  • The end of the terrifying 1989 Halloween arc. Garfield has woken up in a Bad Future where his house and neighborhood is completely broken down and empty. When he realizes this, he finds that John and Odie are back... Only to realize that they are hallucinations. Accepting that he can't be alone, he wakes up and hugs them. Thankfully, they are real this time.
    Jon: Want some breakfast, Garfield?
  • Garfield gets very sentimental around Christmas. In one strip, he was asked what he wants for Christmas, and responds by saying that he wants a "second helping" of the food, shelter and love he already has.
  • His first Christmas is especially heartwarming
  • When Jon and Liz finally get together. "And they lived happily ever after."
    • And earlier, when Jon stumbles in on Liz's date with some other guy. The other guy asks something along the lines of "What, do you like this idiot?" and, not missing a beat, Liz says "As a matter of fact, I do".
  • Crowning Moment of Cute.
  • This. A more subtle example, but considering Jon's life, it's quite a heavy-hitter.
  • The first time Jon's Grandma came to visit. Garfield is affectionate to her all week, and is sad to see her go.
    Jon: You liked her, didn't you, Garfield?
  • Awwww.
  • This Christmas strip.
  • As well as this one.
  • A glorious day indeed.
  • The content, peaceful faces Garfield and Odie make when asleep. Pure d'aww.
  • Nothing's too fancy for our Jon.
  • This strip is relatively minor, but it still shows that Garfield really does have a sentimental side. Also, when Jon first sees Garfield in place of his pillow, he doesn't look particularly enthusiastic and you'd expect him to shoo him off. Next panel, Jon's happily drifting off to sleep while snuggled up against his kitty, awww..
  • Camping is more fun with a good friend.
  • This sunday comic. There is just something really touching about not only Odie and Garfield happily playing in the mud with each other but also Jon joining them and they all having a good time together. Then the mud covered Jon remembers his date...who is at his front door looking at his muddy self with angry eyes.
  • The last comic of the Thirtieth Anniversary book. In it Garfield gushes over his teddy bear (which is nothing new) but Davis' note at the bottom talks about his first assistant Valette Green who passed away some time ago. If you look carefully at the last panel of the strip you can see her in name spelled out in the stars.
  • Another Christmas strip, which could be seen as an allegory of Jon's life:
    Jon: One thing I'll never understand, Garfield. In spite of all the chaos, the ugly tree, and the old decorations... everything turns out perfectly.
  • "Still, it's nice to be remembered."
  • This strip. You know it's going to be heartwarming when Garfield is willing to share Pooky with anyone, however briefly.
  • Just LOOK at that grin. And the knowing smile of the older woman sitting just behind them.
  • Garfield offering a chick who thinks Garfield is his father a piece of Lasagna and this is coming from the guy who regularly refuses to share his food with anybody.
  • Jon getting Liz a custom, engraved stethoscope for Christmas 2009 without any help. Even Garfield had to give Jon credit for this moment of heartwarming and awesomeness.
    Garfield: I gotta give him this one.
  • Another moment that was good enough to impress Garfield was the 4/24/2015 comic. Liz comes in wearing a different shirt than normal, and asks Jon if he notices anything different, to which he responds "You're even more beautiful today than you were yesterday?" The last panel is Jon looking triumphant with a big kiss mark on his face.
    Garfield: Okay, today I gotta give you one, Arbuckle.
  • A relatively minor moment, but it's still Odie being a very loving pooch, despite all the abuse Garfield's ever given him. And Garfield simply puts up with it, even if he doesn't like Odie being so close.
  • As usual, Garfield goes to kick Odie off the table, but this time he misses his mark and ends up falling on his face. Odie, seeing Garfield's pained reaction, happily jumps off the table as if Garfield had kicked him anyway.
  • Garfield sure is full of himself, but that doesn't mean he has no soft spot for Arlene.
  • There was a strip that had Liz cancelling on one of Jon's dates due to an emergency at the vet clinic and Jon letting her know he understood before hanging up and turning to Garfield and admitting that "Saturday Night with no date was kinda like old times." It may not be heartwarming at first, but think about it like this. Jon's finally found a steady relationship and it's helped him to the point where he can joke about what a dork he was before.
  • The June 29th, 2003 comic has Garfield enjoying lying in the grass. For a change, there's no sarcastic punchline or misfortune for anybody — it's just Garfield enjoying the lawn all day and then marveling at it.
    • This February 7th, 2016 strip is quite similar to the above-mentioned enjoying-the-grass, with Garfield happily making a snowman, then going back inside to enjoy chocolate.
  • Liz realizes Jon's "mistletoe" is actually a leaf of romaine lettuce but declares it close enough and kisses him.
  • Liz reflecting about her tabby cat when she was a child and telling Garfield that she's happy to have a cat back into her life. Garfield's response is what sells it:
    Garfield: If Jon dosen't marry you, I will.