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YMMV: Teen Wolf

For the 2011 TV series:

  • Abandon Shipping: A fair portion of the fandom is completely okay with the Allison/Isaac and Scott/Kira pairings that are happening in the current canon.
  • Alternate Character Interpretation:
    • Stiles. He suggests murdering Jackson in cold blood once it's found out that he's the Kanima even though Jackson had risked his life to help save Stiles and his friends before. While this could potentially save many lives, the way this high school student doesn't even flinch at saying such a thing is chilling. Neither Scott nor Stiles are overly fond of Derek in the first season, but Stiles literally calling for his death as the first resort is a little more than horrifying. Derek was, at the time, convinced that Lydia was the kanima and intent on killing her but this is still worrying behavior. (It could be argued that he was joking in that instance though.) Throughout the entire series, he pretty much treats everyone he's not friends with like they barely exist and clearly doesn't value their lives highly. While he has a good goals in mind, he is shown to be Machiavellian in his means to get there. For instance, when he gets Derek to strip without his permission in order to get Danny to trace a text. And this is passed off as a joke! He also acts as though he knows better than the people he cares for and will often act to "protect" them in ways that have fairly disturbing connotations. For example, he (and the other characters, for that matter) doesn't tell Lydia about the supernatural, even though she's clearly been affected by it to the point where she's having a mental breakdown! Yet, for some reason, a good portion of the fanbase considers Stiles to be a flawless guy.
    • Scott. Even putting aside the numerous and repulsively ignorant 'Scott is a moron' narratives that have thankfully been overturned by Season 3, there exist fans who interpret his Thou Shalt Not Kill Black and White Morality attitude (which the narrative never fails to reward) as naïve, pointing to all the people who died because Scott didn't advocate murdering Jackson in ostensibly cold blood after the Kanima reveal and the very real fact that it's all well and good to refuse to kill Peter when Derek's there to do it for him and not make him have to deal with the consequences of leaving the serial killer werewolf alive. In the second season, Scott does not have to deal with Matt, since Gerard kills him. Likewise, Lydia and Stiles stop the Kanima/Jackson. Scott also manages to dodge having to kill Jennifer, when Deucalion steps in to do it for him. Rather than do anything about proven murderer Deucalion, Scott also just lets him go with a warning trusting that he will not go back to killing people. As a rule, Scott never has to truly make life-or-death choices because the plot always conspires to give him an out or pass the responsibility onto another character. It would be very interesting to see how differently things would have played out if Scott did not have Derek and others to bear the weight of sin for him.
      • Made even more interesting during Season 4, during a harebrained plan to draw out The Benefactor, he gets a strange dream — no biggie, right, it's happened before — but this time, he wakes up the hospital, nobody's around, and he discovers he's becoming more "of a werewolf / more evolved", depending on which voice he listens to. These voices being a Dream Liam and a Dream Mute, and he eventually murders Dream Liam with The Mute assisting him...and it appears Scott had quite the time of it. What this means for his character is up for debate — could he be looking to lose his innocent, good-boy nature? Is he not going to hesitate in killing quite so much and become a bit more stained in sin, so to speak? Or does this foreshadow something far, far darker?
    • Isaac is an extremely well-liked character by the fandom, but that doesn't stop arguments from breaking out over whether he's violent and coldblooded or a sweet, innocent puppy. It's all complicated by his being an abuse victim (which not only Woobifies him to the audience but, as some observant fans have noted, makes him change his outward personality based on who he perceives as being in charge of a given situation, making it all the more difficult to figure out his real personality and motivations) and repeatedly passing through the Face Heel Revolving Door — within the same season, he tries to kill Lydia, beats the crap out of a teammate for a pair of rave tickets, relieves the suffering of a dog with cancer in a quite literal Pet the Dog moment which marks the start of his Heel-Face Turn, and stays in Beacon Hills to help Scott despite knowing that he could potentially be killed.
  • Ambiguously Bi: Stiles is very interested in whether or not he's attractive to gay guys, and asks both Scott and Danny whether they find him attractive. It's become a Running Gag by the second season.
    Sheriff: What are you doing here?
    Stiles: What do you mean 'What am I doing here?' It's a club! We were clubbing! At the club!
    Sheriff: Not exactly your type of club.
    Stiles: (pause) Well, dad, there's a conversation we need to ha-
    Sheriff: You're not gay!
    Stiles: (indignant) I could be!!
    Sheriff: Not in that outfit.
    • In the third season when Stiles is talking loudly about needing to lose his virginity and Danny responds that he would help him out, Stiles thinks it sweet of him to offer and wants to know if he's serious. He's not.
    • Also, in the latter half of the third season, when recently-revealed-as-bisexual Caitlin questions Stiles on his sexual preference:
    Stiles: I thought you liked girls.
    Caitlin: I do like girls. Do you?
    Stiles: Absolutely.
    Caitlin: Great.
    Stiles: So, you also like boys.
    Caitlin: Absolutely. Do you?
  • Angst? What Angst?:
    • Narrowly defied by Holland Roden, who brought up to Jeff Davis that maybe Peter gas-lighting Lydia and using her as his marionette might influence Lydia's comfort levels when in the same room with him.
    • Is played straight where Peter is concerned generally. To watch the interactions in "Overlooked", a new viewer would have no idea that Peter was the one who turned Scott into a werewolf, or that he had (ironically) terrorized some of the same people in both the hospital and the high school much the same way that the Alphas were doing. Actually, Aiden and Ethan were being considerably less malicious (mostly because Ethan didn't really want to hurt anybody except Jennifer) than Peter had been in Season 1. Yet Peter is treated as an ally and Scott actually tries to protect and take care of him once he is worn down from fighting the twins.
    • Played entirely straight after the events of "Motel California". Scott's suicide is heavily implied to be genuine, Isaac was mindfucked to the point of hiding under the bed in a catatonic state, Boyd hallucinated his dead sister and tried to drown himself, Ethan nearly cut himself in half, and Lydia had to hear the final moments of several of the past suicides in the hotel, and it's never brought up again or have any form of aftermath.
    • Also Derek. Yes, he's stoic, but given the sheer amount of mental trauma the guy has gone through, he really should be a wreck by now- even ignoring the fact that he gets ripped to shreds physically every five minutes, his near constant loss of agency would be enough to drive anyone to breaking point. Because seriously, how many times has his body been used against his will? By his friends, no less, but nope, he just moves on, and it's never mentioned again.
    • Played equally straight with Erica's and Boyd's deaths, given how easily forgiven their killers are.
    • Averted with Liam. After being bitten by Scott in order to save him from a wendigo; he's been kidnapped, poisoned, left in a well to die, nearly immolated, and beaten badly by a berserker. That's just the physical half of it: not being able to tell anyone about his transformation into a werewolf has him feeling isolated, being put on the Deadpool has made him extremely paranoid and the berserker encounter still haunts to nearly PTSD-like levels. Keep in mind that he's still a 15 year old freshman and all of the above-mentioned incidents have occurred in the time-span of less than a month. Arguably, his reaction to everything that has happened makes him the most normal person in the entire setting.
  • Awesome Music: Much like the show that inspired it, this show is packed with lots of alternative and indie pop.
  • Base Breaker:
    • Erica Reyes. She's loved by half of the fandom (almost to Ensemble Darkhorse levels) for many, many reasons and hated by the other half, for many different reasons. Ironically, after her death at the hands of the Alpha Pack and the addition of so many new characters, a lot of viewers and fans now mourn her departure.
    • Allison. Some think she is absolved of her actions (kidnapping, torture, attempted murder) during her Heel-Face Turn because of Gerard's manipulations and her mother's suicide. Others think she was too Easily Forgiven for her actions. It doesn't help that most of Scott and Allison's talk during the aftermath of the finale was implied to be offscreen.
    • Derek Hale. Over half of fandom seems to think he's a great guy with good intentions and is just misunderstood by Scott, while the rest either just don't like him or outright hate him for all the things he's done. Including breaking the arm of a known abuse survivor to "teach" him.
    • Jennifer Blake is already this is Season 3. Some fans think it's great to get another female character on the show. Others dislike her for her romance with Derek, calling it rushed and forced. This might be slightly more justified given the reveal of her true nature, though.
    • Cora Hale has mostly managed to stay under the radar, but she's been shoehorned into the plot and her backstory is not only not given, but is also an enormous plot hole in and of itself.
    • Malia Tate looks to be shaping up to be this as well. Just like Cora before her, she's been shoehorned into the show with very little explanation or clear purpose, is surrounded by giant plot holes in her story, and appears to be yet another Suspiciously Similar Substitute. And many viewers were unnerved by the very Squick-worthy sex scene between her and Stiles (who were both patients and mentally unstable) in the mental asylum basement.
  • Cargo Shipping:
    • In the fandom, a fair amount of fans seem to ship Stiles/his jeep. He is, after all, the Launcher of a Thousand Ships, and he's clearly very attached to it...
    • There is also a section of fans who ship Derek/his Camaro. Frankly, that would be a step up for his love life.
  • Complete Monster:
    • Gerard Argent from Season 2 kills an innocent Omega werewolf, and declares that all werewolves in Beacon Hills to be hunted down and killed regardless of their innocence. He claims to be doing this to avenge his daughter Kate, but it's clear he has a different agenda. It's heavily implied that he brainwashed Kate into the racist werewolf hunter she is and had her seduce Derek and burn down his families house, and when his daughter-in-law Victoria is bitten by a werewolf, Gerard forces his son Chris to kill her. He also manipulates his granddaughter Allison's grief to brainwash her as he did Kate, turning her into a ruthless werewolf hunter herself. Later in the season, he kills the Kanima master and takes control of the beast, and uses it to threaten an unwitting crowd at a lacrosse game, unless Scott brings him Derek. In the season finale, we learn Gerard's true motive — to become a werewolf himself to cure his cancer, and possibly take over as Alpha. He uses the Kanima to take everyone hostage even saying he would kill his own son to help his own survival. When that plan falls flat, he orders the Kanima to kill everyone. In Season 3, we learn in his past, when the werewolf Deucalion wanted peace between werewolves and hunters, Gerard kills Deucalion's pack and the hunters who agreed with him. Gerard also blinds Deucalion with flashbang arrows and frames him for the death.
    • Jennifer Blake from Season 3 is the Darach, a druid who killed twelve innocent people in cold blood for power. She tried to kill Danny just because he had info that might endanger her, set up Psychic-Assisted Suicide on four traumatized teenagers, and was partially responsible for Boyd’s deatj because she insisted on maintaining her facade. Likewise, she tried to kill Lydia purely because she knew too much. She never shows the slightest remorse, but keeps on pathologically justifying herself. When Chris Argent confronts her on her murders she smiles and says that they are "sacrifices." While she was nearly killed by the Alpha she once followed, it mattered not that said Alpha couldn't bring herself to do the deed, and for all her eloquent speeches that she needs to stop the Alpha Pack for the good of many, this is proven false as she never interferes when they hurt people. She is simply out for revenge and her own interests.
    • The Nogitsune possessing Stiles, also from Season 3, mentally and emotionally torments him, forces him to torture his friends, and go on constant murder sprees. In its first murder spree, it was summoned by Kira's mother at an internment camp to avenge her American lover, but instead massacres the internment camp, prisoners and guard's alike, before finally being subdued. In the present, he takes control of the Oni and one of the first things he does is kill a girl named Allison. He later leads the Oni on a massacre at the local hospital and police station. In the final showdown, he plans on having Scott kill Stiles, citing it as the only way he can be defeated. And why? Simply for fun: it sees it all as a game.
  • Die for Our Ship: Most of the Malia hatred tends to come from her coming between the ever-popular Stydia shippers. There are a lot element of Creator's Pet, Mary Sue, The Scrappy and several pages of Unfortunate Implications involved though.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse:
    • While the intended hot and popular characters are Scott, Derek, and Jackson, the one who's got a lot of fans hot under the collar is someone completely different: Stiles. This has resulted in him having a larger role than just being Scott's sidekick. In fact, the trailers and posters for Season 3B feature Stiles as much (or even more) than Scott, the intended main character.
    • Danny is greatly beloved by the fandom despite having relatively little time onscreen. Isaac also has had this effect for quite a few fans. Isaac got an expanded role in the third season, although Danny did not appear significantly more than he had in previous seasons.
    • Lovable Alpha Bitch Lydia in the Memetic Molester way.
    • Sheriff Stilinski and Ms. McCall are also very popular with fans, probably due to them both being Good Parents with very snarky personalities.
    • As of Season 3, Ethan and Kali have gotten a pretty good following as well.
  • Evil Is Sexy:
    • Kate, despite being borderline sociopathic, is quite attractive. Actually a plot point, given that she sexually manipulated Derek as a stepping stone to her Moral Event Horizon of burning almost all of his family alive.
