Reviews: Teen Wolf

Season three B - an in depth analysis


I Watched It With The Intention To Mock...

And instead found myself completely hooked!

That being what it is, I'm a rather fresh fan that just happened to watch all the seasons in one go, but that has allowed me to judge each season accordingly and without the handicap of Nostalgia Goggles. (Which, by the way, I'm baffled are even on, as this show is still kind of a baby, having only 36 episodes so far and only started airing 2011.)

First Impressions Scott: Dude. The human figured out you were a werewolf before you did, that is just sad. And your priorities? Get them straight, like, yesterday. Stiles: Well, aren't you a sarcastic little shit? Whoa, did they just practically admit this kid's ADHD? Dude, are you actually... are you actually Genre Savvy? Derek: Oh my God, are you seriously wearing all-black clothes with a leather jacket and trying to work the mysterious, supernatural creature vibe? What the hell, Costuming Department, I can practically SMELL the douchebag. Lydia: Alpha Bitch befriends lonely new girl? And is actually sincere? Did not see that one coming. Allison: I'm not sure what to think of you, but the sudden display of gymnastics and archery isn't exactly shocking. Also, you seem kinda easily influenced...

And hello, improvement. Scott's an idiot with super-hormones, but he's a genuinely good guy. (Being a special snowflake now is kinda hard to take, but at least you gained power without submitting to the dark side.) Stiles is basically the living embodiment of human triumph in the face of adversity. Derek's actually socially awkward and kind of adorable, with some spectacularly good reasons for his trust issues. Lydia, I actually LIKE you, the surprises continue. Allison, you've really grown into yourself as of 3a.

This show is powered by its compelling characters. The story is pretty touch-and-go, sometimes suffering from a severe lack of focus, and other times setting our very blood on fire with the limitless potential it provides. The fact that they feel the need to use CGI deer just makes the obvious CGI harder to take. The Alpha werewolf forms are silly-looking and have red eyes, oh my God, I nearly broke something laughing. The regular forms are actually pretty refreshing, the neanderthal look is one I approve of.

TL;DR It may be piggy-backing off the success of vamps, but it's definitely got its own momentum.

Thoughts on Season 3A

Positives: As usual, the dialogue was witty. The acting was top par as well. The cinematography and music were splendid.

As character development goes, Scott and Allison really grew. There were touching, frightening and funny moments.


Negatives: The logic of the alpha pack bothers me. Why do they follow Deucalion? Their hierarchy was never explained. It also doesn't make sense to me why Deucalion is so obsessed with Scott. Do we know that True Alphas are more powerful? His plan is also convoluted when it should have been straightforward. And did he know Jennifer's identity the whole time? She could have been taken out when they took her hostage!

Jennifer's plan is a mess as well. She could have waited for the eclipse and then shot them all, but instead she decided to go the human sacrifice route. Real inconspicuous.

Cora - pointless and a plot hole.

It's really only effective to kill characters if the audience has some emotion in regards to them. Boyd, Erica, Kali, and all the other fatalities of the season hadn't earned that yet.

Derek was OOC with Jennifer and annoying otherwise. His character needs to stop being tortured so he can grow.

Lydia, Stiles and Isaac didn't really experience growth - it was more like they were just there, doing things in the plot that didn't really mean anything to their characters because the creators couldn't find time for them to have their own arcs. (This also applies to all minor characters.) We never came close enough to dealing with Lydia, Isaac, or even Derek's trauma, which they deserve.

No relationships were developed well - not Dethan, Lydia/Aiden or the much hated Dennifer (JEFF DAVIS ACTUALLY SAID SHE WAS IN LOVE WITH HIM - BS!). The existing relationships didn't advance either. Also, there were MANY missing conversations between characters that could have been included to make things more meaningful.

This season was never boring, but could have been far better. It's main problem was that it was too cluttered. There were a lot of good ideas - the lunar eclipse, the alpha pack, the Darach and the sacrifices, the twins' turn to the good side, animals going crazy, Derek having to kill his pack, emissaries, Scott's tattoo the parent/child relationships, the new mythology, etc. - but none of these plots were fully explored, some even being dropped,causing a lack of focus.

