Pinball / Black Rose
I'd avoid making any "seamen" jokes...tis a jolly good way to get yer cannonballs blasted off!
"I am Black Rose, queen of the high seas!"
Black Rose, upon starting a new game

Black Rose is a pinball machine created by John Trudeau and Brian Eddy, with artwork by Pat McMahon. It was released by Williams Electronics (under the "Bally" label) in 1992. Only 3,746 units were made, making it something of a rarity.

The game focuses on the title character, a female pirate captain who commands her crew of grizzled sea dogs. Your goal is to sink as many ships as you can by lighting S-I-N-K-S-H-I-P through various means, then fire a cannonball through the broadside at the far end of the table. Along the way, you'll find the Pirate's Cove, get a random award from Polly, and play no less than three Video Modes.

Possibly the most interesting feature of the game is its cannon, which sits below the playfield just above the flippers. At certain points, the cannon will become loaded and start pivoting back and forth. The player must then press the "Fire" button on the lockbar, causing the cannon to pop up and launch the pinball at various playfield targets for different bonuses. Accurate cannon-firing is needed to hit the broadside of opposing ships and establish your reign as Queen of the seas.

Though the game has Awesome Music, it was overlooked due to being released around the same time as The Addams Family. Nonetheless, it's often praised today as a great game, combining smooth, fast gameplay, gorgeous artwork, and a captivating theme.

Digital versions of this table are available for Williams Pinball Classics by Encore Inc. and The Pinball Arcade by FarSight Studios.

The Black Rose pinball machine contains examples of: