Web Video / Medaka MENT

Zenkichi: Behind every great nation, there is always a great president and behind that president, there is always a great woman HELL OF A WOMAN But what if that woman is the president and the nation is just a high school?
> Medaka: I have a dream. A dream where I'm USED BY COMPLETE STRANGERS.

A twin project done by Runawayturist and Chommper 17 with the help of a boatload of youtube members, Medaka Ment is the sister of Infinite Ment, the "parody of a parody", following the footsteps of Purpleeyeswtf in one of the best edited and dubbed abridges in the net, with no noise background, great soundtracks and fast paced editing to its breaking point.

Take the already non-sensical, choke full of Faux Symbolism, pseudo-scientific meta series that was Medaka Box and blow the goose up out of everybody, the series and above else, the original quirky characters. Following the recently elected, massive slut, half-insane president Kurokami Medakaaaaaa and her personal punching bag and cosmic butt-monkey Zenkichi while they try... well pretty much just to satisfy Medaka's addictive need to be used by complete strangers and survive the dangers of a place that would elect somebody like Medaka as their leader.

You can find the first episode here