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The TV series:

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     Season 1 
  • Stiles punching Jackson.
  • Not too cool for our protagonists, but Dr. Fenris succeeds at awesome.
    "Get out of my house or I will shoot you."
  • Wolfsbane:
    • Derek knocking out the Alpha's nurse when she helps him corner Stiles.
    "No, she's a psychotic bitch who's been covering for you."
  • Formality:
    Dr. Deaton "Let me make this clear, We. Are. Closed."
    • And not budging when Peter throws a chair at him.
    • Stiles convincing Lydia to dance with him.
    • From the same episode, Stiles trying to save Lydia from the Alpha.
  • The entire climatic battle of season 1.
    • Oh yes. Special props to Stiles and Jackson who jump into the fray too. And Lydia, who's there in spirit via the chemical reaction that she helped create.

     Season 2 
  • Scott going up against the two new betas in the pack and soundly kicking their asses. Granted, he's then curb stomped by the alpha, but still.
    • Even then, he managed to get in a couple hits and impress said alpha.
  • Allison versus Erica, the latter of whom has been attempting to steal Scott from her all season. Not only because she dupes Erica into catching a crossbow bolt laced with the kanima's paralysing venom, but because of the exchange had throughout:
    Erica: This might make me sound like kind of a bitch, but I was wondering what it would be like to steal someone's boyfriend. I think I might try it with Scott... It must be a rush of power. I mean, why would he wait to spend ten minutes with you, when he could have me anytime he wanted? (Allison fires an arrow, which Erica catches) You really didn't think that would work, did you?
    Allison: Actually, yeah, I really kinda did. (Erica opens her hand to see the venom covering the bolt, and she falls to the ground. Allison leans down beside her.) I thought you were psychic, bitch.
  • Stiles treading water while holding up a paralyzed Derek for two hours. Especially impressive considering that Derek is a good 50 lbs heavier.
  • Scott and Jackson beating the shit out of one another in the locker room, despite it being more of a Curb-Stomp Battle.
  • Stiles casting the first on-screen magic spell in the series. The triumphant music helped.
  • Derek fighting off the Kanima at the police station. His more defensive fighting style indicates that he has learned from their past encouners.
  • Gerard taking advantage of Matt's fear of water to drown him and take control of the Kanima. Easily one of the most brutal scenes in the series.
  • Stiles scores three goals in a row, winning the lacrosse championship.
  • Mama McCall gets a small one at the end of 2x11, refusing to leave the game to save herself, changing her mind about wanting Scott to give in to Gerard's demands, telling Scott he has to help and supporting him after being unable to look him in the eye since she found out he's a werewolf.
  • In the season 2 finale.
    • Three werewolves against one Kanima. And that's just one epic moment against a whole second season finale of awesome.
      • Bonus points for Chris Argent, who earlier tries fighting the Kanima himself.
    • Scott not only outmaneuvers The Chessmaster Gerard, he explains how he's been one step ahead for the latter half of the entire season; He knew Gerard had cancer and was trying to be bitten by Derek and steal his Alpha position. So Scott puts Mountin Ash is Gerard's cancer pills, so Gerard's plan backfires completely.
    • When Gerard orders the Kanima to kill everyone, Lydia personally intervenes, using the Power of Love, to make Jackson rember his human self. Peter and Derek take this as a distraction and strike Jackson at the same time. Jackson is ultimatly freed from the Kanima and becomes a werewolf, like he always wanted.