Pros and Cons of "Lunar Eclipse"

I thought for this episode, I would take pros/cons notes while watching so it's a bit different than normal.


Amazing cinematography and music choice that lead to an amazing opening tonally

Twins switch sides (but their motives aren't fully explained)

I love every line the parents said

Peter is so manipulative - it's delightful

Funny lines still, through all this chaos

Isaac is snarky and heroic

Lydia, everything about her (she reminds me a little of Stiles actually)

Scott's dad is very interesting to me

Kali VS Jennifer!

I know people don't like Jen's obession with her looks, but I think it has to do with her struggle with finding identity

Twins vs Jennifer!


Allison is super smart

Yay for Scott being awesome on twelve different levels

Stiles to the rescue!

New Argent code from Allison, that's just awesome



Scott had a deal with Deucalion? Since when?

Cora. I just officially hate everything about her

I thought the bath thing was supposed to make them SURROGATE SACRIFICES??? What happened to that? What happened to the supposed 'darkness' that would be in them???

Derek and Cora running away like babies. They seriously left all these KIDS for DEAD? What about Jennifer, the alphas and the parents? Derek's just like 'nope, not my responsibility, gonna skip town now!' I HATE HIM RIGHT NOW. I guess they came back, but STILL, them running in the middle of the episode is pointless and stupid

Confused about Werewolf healing in regards to Kali - I swear Derek has come back from much worse than glass

Why do they just sit around talking to Agent Mc Call? Lives were at stake - they could have gotten out of there much faster

Deucalion is the worst villain yet on this show

Deucalion should have been dead from Jen bashing in his head when he doesn't have healing powers

There's a lack of Lydia, Stiles and Danny from this episode

Whatever went on between Derek and Jennifer, I refuse to accept it. It was such BS

I kept screaming at them to KILL JENNIFER AND DEUCALION

Seriously just fuck Derek this episode. AGH HE LEFT TOWN AGAIN???


PS: The episode, like this season, was this bizarre mix of amazing and bullshit .

Pros and Cons of "Frayed"

Pros: FUCKING HILARIOUS, you got Danny and Stiles texting, and the bit with Finstock, and OMG Stiles's face before he makes that guy throw up was about the funniest thing I've seen in my life, Lydia getting it on with the twin was hot even though I was scared for her, I love this show's celebration of female sexuality, Allison - on how many levels can she be awesome? The arrows, the flirting with Scott, sewing him up - IT WAS AMAZING, Peter's back bitches, Deucalion's back to being cool, yay Scott's being all leader-y and heroic - it was awesome, Derek went to Jennifer (haha, I learned her name!) for help, I actually can say I'm glad about that, Stiles didn't do much this episode but he was super awesome, the Isaac/Scott bromance is pulling all my heart strings, I liked that werewolf healing doesn't work sometimes (and that opens up beautiful avenues for angst)

Cons: I was laughing my way through all of the slow-mo flashbacks - I mean, the music! Cora's being pretty useless, again with the unanswered questions: Seriously, what was up with the markings 'The Girl' left on Lydia and Allison? Why did Chris bring up fireflies? Why did Deucalion kill Ennis? Are the alphas and the Daroc (don't even care if I spelled that wrong) going to fight? Is Scott somehow becoming an Alpha? The fuck is the Alpha's real end game? Are Morell and Deaton really related? Why did Isaac just start beating up Alpha twin-gay version? Etc. Also, Boyd is pretty much useless right now...

