Fanservice Model
Iori-chan... It feels so weird... seeing someone of my class do a photo profile in a magazine...

A Fashion Model wears clothes of every kind, from some barely showing some skin to others with nothing more than a bikini or a lingerie. This kind of model specializes in the latter, being Best Known for the Fanservice. The Fanservice Model wears swimsuits, lingerie and also goes for the fetish using Fanservice Costumes. Also can go into nudity, but not necessarily the Full-Frontal Assault, that means in the form of Body Paint and with nothing at all, being covered just with Godiva Hair and Hand-or-Object Underwear. Usually is known as an Always Female trope, but there're also men that are Fanservice Models, mostly with well-marked shapes for women's (and some men's) magazines.

In Japan to be specific, there's a name for this kind of model: gravure idols, girls (yes, this is an Always Female trope there) that specialize in sexually provocative/suggestive photography of the playful/innocent kind (as opposed to aggressive sexuality), though not to the point of posing nude; that is what "AV Idols"note  are for. Many popular female idols in Japan launched their careers by starting out as gravure idols, and some seiyuu and idol singers became or were gravure idols.

But, something that should be made clear: the Fanservice Model just makes provocative (or sometimes goes nude) photos but doesn't necessarily goes to cross the line of Sex or Porn. But as in everything, there're some exceptions, in which models started into this and later converted into pornstars, as well as pornstars that made Bleached Underpants sessions for some magazines during their porn careers or after retiring from them. Also some stars from various media (TV, movies, music, etc) made some casual sessions as Fanservice Models for some male (as well as female) magazines.

Sister Trope of Fashion Model. Compare Ms. Fanservice (and Mr. too), Lingerie Scene, Walking Swimsuit Scene, Shirtless Scene, Stripperiffic and Public Exposure. Contrast Costume Porn and Contractual Purity. Overlaps with Idol Singer, since various of them also were gravure idols; and Cosplay, depending of the kind of costume wearing (or almost not wearing), especially for private photosessions instead of crowded events. The Japanese Media Fictional Counterpart is the Ecchi genre.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Pictured above: In I"s, there's Iori Yoshizuki, a highschooler in the drama club that has found a sudden increase in popularity after posing in a swimsuit for a magazine spread. Also she's the Love Interest of Ichitaka Seto, the protagonist of the series.
  • Reika Shimohira from Gantz is a famous gravure idol... and she's still in highschool.
  • In Again!!, there's Taka, a famous Idol Singer and gravure idol who was a Gonk in High School until she met Imamura who changed her ways to the idol she's now.
  • In Peepo Choo, there's Reiko, a a cynical teenage gravure idol who's fed up with her work and contrasts Occidental Otaku Milton about their visions about Japan.
  • Koisome Momiji, a 2012 manga, is about a Love Triangle between a ridiculously shy high school kid, a gravure idol and an actress.
  • In a filler Detective Conan case, there's a beautiful young woman named Shouko Utakura and she's said to be an aspiring gravure model. She's one of the case's victims.

    Comic Books 
  • In an early X-Men arc the team has to go undercover in New York, and Jean Grey gets a job modelling swimsuits.
  • DC Comics:
    • For a time, Starfire had a career as a fashion model (using the Earth name Kory Anders). Considering that she displays the traits of Tamaran's highly sensuous culture (and even showing herself naked in A LOT of official DC stories), it's pretty obvious to say she fits this trope all over.
    • As Starfire, another example is Jennifer Lynn-Hayden, daughter of Green Lantern Alan Scott, more known as Jade, who also was a model and a photographer. Like the Tamaran, she's an extroverted person who hasn't afraid to show her Impossible Hourglass Figure (as seen in most of her Jade costumes), so it's implied her model career also has a lot of fanservice photoshoots.
    • Another Green Lantern example with Arisia Rrab, who became a pin-up model for a short period of time, after she used her Green Lantern body to age herself and become an voluptuous young woman.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Various chapters in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit are dedicated to these kind of models and how they're victims covered by their unit. An example is a 2016 chapter in which a fashion photographer is accused of raping a model during a shoot, but his much more successful older designer brother tries to make the case go away.
  • Amy Pond from Doctor Who was a fanservice model for a time before starting her adventures with The Doctor. But different from most of the characters on the list, she didn't wear lingerie nor swimsuit, but Fanservice Costumes since she worked as a kissogram. By the time she saw the Doctor again after being a child, Amy was wearing a police officer costume.
  • In the season 4 of That '70s Show, Michael Kelso was called to be a male underwear model, who appeared in diverse magazines, being mocking by his friends and causing a new split with his then-girlfriend Jackie Burkhart, who always wanted to be a Fashion Model.

