Heartwarming / Get Fuzzy

  • After returning from a trip to see his parents, Satchel is upset that his father is a rescue dog and that he himself has no accomplishments to be proud of. Rob's response? "You make my life happy, dude. That's huge to me."
    • And right before that, as Satchel's dad is tearing into Satchel, Satchel's mom comes in and not only tells the old dog to "leave the boy alone" but also gives her son a big hug.
    • Bucky also stands up for Satchel, suprisingly, as Satchel's dad mocks the name Rob gave him and Bucky then says it's basically strange coming from someone named Cornelius
    • A similar situation happens when Satchel's friends from his play group start ignoring him after an FBI bomb dog joins.
  • There is one strip where (after 9/11) Rob and Satchel go to give blood. Bucky's response? When they get back, the house is decorated with balloons, signs calling them heroes, and cookies.
  • Let's not forget Bucky fixing Satchel's watch
  • Chubby Huggs giving Mac Manc Mcmanx a hug for no reason. Keep in mind that M3 was beaten by his girlfriend and mistaken as a terrorist, so he really deserved that hug.
  • A small example, but in one strip, Satchel gets a bad dream and is unable to wake Rob, so he goes to Bucky's closet and asks if he can sleep with him. Bucky's response?
  • There was a strip where Rob and Satchel were looking at some old photos from when Bucky was just a kitten; he's downright adorable and terrified of the big scary world around him. This moment is then subverted with Rob's comment: "He used to be so cute... what the [expletive] happened?"
    • Which ties into how Rob got Bucky: He found him abandoned in the garbage and rescued him.
  • Bucky giving Satchel a genuine hug after receiving Satchel's gift of Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey ice cream. Bucky thought it contained real monkey, and was very moved by it.