PS: I really want them to deal with the fact that Derek throw a fucking glass at Isaac's head last episode in the exact same way his own abusive dad did. I mean, we never even dealt with the whole 'arm-breaking' thing last season :/

Pros and Cons of "Alpha Pact"

Pros: A lot of things came full circle, for example: Morrell sent the girl from the beginning (it's a shame we won't be seeing more of her - she was so kickass), we finally got to see the rest of the pack learn that Deucalion killed Ennis, the tree Lydia's been drawing became relevant, the FBI involvement in all this was addressed, the animals going crazy was explained, anyway I almost ship Stydia now, their kiss was genuinely touching, Morrell is a boss and she better not be dead, THE STILINSKI FAMILY FEELS, THEY HAVE KILLED ME I AM DEAD, Stiles's panic attack and his dad's story and Claudia (finally have a name! It's ironic that the first Stilinski first name we learn is from a character who's hever been onscreen), I WAS CRYING PEOPLE, also, I just love Detective Stiles being snarky and the Sheriff being generally unimpressed with Argent, we met Scott's dad! And he hates Stiles so I hate him, can't wait to see more of him with Scott, I got a lot of pleasure out of Isaac's rant at Derek, it wasn't completely fair, but Derek does owe Isaac an apology, I like that everyone's working together, I like that Beacon Hills is about to become a hellmouth, I like that there were humorous moments amidst the angst, great performances from Daniel and Dylan I really adore Heather's best friend (isn't she played by the girl from the fantastic show?)

Cons: Cora is bascially a plot device at this point, and though I will always ship Sterek I would infinitely prefer to see Stiles with Lydia, you know, someone with this thing called A PERSONALITY, was it just me or did Peter seem a tad bit OOC? And the scene with him and Lydia... Very underplayed, she shoulda slapped him, interestingly to me, he seemed ashamed of himself which is telling for where his character is going, this episode made me pretty annoyed with the Hale family, also what was the point in Scott leaving with the alphas? Emotionally, nothing came of that, especially since Scott just rejoined his friends, no consequences, Mr. Argent REALLY dropped the ball this episode, it kinda annoys me that the love triangle of Scott/Allison/Isaac is just Isaac and Allison hooking up, I wanted potential threesome material personally, but that's my opinion


Pros and Cons of "The Overlooked"

Pros: Melissa Mc Call for best character anyone? So we now know that guardian can mean parent, which NO PLEASE LET NONE OF THE PARENTS DIE OH GOD, so yeah, emotionally invested, I like that Scott went with Deucalion - I knew it's similar to what happened with Gerard last season, but this time he's not being secretive about it, the scene with him and Stiles broke my heart, I liked the interactions with Kali and Deucalion, Stiles + a bat = when fanon meets canon, though I'd have liked it to be more badass, he was really brave though, I don't know why, but I got pervasive enjoyment out of Derek being knocked out at the end, maybe it's 'cause he has to face the bad choices he's made as of late, yay the Argents being badass and making plans, plans that don't suck like Derek's plans, I'm glad Derek held out against Jennifer, I was worried he was gonna let the mass murder thing slide for a second, though it still sucks that his life sucks, nothing good can happen to him, I swear, everything to do with Peter this episode was AMAZING, Scott was sassy and I loved it, and the many many people who thought Jennifer is Paige are dashed to the rocks, (though I get why they thought that - seriously, what was the point of that arc?)

Cons: Jennifer's sob story, well I won't have too much of a problem with it so long as the show makes it clear that it doesn't justify murder, 'cause she ain't "borrowing" people's power - that would imply she's going to give it back, which she can't 'cause they're dead, there was a ton of mythology exposition this episode, and it did NOT fit in seamlessly as it has before, it all felt a tad bit rushed - I think they've bitten off more than they can chew this season, Stiles and Cora are literally being thrown together, I don't mind too much, but just so you know? Mouth to mouth is not romantic; it's disgusting, why can't Jennifer teleport anymore? Where's Lydia? After last week's reveal, I'd expect to see her some, someone should have told Mrs. Mc Call that Peter's alive, Stiles knows about Derek/Kate? How? Also, it was a dick move of him to shout that out, but he was pretty emotionally overwrought, wait, Kali joined the pack to be with Ennis? REALLY, that's her motivation, that's all were given, so she killed a ton of people she likes to be with one dude? REALLY SHOW, THAT'S WHAT YOUR GIVING US?