    • Peter Hale. Scott's mom certainly agreed on the sexy front, mostly due to being out of the loop on the 'evil'.
    • The entire Alpha Pack, with Ennis arguably being the only one falling short of looking like a model (he is also the first to die).
    • Jennifer the Darach. Subverted in that she is using Glamour to conceal her disfiguring injuries and be super-seductive.
    • As of Season 3B, Stiles.
  • Fanon Discontinuity:
    • Some fans like to forget that Season 3 and everything after it ever happened, since that means that Jackson, Erica, and Boyd, all of whom were an Ensemble Darkhorse to some degree, are either dead or forever in London. Add that to the general Base Breaker that is Season 3 and some of its characters (the twins Aiden and Ethan, Deucalion, Jennifer, Malia) or some plot conclusions about Cora in general, Derek (and Cora) leaving, Allissac, among other minor ones, and you get a popular point of Fanon Discontinuity. The death of Allison and departure of Isaac at the end of Season 3, and then the total exclusion of Danny from Season 4 certainly hasn't helped matters, either.
    • Also, like many other shows, Teen Wolf wasn't very well known during its first season and mostly gained its popular fanbase during the second, so most of the popular fanfiction pieces were written in the ten month hiatus between Season 2 and 3 and therefore accidentally or on purpose ignore Season 3.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple:
    • Sterek. As in Stiles/Derek. So prominent in the fandom that of all fics online, a solid 90% or more ship the pairing.
    • Or Scott/Allison. Even if they broke up. And she's now dead.
    • Or Scott/Isaac, mainly for Isaac being a huge Woobie thanks to Scott, who triggered his Character Development.
    • Scott/Kira are very popular among the fandom.
  • Genius Bonus, also Stealth Pun: Stiles's line "Be a Man. Be a Werewolf. Not a Teen Wolf, but a Werewolf." In Old Engilsh, from whence the word Werewolf derives, 'wer' means man.
  • Growing the Beard: Season 1 was mostly the typical "normal teen is now a werewolf" story, but Season 2 slowly moved away from that. By the time Season 3 started, the show had developed a complex plot with a lot of interesting mythology and was trying to become truly compelling television.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • The episode in which Scott battles Lizard Jackson in the library came out less than a week after The Amazing Spider-Man, which featured a similar scene. Hell, Lizard Jackson himself is an expy of sorts to The Lizard.
    • Given his ego, Jackson would probably be gratified to know that it took two guys to replace him. His girlfriend and best friend respectively split a pair of identical twins between them after Jackson left Beacon Hills.
    • Back in Season 1, Derek was furious about Scott howling through the school PA system, late at night, in an effort to attract the Alpha, because he was worried it would "attract the entire state to the school?!". Since then, werewolves and Kanima have fought inside the building (often during the school day!), teachers have disappeared, murders have been attempted, and the locker room has been trashed multiple times. It almost never provokes a prompt response from anybody, even during the daytime when the building is filled with students and faculty!
  • Hollywood Homely: Gage Golightly is a very pretty girl, but Erica is initially portrayed as unpopular weird girl with Messy Hair.
  • Ho Yay: Got its own page.
  • Internet Backdraft: Let's just say that bringing up Stiles' and Malia's sexual encounter in the dirty basement of a mental asylum on most fan forums should be avoided at all costs unless you want to be doused in a brutal Flame War.
  • Iron Woobie: Derek.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Both Isaac and Erica post-transformation thanks to the fact that both are Drunk with Power. Both come from heartbreaking pasts, both decide to lash out the most cruel of ways. This stopped as the series progressed until Isaac completely lost the Jerkass portion and Erica became much more relatable and likable as a character.
  • Jumping the Shark: While Season 3 has had some good arcs, the concentration on character development and the emotions of the characters seems to have fallen by the wayside, and some feel that the show has suffered because of it, particularly due to the Angst? What Angst? post-"Motel California". The first two seasons were concisely plotted while the third went all over the place and was riddled with plot holes. And from the looks of recent ratings and reviews, it doesn't look like Season 4 has improved upon this at all.
  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships: Stiles. He gets shipped with anyone who's ever appeared on the show. And sometimes those who haven't, too. Whether or not he's even interacted with some of these people on screen doesn't seem to matter, either.
    • It is less intense with Scott, but due to constant friendly interaction with nearly everyone he is heading this way.