    Pro Wrestling 
  • Kanako Urai, most known as Kana and Asuka, apart of being a professional wrestler, she's also a gravure idol among other things.
  • Despise of the criticism she had in their time, gravure idol Yuzuki Aikawa became a wrestler in World Wonder Ring STARDOM, being the Inverted Trope. A Western example of this is Kelly Kelly, also a Fanservice Model that became a wrestler, mostly for WWE brands.
  • Almost all (if not all) female wrestlers in WWF/WWE history, as well from other federations like WCW, made some fanservice sessions. The most escalated example is Chyna, who after retiring from wrestling, she entered to XXX world as a pornstar. But she wasn't the only or first one: Tylene Buck (aka Major Gunns), Candice Michelle and Lizzy Borden also followed Chyna's way in the past, all of them also started with fanservice photosessions before their jump to Porn.

    Video Games 

    Web Comics 
  • Sandra on the Rocks is a very Fanservice-laden webcomic that takes place in the fashion industry, with the characters mostly wearing these kind of outfits as part of their job. The protagonist, Sandra, is initially shy to wear them, but she eventually gets used to them.
  • Funny Animal Hunter from Furry Experience is a Mr. Fanservice model in Furry Valley U's figure drawing class. Poor introvert Catherine can barely look at his naked self while sketching his poses, and even her brash roommate Rhonda had to bail on one class because Hunter "was ... well ... hot."

    Real Life 
  • Cosplay
    • Some famous worldwide Cosplay stars overlaps their career as cosplayers serving as fanservice models, mostly for lingerie and swimsuit sessions for magazines as well for their own portfolios. Some of the most known cosplayers that are or were fanservice models are Francesca Dani, Jessica Nigri (who also makes voice acting and dubbing), Yaya Han, Marie-Claude Bourbornnais (who also makes full nudity sessions), Jannet "Incosplay" Vinogradova and Stella Chuu.
    • Also, as male counterparts, there're cosplayers like Leon Chiro and Elffi who also made fanservice photosessions as well.
    • A notable case in Japan is Miss Hannah Minx, an American YouTube personality that lived in Japan and teached Japanese as well showed things from this country, but that didn't matter because male fans saw other "pair" of things. She was also known for being a strange case of gravure idol, having her own Cosplay session even recorded in video.
  • Gravure idols
    • The gravure idol scene is full of names fans should know: Risa Yoshiki, Reon Kadena (who actually made nude sessions too), Leah Dizon, Ai Shinozaki, Yumi Kobayashi, Mikie Hara, Nana Ozaki, Aki Hoshino and Ayaka Komatsu. Just to name a few of them.
    • Sometimes, other famous women made times as gravure idols without leaving their actual careers. Ayumi Hamasaki is the prime example of this.
    • Also, there're some famous Seiyuus that made a parallel career as gravure idols. To catch some famous names in the industry, see this 2009 discussion here in TV Tropes.
  • A Rare Male Example of pornstars making Bleached Underpants photosessions is Shimiken, a male AV idol considerated as "The King of Porn" in his native Japan. Apart of making XXX movies, he also make fashion photosessions and even was part of a live-action webseries (Dorama) of a Boy Band directed to female public.
  • Some famous worldwide Product Placement beauty contests that are all about this trope are Miss Hawaiian Tropic and Miss Reef, both made in Summer and starring girls with nothing but bikini and a t-shirt.
  • Lads', Lads, or Laddie mags (magazines) (known exclusively as men's magazines in English-speaking North America) contain non-nude photography (or bare-breasted photography in the case of some British "lads' mags"), women accompanied by articles about the woman that is pictured (usually models or actresses); consumer stories about cars, tools, toys, music, TV and film, sports, foods, alcoholic beverages; or "guy tales" of sexual encounters. Some famous worldwide lads' mags are FHM, GQ and Maxim.
    • One of first percursors of this kind of magazines is The '90s' British magazine Loaded.
    • In their beginnings, Playboy was like this, with the time becoming Up to Eleven in mature content. Actually is considerated a Porn version of lads' magazines.
  • Model Kelly Brook started acquiring a fan club when she was a relative un-known doing otherwise anonymous shoots for clothing and underwear - especially underwear - directed at more mature ladies. This interest from a Periphery Demographic which was definitely not the one the advertisers had in mind, which was highly unlikely to buy the product, was what propelled Kelly into the new arena of being not only a model but also an occassional actress and TV presenter.
  • Crowdfunding website Patreon was a place in which the artists can post some of its art and with a monthly play, they can make exclusive works only for the ones who paid the price, being the user a kind of sponsor/patron of the artist. Website's purpose becoming slowly in a platform for girls (mostly cosplayers) to show their works, as well more fanservice/erotic photoshoots (with few revealing cosplays as well with lingerie) almost at the point of Soft Porn.