    Season 3 

  • Braeden's rescue of Isaac at the start of Season 3. A motorcycle chase, crashing through a two story window, then taking down the twin alphas, who had combined into a single giant alpha.
  • Scott, Allison, and Isaac teaming up to get revenge on Aiden and Ethan in the most glorious way possible. Allison teaches Isaac how to ride Aiden's motorcycle, Scott takes a few pieces of another bike and sits down beside the twins in class after getting a text from Allison that the plan is ready, innocently commenting to them that the pieces he's holding up "look important," prompting Aiden to rush out of the classroom to spot Isaac riding down the hall on his bike. He furiously stops Isaac, who immediately flips off of the bike just in time for the entire student body to come out and see what looks to them like Aiden ending a joyride through the school. He's immediately caught and suspended while Scott, Allison, and Isaac stand together victoriously. This whole scenario is also a Crowning Moment of Funny.
  • Alpha Pact:
    • Stiles and Lydia break into Morrell's office and discover that she's missing. Stiles realizes that she's missing because she knows something, so he wants to know what she knows. He ransacks her desk for her files and finds Lydia's. And then proceeds to figure out that Lydia hasn't been drawing trees, she's been drawing the same one over and over. And then turns the drawing upside down, because he's realized it's not a drawing of branches, but of a root system. It's the Nemeton's root system, and that that's where their parents are.
  • Two for Allison in Frayed:
    • The first is her channeling her mother's good qualities and teachings to help her focus threading a needle.
    • The second is in flashbacks, during the fight between Derek's group and Deucalion's group, the latter seemingly has won... Until the sky rains with flashes. A few stories up is Allison, stoically manning a bow and flashbang arrows.
  • Motel California:
    • Stiles grappling with Ethan, one of the Alpha pack twins as he's holding an electric saw, the illusions of the motel making him suicidal, and tries to stop him. Then he figures out that heat snaps the werewolves out of their hallucinations (with some back up from Lydia, who sends him to the bus to get emergency flares to save Boyd). Then, to cap it all off, he stops Scott from his own Driven to Suicide death by telling him that if he wants to go, he has to take Stiles with him.
    • Lydia knocks the both of them out of the pool of gasoline when the flare Scott had dropped is somehow blown towards it. And she follows it up by, after having been reminded of the events of her birthday party last season, figures out from a glance at it that wolfsbane had been put in the coach's whistle, which explains how the werewolves all started losing it.
  • Currents:
  • More of a CMoA for Holland Roden, but Lydia's screams, especially in "The Girl Who Knew Too Much". Very impressive vocals. Makes sense, considering that Lydia's a banshee.
  • Though it kinda overlaps with Narm Charm, Chris Argent tracking/realizing the plan of the darach and going after it. How does he attack? by walking down a hallway shooting two handguns like he's in a scene from an action movie. So Epic. Except for the fact that not a single shot managed to hit the target.
  • Stiles response to being threatened by an Alpha: "Y'know what? I'm gonna break off an extra large chunk of Mountain Ash, wrap it in wolfsbane, roll it in miseltoe, and shove it up your-"
  • Mama McCall taking out two Alphas. Fans cheered.:
    Merged!Twins: (holding Scott by the throat against the wall) We're trying not to hurt you!
    Scott: Try harder.
    Melissa: Hey! I'd like to try something. (electrocutes the twins with a defibrillator)
  • Lydia's response to surviving the Darach trying to kill her? She's going to leave the bruises uncovered, and then she's going to do her hair.
    Lydia: Someone tried to strangle me, and I survived. I don't need to hide that.
    • She also jumps right back in to trying to stop the Darach. Only approximately half a day after the attempted murder attempt.
  • After Agent McCall brings up Sheriff Stilinski's past struggles with alcohol, this is Stiles's response:
    • Stiles' frosty and rude behavior towards him turns into an even bigger moment of awesome when it turns out that the guy is Scott's dad, who left Scott and his mother, and according to Word of God, abused Scott when he was a kid. No wonder Stiles hates him.
  • The villain-on-villain showdown between Jennifer and the Alphas is pretty excellent. Jennifer takes out the Twins' combined form in less than 5 seconds, snapping their neck with one hand (They Get Better), and kills Kali by using her Darach powers to hurl a skylight's worth of broken glass at her. Kali, for her part, goes down fighting - after seeming to consider a last-second apology for having tried to kill Jennifer back when she was "Julia", she instead goes out with a final shriek of "I SHOULD HAVE RIPPED YOUR HEAD OFF!"
    • Hell, Lydia's massive middle finger to Kali counts, just for the sheer fearlessness she shows against a woman who could very easily rip her throat out:
    Kali: Who do you think you're talking to?
    Lydia: (crossing arms, unaffected) Someone in desperate need of a pedicure. I'd be happy to give you a referral.
  • One of the shots during the montage at the end, where Scott's dad shows up at Scott's bedroom door. Scott opens it, sees who it is, his face shifts into a completely blank face, and proceeds to close the door in his dad's face without a word, while Melissa, down the hall, smiles over it.
  • Scott breaking through Jennifer's mountain ash barrier, triggering his transformation into an Alpha.
  • Scott, Allison, and Isaac are being questioned over the disappearance of their parents (well, not Isaac's. His are dead, as he points out.). This is taking place at Allison's apartment, over several of the weapons that her father has. When those are brought up, Allison counters that her father is a licensed consultant, which requires him to have ownership of several weapons. She lists off several of them, then picks up a gas grenade and uses it, giving them the chance to escape.
  • Silverfinger:
    • Scott's father shows up, demanding Scott give him an explanation for why he and Kira were in his office. Scott tells him off.
    Scott: You need to leave.
    Agent McCall: I will, with a satisfactory explanation.
    Scott: Go get a warrant.
    Agent McCall: I don't need a warrant, I'm your father.
    Scott: No, you're a gene donor. I got my hair color from you, and that's all I got. So you don't get to play tough dad with me.
  • Letharia Vulpina:
    • To start with, Deaton travels to the Yakuza mafia to steal some moss which grew from the blood of the Nogitsune killed in an earlier flashback. Along the way, he tricks the Yakuza boss into holding a vial for him, which is laced with Kanima venom. Later, he uses the moss to poison the Nogitsune possessing Stiles in order to save Scott.
    • Kira fighting the Oni in the same episode counts. Bear in mind, she just saw her mother create them, and knows why the Oni exist, but would rather free Stiles than kill him.
  • De-Void:
    • A brainwashed Derek has tied up Chris, and is ready to light him on fire. Chris serenely reminisces that, as part of his hunter training, escaping from this exact scenario was the first thing he ever learned. He then knocks the chair over, loosens himself, rolls under his desk, grabs a handgun, and puts it to Derek's chin before the wolf can react.
    • Kira and Allison fighting a brainwashed Isaac, Aiden, and Ethan. And winning. Not bad for a kitsune with a tenuous grasp on her powers and a normal human girl.
    • Scott and Lydia infiltrate Stiles's mind to force the nogitsune out. They eventually find themselves in the white hallway (where Scott, Stiles, and Allison met when reawakening the Nematon), where the nogitsune is forcing Stiles to play a game of Go as a symbolic way of suppressing his soul, and no matter how far they run or call to him, he doesn't respond. Lydia tells Scott that, since she and Stiles are also part of his pack, there's one surefire way that she knows he'll hear him. He wolfs out and lets out a huge howl, which wakes Stiles up; he glares at the nogitsune and slams the Go board away, regaining control of his body as a result.
  • Dylan O'Brien's incredible acting. From the guy who plays the goofy sidekick, seeing the incredibly creepy nogitsune take over is one of the best parts of the show.
  • Insatiable:
    • A huge one from, wait for it, Coach Finnstock. As one of Eichen House's sadistic orderlies is about to use a stun gun on an escaped patient (who is also a banshee), Coach Finnstock grabs the guy by the wrist, mentions that "this school has a very strict anti-bullying policy," and reverses the weapon onto him.