  • The Law of Fan Jackassery:
    • The violent reaction to a female character being introduced and possibly being a love interest has people frothing at the mouth without even waiting to actually see how the season will go.
    • Non-shipping wise, some thing that this kind of screws Derek's characterization as a stoic, troubled, and sour wolf. Not the Romantic Interest per se, but the Out-of-Character Moment she generates are quite... dividing.
  • Like You Would Really Do It: Yeah, the Derek death fakeouts aren't really effective anymore.
  • Memetic Molester:
    • Peter Hale is full of bad touch! It'd probably be easier to count the scenes he's in that don't have elements of this. The list includes Scott, Jackson, Stiles, Melissa McCall, Allison, and most especially Lydia.
    • Kate's also pretty skeevy, with her comments on Scott's big brown eyes and... everything about the way she acts around Derek. It's a pretty common thing on Tumblr to post pictures of Tyler Hoechlin from six years ago, when he was on the scrawny side (though compared to now, anything would be scrawny) and adorable, with the text going roughly to the tune of, "This is what Derek looked like when Kate Argent manipulated him with sex and killed his entire family" just to make her extra Squicky with the statutory rape thing.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • To Gerard Argent, this is a daily bridge. See Complete Monster. His definite points of evil are threatening to kill Scott's mother, force his son to kill his wife, turn Allison into a perfect replacement for Kate, and beating Stiles half to death.
    • As tragic as Peter's backstory is and how suave he is, it's hard to get past the fact he killed his niece for her Alpha powers. He may have crossed it when he tried to force Scott to kill his friends in Night School.
  • Narm: The hashtags that MTV puts up in the corner on every important scene in a new episode. They can really kill the mood.
  • Narm Charm: It isn't the best show of the decade by a long shot, but it's fun and somehow still appealing to a fairly large demographic.
  • One True Threesome: Scott/Allison/Isaac has been picking up steam in the fandom, especially as they've moved into more of a love triangle dynamic during Season 3. And then Allison was killed off and Isaac (like Jackson) ran off to France at the end of Season 3. Jeff Davis certainly isn't helping matters by stating that he doesn't like love triangles and making ambiguous comments like "agreed".
  • Overcrank: The show abuses slow motion to an almost criminal degree, not only applying it to scenes where it would normally be necessary, such as super-fast werewolf battles, but to almost every moment with even the slightest dramatic significance that does not use dialogue for emphasis instead.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: While there are definitely people out there who still dislike her, Malia did gain more fans during Season 4.
  • Ron the Death Eater: Malia Tate, to great lengths by most of the die-hard Stydia fans. "Anti Stalia" is a pretty popular tag on tumblr. Considering her status as a plot hole generating,scrappy, this more or less expected. Bordering on justified.
  • Romantic Plot Tumor: Stalia and Draeden. To elaborate,
  • Seasonal Rot:
    • Set in with Season 3. Most of the new characters aren't interesting (in particular, Erica-Expy Cora), the plotting is thinly written and poorly thought out due to simply dropping Scott into a storyline meant for Jackson, a randomly written romance between Derek and a new character (coming from someone who likes the idea of them as a couple!) is suddenly dropped in, and it's missing two major characters from the previous season. And there's even more than that. One of the best parts of Teen Wolf was its fantastic continuity (each episode happens right after the previous one and there was tons of foreshadowing). Season 3 is riddled with plot holes and hasty plotlines (most of the headscratchers are from Season 3). Sadly, the second half of Season 3 didn't solve most of the continuity issues, either. Especially notable in the case of the Alpha Pack, and the way that some fans feel that Deucalion was Easily Forgiven. Other than beating up on Derek (which, to be honest, everyone including Lydia has done) and being vaguely menacing to the protagonists, they actually seemed considerably less threatening than Peter did in Season 1, or the Hunters in either of the first two seasons. Gerard and Victoria were way more scary than Deucalion and Kali.
    • Has now reached a critical point where fans are just fed up with the amount of plot holes, lazy writing, and trolling the writers are releasing. From Stalia to yet another Token Gay to more Derek torture to Malia being the writers' Mary Sue created to destroy Sterek... Let's say that Internet Backdraft is a tame way to describe the fan reaction to Season 4. The general consensus is that, for one reason or another, it's a much weaker season than any of the previous ones.