Pros and Cons of "The Girl Who Knew Too Much"


I got cut off from watching the last few seconds of the show right when Stiles burst into the room to see Jennifer further stab his dad. I'll fix the problem soon, but I can't give a opinion on any thing that happened after that moment

Pros: The title, The Man Who Knew Too Much was one of my favorite movies as a kid, I think I accept Scott/Allison/Isaac as an OT 3 now, STILINSKI FAMILY FEELS PEOPLE! ALL OF THEM, "Mom would have believed me," it was so Mood Whiplash -y, 'cause there was the chess stuff and that was hilarious, and then PAIN, I loved how they developed the alpha twins here, their backstory and relationship have been fleshed out! And we get a feel for their motivations, and with Danny and Lydia in the picture it was just lovely, YAY MY IRRATIONAL HATRED OF JENNIFER IS JUSTIFIED, yep that's right she's the Darach and Derek officially has the worst taste in women EVER, I think they intentionally made her Derek's love interest to rile up the Sterek fans so no one would see this coming, or something like that, anyway, I usually hate plot twists, but I was pretty much behind that, Allison was awesome guys, seriously, she, Stiles and Lydia should open a detective agency, actually I'm off to write fic about that right now, Lydia is a BANSHEE, because you know, they wail when people die, oh god it makes sense! I LOVE IT, so it looks like Stiles/Cora is gonna be a thing, yep, she was invented for the Sterek shippers, like "Hey, we won't have Stiles with Derek, but here's another Hale to appease you!" I don't even mind, finally repercussions from the deaths of the sacrifices and Boyd, they mentioned the FBI again! Mr. Argent was a boss! Stiles was amazing as usual, Lydia and Scott's moment was very nice

Cons: Derek lost major awesome points, unless he was under some sort of spell, he was all, "I'm going to flounce off and leave a bunch of teenagers (and my sister!) to cope on their own, then flirt with my girlfriend," get it together bro, Scott and Morell's conversation was so hammy, Cora's little speech was so annoying, Lydia going off on her own, really? Even if it really were Aiden, are you sure that's the best idea? What's up with Cora? They never told us what's wrong with her, I'm not sure it makes sense that Jennifer is the Darach, but fuck if I really care, the show really needs to stop crapping on Derek

Pros and Cons of "Visionary"

Pros: TALIA HALE IS MY NEW FAVORITE!!! SERIOUSLY, SHE IS (was *tears up*) SUCH A BOSS, oh, so Peter's always been delightfully manipulative, and he and Derek are close in age? (So I guess the Piles and Pydia shipping's gonna skyrocket... ew), Deucalion is an actual character now! Seriously - felt sorry for him and everything, he was such a cool dude, this answered a lot of questions, though Cora still hasn't done anything, but at least we get a feel for her character here, SCOTT WAS AWESOME! SO VERY AWESOME AT THE END THERE, all of this backstory that linked everything was lovely, we finally learn things about Deaton and Morell! I have a few negative things to say on the subject, but Derek/Page was actually well done (fuck you Dennifer!), it had all the workings of a classical tragic romance, Derek was a failwolf back then, too, Ennis actually has a reason for existing now, the alpha pack backstory was awesome, as well as the stuff with the Argents, DETECTIVE STILES IS BACK MOTHER FUCKAS, and we got to see like twenty seconds of Sheriff Stilinski being awesome, which wasn't enough but I take what I can get, I really dug the dialogue

Cons: So Derek/Paige, it was well done, as I said before, but it didn't really seem relevant to the episode, the audience didn't need an explanation as to why Derek was traumatized, did they really need to add to his Trauma Conga Line? It seems like the only reason it was in the story was to provide an explanation for the whole "why the blue eyes?" thing (or possibly so the writers can nail in his extreme heterosexuality), poor dude, he has officially lost any rights to calling any teenager stupid, (I'm just bitter because I really wanted to see his backstory with Kate because I want to write fics concerning it...)

PS: All around good episode that assuaged many of my fears.

Theory: Ethan and Aiden are going to switch to the good side. I've thought this for a while, considering their attachments to Danny and Lydia, but the fact that they weren't there at the formation of the alpha pack makes me think that they never had a little killing spree. I think they will eventually be redeemed.