     Season 4 
  • The Dark Moon:
    • Scott scaring off a Berserker just by roaring at it.
    Scott: I think I scared it off.
    Braeden: I think you scared everything off.
  • 117:
    • The fight with the Berserkers, from Scott and Malia just barely holding their own, to Kira's Big Damn Heroes moment and actually holding them back with her katana. Then comes Derek's Big Damn Heroes moment, where he holds both Berserkers off unarmed, and shifts from his teenage self back to his adult self.
  • The Benefactor:
    • Sheriff Stilinski proves that cunning runs in the family by A) bringing a gun, B) figuring out that the mouthless assassin hasn't left the school, and C) checking a door for traps and saving himself and Derek from being blown up. After Derek subdues him, he handcuffs him and starts reading him his Miranda Rights like any other criminal. Shame Peter ran in and killed the assassin before they could bring him in.
    • Chris Argent's Big Damn Heroes moment, using flash-bang arrows and sound to corral the out-of-control Liam so Scott can talk some sense into him.
  • Scott stopping Violet from decapitating him by pulling away her thermal cut wire from his neck and shoving her away, knocking her out.
  • Orphaned:
    • Liam climbing part way, then almost fully, out of a well while being poisoned by wolfsbane. When Scott finally finds him, he's clinging with just the fingertips of his left hand.
  • Weaponized:
    • Scott Took a Level in Badass when he used his Alpha powers to save his pack. It's something he definitely should've known how to do, but because Scott struggles with his powers, it's a major win for him.
    • Stiles flippantly telling the assassin that he won't lead him towards his friends, knowing full well the guy will kill him. Luckily, he's rescued by Agent McCall a few moments later.
    • Satomi dodging bullets Matrix-style is a fine example of Narm Charm. Especially since we haven't seen any other werewolf that fast.
  • A Promise To The Dead:
    • Dr. Deaton's fight against the wendigo in the preview.
    • Chris Argent gets impaled by a metal bar and is nearing death by the time Deputy Parrish finds him. After some encouragement, he actually helps Parrish pull the bar out, all the while screaming from the pain.
    • This also counts as a moment for Parrish himself, because he manages to convince Chris, who's given up on life after Allison passed away, to channel his grief into anger at Kate. Oh, and Parrish's powers begin to shine through.
  • Smoke & Mirrors:
    • The season finale is full of them. In fact, everyone on Team Good gets one.
    • Lydia and Mason attacking a berserker. With bats. Doesn't do them any good but it's awesome to actually see Lydia finally fighting. And the reason? Their friends needed their help and they weren't going to let the berserker stop them without a fight.
    • Sheriff Stilinski killing a berserker. With a fricking claymore explosive.
    • Kira learning how to heal and gaining her first tail.
    • Liam learning control. And Stiles helping him do it.
    • Scott breaking free of the berserker spell. And then proceeding to kick Peter's ass.
    • Braeden is outnumbered and ready to die at the hands of Kate and a berserker. Cue Chris, Parrish, and all of the Calaveras showing up and unleashing More Dakka at Kate.
    • Derek learning how to turn into a full wolf, just like his mother.