  • Ship Sinking: The Scott/Allison and Isaac/Allison ships officially became impossible once Allison died.
  • Special Effects Failure:
    • The creators of the series noted that they planned to make a werewolf that someone could kiss, or rather make the werewolf sexy. What they have done is made the werewolf look like the one from The Werewolf Of London from the 1930s. Strangely averted with Aiden and Ethan, who are just handsome guys with red eyes and fangs, but none of the facial swelling or excess hair that Scott and Derek habitually exhibit (probably to save on makeup time and money).
    • The CGI deer and mountain lion look pretty cheap, while the Alpha resembles a gorilla with more claws and glowing red eyes. The Alpha also looks quite stop-motion-esque everytime it's chasing someone.
    • At times the CGI can be acceptable, at other times the CGI is painful.
    • Season 3 episode "Fireflies" has werewolves walking in a dark hallway with glowing eyes... and at times you can see their eyes casting lights in the walls.
    • Deucalion's "demon wolf" form.
    • In "Lunar Ellipse", Jennifer uses the shards of glass from the shattered skylight to kill Kali. The skylight was made of an opaque (or at least very dirty) glass. But the shards are all perfectly clear.
  • The Scrappy:
    • Kate in Season 1, due to her rather psychotic behaviour. In the next season, Matt was given the distinction; see Die for Our Ship above. Cora picked up the role in Season 3 due to her incredibly ambiguous backstory and the fact that most of her behaviour is identical to Derek when he's in one of his worst moods. And now in the latter half of Season 3, Suspiciously Similar Substitute Malia appears to be picking it up as well.
    • Malia has become a full out case of The Scrappy. Why? Mainly because she is presented as a Wild Child in the first episodes. Then, when the "Echo House" episode came along, she is presented as having social skills with just a slight violent attitude problem, despite being a coyote for 9 years without any human interaction. Then, she becomes a Designated Love Interest for Stiles, even hinting at them having unprotected sex in a dirty basement while Stiles is drugged, possessed, sleep-deprived, and paranoid. This is full of Unfortunate Implications that the fans have been furiously pointing out since the moment the episode aired, but Jeff Davis and his staff have done nothing except ignore them and describe this scene as ''romantic''. To add injury to insult, they cut a scene that Stiles could have had with his dead mother as a mental creation of Stiles to calm himself so they could add the Stalia scene, at which the fans have been even more enraged. Also, the fact she can suddenly enter high school, despite being a coyote for 9 years, has made people question at what level Jeff is willing to shoehorn Malia into the main cast. Heck, even Dylan (Stiles' actor) was weirded out by how unnecessary and random the scene was. Other details like her being immediately included in the new opening as a main character (despite people like Isaac, Erica, Boyd, Danny, and even the Twins deserving it more that her), the total self-imposed blindness that the TW media and Jeff have about critical feedback to the point of making up results and making posts about how fake we <3 Stalia, has annoyed more and more fans.
  • Spiritual Licensee: The series is more a Darker and Edgier version of Big Wolf on Campus.
  • Squick:
    • Stiles losing his virginity in the basement of a mental asylum. While very emotionally unstable and traumatized from his Demonic Possession. With a girl who, by all accounts and logic, should mentally and emotionally be the equivalent of a 9-year-old child. Romantic!
    • There is a very good reason why patients in mental institutions are not allowed to have sexual relations of any kind, and romantic ones are discouraged as well. As the name suggests, patients are not mentally well or in control of their facilities and most are on very strong medications, all of which take away their ability to give informed consent. For anyone who knows anything about mental illness (especially the types that require in-patient care), Stiles' and Malia's sexual encounter just screams of mutual uninformed consent and perhaps even undertones of rape.
    • There are repeated implications that when Kate slept with Derek, he was young enough for it to be statutory rape. In Season 4, she reverts him mentally and physically to a 16-year-old so he will trust her again and continues manipulating him in a sexual manner, while she's roughly twice his age.
  • Spiritual Successor: A bunch of high school kids living in a town where weird crap happens constantly, who have to solve these supernatural occurrences themselves? Who start off normal (minus the Chosen One, but end up either Badass Normal or with powers themselves? Lots of snark? Doesn't ring a bell.
  • Suspiciously Similar Substitute:
    • Cora seems to be this for Erica, from being the one seen trapped in the vault with Boyd (when many wondered if Gage Golightly may have made a surprise return) to her relationship with Stiles (similarly part snarky, part flirtatious). It's possible that actions and scenes written for Erica before Gage left were reused for Cora.