Cons, Cons, and More Cons (with a Few Pros) of "Currents"

Cons: So many plot holes and continuity errors, I'll name a few, first of all there is no way in hell that the sheriff could have found Deaton just from that little information, Stiles kept showing up in scenes with no introduction, why did the dark druid feel the need to go after Danny? He didn't understand what he had done and the other characters wouldn't have noticed his project if it had left him alone, are we ever going to see the FBI again? You'd think people outside of teens would notice the threes pattern, people in this episode knew a lot of information with no explanation as to how

There were a lot of gaps between this ep and the last. It felt like a bunch of important scenes got cut. Here's a list: So after Derek banged Jennifer, what happened? Are we supposed to believe they're in love? How do people know he's alive? What about throwing a glass at Isaac's head? That going to be addressed? When did Cora go back to the loft? Where's Peter? How does Derek know Lydia's dating Aiden? What about Danny? How'd he get poisoned? How does Allison know what's going on? What about general fallout from the emotional train wreck of last episode?

This made the last episode obsolete because I'm pretty sure the suicide sacrifices from last episode don't fit in the electromagnetic field thing, I can't believe Lydia is stupid enough to be dating a murderous alpha, I couldn't even feel sorry for Derek because he brought this on himself, he shouldn't get a girlfriend when a bunch of psychos are after him, and the drama didn't work because they BARELY KNOW EACH OTHER,† BOYD IS DEAD? HIS CHARACTER NEVER GOT TO DO ANYTHING! AAAAAGGGGHHH AT LEAST WITH ERICA YOU HAD AN EXCUSE, EXCEPT YOU DON'T ANYMORE BECAUSE WE SAW HER THIS EPISODE, Deucalion† makes no sense, why is Cora† alive? She's done nothing and we don't know how she survived the fire, MORE UNANSWERED QUESTIONS, this episode felt lazy and rushed, I'm officially worried about this season sucking because these are only the flaws I can think up off the top of my head

Pros: The Stiles and Danny scene was hilarious, Scott and Allison were adorable and awesome, I liked Boyd's plan, looks like they're telling the sheriff, Sterek scene! Because I will always be a fangirl, liked the scene with Scott in the begining with that women and also with Isaac, I'm glad Scott's becoming an alpha!

Pros and Cons of "Motel California"

Pros: Agh the Lydia, Stiles and Allison team was amazing, this episode really got across horror, I was worried that the motel would be random and out of place but it tied into the story nicely, we saw the dark druid whose name I refuse to learn to spell and he was freaky, I really like Jennifer's character now, glad we learned more about Boyd, is there anyone in this show who doesn't have a shitty past? Whatevs, it makes for great angst, seriously there were tears during the werewolves' hallucinations, Lydia... Poor girl, I swear this show is trying to drive her insane, on the plus side, they stopped the next wave of sacrifices, Stiles was such a little genius, while not subtle, the scene between Scott and Stiles broke my heart, it was a bit funny that it was juxtaposed with Derek and Jennifer getting it on, Stiles was hilarious as ever, also loved Chris Aragorning about, while I'm not sure how I feel about Gerard being alive (and Chris not SHOOTING HIM IN THE FACE) I do like that he's not too involved, man I know they weren't real but I'm still stuck on how heart breaking the moments with Scott, Boyd and Isaac were, oh and I feel Ethan was afraid of losing his identity, loved that he's a real, 3d villian, loved him with Danny and almost offering the bite, that scene was hot

Cons: I'm trying to be fair, but isn't Dennifer moving a bit fast? They barely know each other, Derek was dying like to seconds ago, and there's the whole Kate issue, the show better fucking treat that with respect, it needs to be dealt with if we are meant to buy Derek in a relationship, that kinda shit is traumatic, also will we ever learn about the mystery of the motel?

PS: my current theory: Finstock is the dark druid.