    Season 5 
  • Creatures of the Night:
    • In the first scene of the premiere, Lydia takes a level in badass and beats the crap out of the nurses of Eichen House, almost managing to escape.
    • Also, just when it seems the mysterious creature with the glowing claws has managed to steal Scott's alpha power, Scott breaks some of its bones and breaks its claws off.
  • Status Asthmaticus:
    • Melissa McCall in the midseason finale: Scott is killed by Theo, and Melissa desperately tries to revive him with CPR as Mason weakly tries to tell her that Scott's been dead for over fifteen minutes. Melissa ignores him, declares that he's too strong to die like this, and slams her fists into his chest. It works, and he comes back roaring.
    • This one actually has a bit of Truth in Television. There is a technique, the precordial thump, which can on rare occasions bring the heart back to a viable rhythm. (Though it has a low chance of success, and you should not go around smacking real life people in the chest unless you are a trained medical professional and know exactly what you're doing!)
  • Apotheosis:
    • Almost everyone in Scott's pack taking a level in badass in the finale.
    • Malia, facing off against her mother The Desert Wolf, using Belasko's talons to drain her powers instead of vice versa, becoming a full-strength werecoyote.
    • Lydia, despite a dangerous neck wound, is able to let out a banshee cry so powerful that it frees Mason from the spirit of La Bete.
    • Stiles helped with both of these mainly getting Malia the talons, and he was so fulfilled by being able to help people that he's joining the Sherrif's department.
    • Kira returns from training with the skinwalkers (partially), and is now in near-complete control of her Kitsune spirit - and strong enough to summon the spirit of Theo's sister to drag him to Hell.
    • Also the reveals that Deucalion and Chris are both working with Scott.

    Season 6 
  • The mid-season finale, Riders on the Storm:
    Mr. Douglas: You'll make a fine Ghost Rider, Scott. I'll have a true alpha by my side. And then a banshee, a werecoyote-
    Stiles: A Stiles! *beats Douglas with a baseball bat.*
  • Face-to-Faceless:
    • Coach Finstock, of all people, pulls a Big Damn Heroes and interrupts Liam's beating.
  • The Wolves of War: As any good finale should have.
    • Sheriff Stilinski (fka. Johnny Cage) delivering an epic smackdown on three insubordinate deputies.