    • And since Adelaide Kane left the show, we have a Suspiciously Similar Substitute for the Suspiciously Similar Substitute with Malia Tate.
    • Season 4 saw the addition of Mason, a gay male high school freshman who's a POC, star athlete on the lacrosse team, best friends with blond jock Liam, and isn't aware of the supernatural events going on around him. Sound familiar? Yeah, that almost word for word describes Danny Mahealani, who was mysteriously cut from Season 4, has had minimal Character Development since Jackson's departure two seasons ago, and was an Ensemble Darkhorse amongst the fandom and casual viewers. People noticed the similarities as soon as the character was announced and the total lack of Danny in Season 4 seems to have confirmed it.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: Due to the significant turnover rate of actors and actresses on the show, a lot of interesting and well-liked characters have either been killed off or disappeared into obscurity from whence they've never returned. The most notable examples have been Jackson Whittemore, Erica Reyes, Vernon Boyd, and Cora Hale, all of whom were central pack members with intriguing backstories, Ensemble Darkhorse status, and great importance to the plot that were never fully or even partially explored. And that doesn't include several of the villains (Kali, Jennifer, the Alpha Pack as a whole) or secondary characters (Danny, the parents, Dr. Deaton, the Hales) whose colorful backstories haven't been expanded upon either due to death or literary neglect.
    • Liam. A new character that would give Scott the perfect chance to prove he is worthy of being an Alpha, turns into the perfect example of why Scott should never have been an Alpha in the first place. Other than proving that the Calaveras were completely right, Scott forgets about him when he is trapped in the well, puts him in close proximity to harming people on the Full Moon, takes him on dangerous missions without a clue about how to use his powers, and gives him no helpful Alpha advice on maintaining control. By the end of Season 4 Liam has night terrors every night, is extremely afraid of the dark and is more isolated from his only friend than ever. If not for a single scene where Scott takes Liam home when he's visibly too terrified to continue, Scott neglects everything about Liam and shows he's clearly too immature to have such a great power, and would have been hunted by the Calaveras if they did not conveniently forget about the ultimatum they gave him.
  • The Untwist:
    • Hey, could the Kanima's master possibly be the suspicious and creepy kid we've never seen before, the only non-Argent new character with a name who isn't introduced just to be turned into a werewolf by Derek? Yuuuup.
    • Who's the Darach? Could it be the only new non-werewolf member of the show? Could it be the first love interest Derek has had, when we know nothing ever goes right for him? Could the darach be.. Jennifer Blake??? Yup.
    • Hey guys, we're bringing in a Kitsune, an explicitly Japanese mythological creature! We're also bringing in a Japanese-American girl to be Scott's new love interest. Why, I wonder if these two things are related! Yup. The one twist on this is that so far Kira looks to be a good Kitsune, and not the Big Bad of the season...
  • Visual Effects of Awesome:
    • When the Alpha was being burned by the self-igniting molotov, DAMN did it look awesome.
    • The smoke effects for the lightning-bug monsters are movie quality, particularly when one is doing some swordplay.
  • What an Idiot: Most of the cast does this multiple times, most notably Allison in Season 2 and Scott and Derek every few episodes. Trusting Peter/Gerard/any of the villains also goes under this.
  • The Woobie:
    • Everyone does the round robin on this one, although the one who's consistently deserving of a hug and a blanket is Isaac. It's to the point where Word of God has essentially made him into a designated Woobie; case in point, when asked if Isaac would be treated not like crap in Season 3, Jeff Davis only response was a snarky, "Where's the fun in that?"
    • Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds: Ms. Blake's gutting backstory doesn't excuse her actions, but she does get more humanized as a result of it.
    • Scott turns out to be a pretty big woobie, after 3A, and particularly "Frayed" and "Motel California", where he nearly dies over the guilt he's been carrying around about everything. Twice.
    • Stiles has taken this up to eleven after being possessed by the Nogitsune. Being stuck in a basement with a steel trap on his leg as a demonic figure tells him riddles, hallucinating constantly and never quite sure when he's awake or not, having panic attacks in the middle of school, forced to kill and torture people including his friends, and being tricked into thinking he has the same illness that killed his mother. Every tear he cries in Season 3B is like a knife in the heart.

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