Pros and cons of "Unleashed"

Pros: The alpha twins are super cool - did you see how happy they looked while causing mayhem? They're also intimidating, wow they're really piling on the hurt!Isaac, Stiles is such a genius, Lydia is just awesome, that scene with her in the music room was super creepy, finally learning more about Deaton and Miss Morell, very driven episode, I really like teacher lady... Not sure about her/Derek but we'll see (she made him do a Derek equivalent of a smile - if she makes him happy, then I must put down my protective bat), Celtic mythos yay!, aw, Derek's getting tortured again, and he's being all broding, still a failwolf though, I think the Sheriff's going to learn about the supernatural, but not before much angst is generated, yay Danny and Finstock! I DIED when Danny offered to help Stiles lose his virginity even though it was a joke, and Stiles just rolled with it, I cannot express how much I want him to be bi, even if nothing comes of it it'd be SO COOL to see a positve male bi character that didn't come out of Japan, agh I just love Derek so much and he really is pretty much my favorite right now, yay Mr. Harris died!, I'm also seeing a jealousy thing forming between Stiles and Isaac over Scott, the atmosphere of this episode was just creepy and awesome overall, loving the cinematography and music, loved Allison, Scott and Isaac's plan and how they worked together, also glad they're dealing with Isaac's trauma (gives me hope that they'll give poor Lydia some help)

Cons: Scott kind of ignored Stiles even though he was right, NOTHING GOOD CAN HAPPEN TO DEREK AND IT'S DEPRESSING ME, still don't understand what's up with Cora, Deucalion was super cool before that speech ruined it with ham, I REFUSE TO ACCEPT ISAAC/ALLISON, this had some pretty overdramatic moments that just made me laugh

"Chaos Rising" pros and cons

Here be spoilers.

Pros: Moar hurt!Isaac, awkward and funny Stiles making plans, Scott still being awesome (yay for character development), Derek's still being all protective, PETER, DANNY, COACH FINSTOCK, one of those alpha twins is gonna go for Danny (I feel like poor Danny boy's gonna get his heart broken...), MISS MOREL IS EVIL?, Allison being redeemably awesome, detective!Stiles, Stiles almost getting laid which he totally deserved so I wish it had happened, that friend of his was awesome, I'm sad she's probably dead but happy that Stiles is most likely gonna get in trouble for her death, because that would create delicious angst, WTF IS LYDIA?, ONE OF DEREK'S SIBLINGS IS ALIVE THANK FUCK HE TOTALLY DESERVES HAPPINESS AND SHE BETTER NOT DIE!!!, the alpha alpha is actually blind which I thought was cool, there has been more Sterek scenes this seasons than I thought there would be going off interviews

Cons: So many elements to the story that it felt a bit out of focus, looks like awesome new girl from the last episode is dead, and Erica is dead *cries* and I think the next time trailer had an image of Derek holding her body which broke my heart (this isn't really a con I guess - they were working with what they had), not much of the parents at all

PS: If anything bad happens to Derek's sister, I will throw 82390543 tantrums

Pros and Cons of "Fireflies"

Pros: I don't know if the drama this episode was silly or awesome but I like it, LESBIANS! KISSING! I WAS SO TURNED ON AND I CRIED WHEN EMILY WAS DEAD - I WAS ACTUALLY HARDCORE SHIPPING THEM, Scott was adorable and awesome, Allison was badass, loved Mr. Argent, new threat seems to be in town (and it's killing virgins -run Stiles, run!), Papa Stilinski is THIS close to being in the know, love Mrs. Mc Call so much, Stiles and Lydia snarking, detective!Stiles is so so so awesome - I want him to donate sperm so I can have his babies, DEREK IS SO AWESOME AND HEROIC AND HE IGNORED EVIL!PETER AND FOLLOWED HIS HEART AND HE GOT ALL SLICED UP FOR IT AND OMG HE MIGHT SURPASS STILES AS MY FAVORITE, great acting all around this episode - loved Allison's brooding, Mr Argent's sad face, Holland should win a fucking award she is amazing, STILES CRYING OH MY BABY (so glad Dylan is making movies), Derek is given a whole deeper level of awesome by Tyler H's performance and Tyler Posey has really grown, I love that the mistaken killer of the guy at the pool played a role

Cons: TOO MANY QUESTIONS THAT ARE MAKING THE SHOW LOSE FOCUS/ I FEAR WILL NEVER BE ANSWERED - here are some: What's with the fireflies? What about the girl from the first episode? So what's the alpha pack's plan? How does it make sense? Can they see the future? What about Miss Morel? How is Derek's sister alive and why didn't he go to her and let the non bleeding teenagers deal with the traumatized woman (BS romance plot, that's why)? WHAT'S UP WITH LYDIA???? WHY IS ISAAC CALLING FOR THE DEATH'S OF INNOCENT FELLOW WEREWOLVES? I have more but don't feel like listing them, I take it back - I want no love interest for Derek (unless it's really really well done), I wasn't digging Derek/teacher lady, why won't they give Stiles a love interest? Derek's not emotionally ready for romance and I prefer him to have scenes with Cora, (I'm even more protective of him now y'all), plus it seemed a bit phoned in but I hope they'll win me over (I'll try have an open mind - must appease my Sterek shipper), so damn many unnecessary dramatic reveals

Despite long con list, this was still a great episode. Cons are mostly me voicing concerns.

Pros and Cons of "Tattoo"

Pros: Hurt!Isaac, Stiles being hilarious, Derek being a sweetheart (no, really, itís like heís become the awesome big brother character), yay Sheriff Stillinski (I think heís gonna figure out the supernatural on his own!), Scottís character growth, seeing Erica and Boyd, Stiles&Scott and Lydia&Allison friendship, Mrs. Mc Call being freaking amazing, Chris Argentís awkward parenting, the alpha pack is already amazing, I LOVE THAT NEW GIRL CHARACTER (I wonít even mind if she breaks up Sterek you guys), the alpha twin can conjoin bodies holy fuck, I loved the touch with the animals, every character in this show is HOT as HELL, motorcycles, also Dylan OíBrian should be having babies with me even though Iím a lesbian, music and cinematography were great as ever, I miss Jackson now (didnít think that was possible), basically if they keep this quality up itís going to be an amazing season

Cons (more like nitpicks really): no Danny or Peter, Stiles could have done more, IF SCOTT HAS SOME BS PROPHECY SURROUNDING HIM IíM GONNA BE PISSED, I wish weíd gotten to see Derekís character development, Scott was pretty together this episode and it seemed like his character had grown Ė but would he shut up about Allison? PLEASE (I canít believe Derek put up with that Ė also Stiles is the best friend ever for listening to him whine Ė I thought Scott had grown but he still monologued about his love! SHE WENT BERERK AND SHOT PEOPLE, I mean I like her but come on! We know he loves her but in real life can you think about how pathetic this would be?), and also I know itís a part of Stilesís growth but I am so ready for him to be over Lydia

SO EXCITED! Maybe I'll do one of these for each episode!

Season two

Is this season as good as the first? No, but it's still enjoyable.

Our characters from season one are still present and strong. Stiles especially grows and we get to see how strong his character is. Scott does his best, but often comes off as judgmental and not a very good friend. Derek struggles to be a good alpha but doesn't seem to be leader material. Jackson seems almost like a frightened child who needs help. Allison tries to become stronger but ultimately goes too far. The only character's arc I would object to is Lydia: she is far to forgiving to Jackson and her continual dismissal of Stiles is simply annoying, although she does go through some trama this season. (Was I the only one who thought her nightmare was like a rape scene?)

The show's attempt to introduce new characters is... spotty. The three new werewolves that Derek turns are good characters, but they don't get enough development. We can sympathize at first with them because they're all in bad situations, but then they become first class douchebags, and then they're nice again. What?

A lot of problems come with the plot. The main mystery of this season is the kanima, which I found to be handled well, although it could've used more clarification. But the new threat of Gerard Argent is not handled well at all.

At first we think he wants to kill all the werewolves in revenge for his daughter's death. He was genuinely threatening and it worked. However, in the finale, he reveals that he has cancer and wants the bite. Wouldn't faster healing make cancer worse? Also, it renders his characterization pointless. And Scott apparently had this whole plan about how to stop him. Scott's not that smart. And his plan is ridiculous. When did he have enough time to switch the pills? How did he know what color/shape they were?

There's a lot of little plot holes in this season. Lydia and Jackson's relationship never seemed strong enough to warrant the attention it got. Also, I swear that she had given him that key back. Stiles got beat up, and as much as the angst made me happy, it was kinda pointless and the whole plot line was out of focus.

I don't actually mind plot holes too much - as a writer I understand how hard it is to avoid them - but this many wreaks of laziness. Still, this season is worth watching - just prepare to suspend your disbelief.

First season

The first season of Teen Wolf is excellent. There really aren't many problems with it. The premise seems rather overdone, it being a high school drama with added supernatural conflict, but the writting, plotting and pacing make it into something special.

The biggest flaw I would say is the main character, Scott. He's rather immature, obsessed with his girlfriend and doesn't seem to take being a werewolf too seriously. Of course, he IS only a teenager, but I think he's just not main character material. That's why so many people latch onto the other characters, most of whom are better than him.

Stiles is Scott's best friend, token 'normal' human of the show, and mine and many other people's favorite characters. He's clever, multi-layered, and funny as FUCK. He's a very supportive friend and actually seems to be the driving force of the plot. Also, his dad is awesome.

We also have Derek Hale, the mysterious werewolf antihero. You're never sure if he'll be good or bad in any given episode. He's very tortured and brooding. As the show goes on, you learn more about him. I liked him more and more as more was revealed.

There's also Allison Argent, Scott's awesome girlfriend, Jackson, the insecure douchebag with incredible issues, and Lydia, the girl who has Stiles heart... for reasons unknown. She is pretty multi-sided though - she and Stiles are the smart people of the show.

The show escapes being vapid and unoriginal with because of its strong characters and plot. It never feels boring because even the still moments are entertaining or building real people out of the characters. There's also several good mysteries that drive the series, and they all seem to revolve around the hunter family of the Argents and the Hale House fire. There's an alpha werewolf on the loose, and it will take all of the characters to stop him.

This show is definitely worth a watch.

A Lackluster Second Season

I really like the first season of Teen Wolf. I liked its characters, the interactions, the conflicts, and atmosphere. When people started getting killed, I liked how the town had a curfew. Its little details like that which are so absent this season.

For one thing so many of the characters have regressed to previous personalities. Allison's dad now hates werewolves again, Derek is a violent vigilante, Lydia remains oblivious to Stiles advances.It makes fans feel like the first season finale was ultimately ignored and stripped to only make new conflicts.

A new monster has appeared and it totally doesn't look like it was ripped from the new Spiderman movie, not. The monster mystery isn't as compelling as the "Who is the Alpha?" was from the previous season. There are only two suspects who could be the Kamina so there was an obvious double fake out. The Kamina is very inconsistent about how powerful as it easily incapacitates any werewolf it touches in one episode but in another he gets taken down in one blow.

If you didn't like the nauseating, sappy romance between Scott and Allison in the previous season, well too bad, it devours their screen time like a malignant cancer . Their relationship is once again star-crossed lovers because it would be perfect otherwise. They can't even think up a viable excuse why they broke up or aspect they find at fault with each other. It's not even that romantic, they are generally too busy trying to eat each other's face, and this climaxes (cringe) with them having sex in the deep, dark woods when they are supposed to be watching an homicidal lizard monster. This is slasher movie victim stupidity.

Also remember the female werewolf that fans were hyped for,well be disappointed as she has little to no point in the story. She suddenly pops into existence with no foreshadowing and we are expected to care as all the characters throw their sympathy to her. Then she gets bitten, and makes a full personality 180 to a sexual predator, humping Scott's leg like she's in heat. It amazes me that television can write complex and mature love triangles with two men but when 2 women are involved its ultimately simplified to the good girl and the slut. What little we see left of her is spent with her screwing up Derek's simplest instructions in a truly Team Rocketesque fashion.

Teen Wolf has lost its bite.