Manga / Pop Team Epic
Popuko and Pipimi, setting the mood.

Pop Team Epic (also known as Poptepipic; occasionally spelled Pop Teen Epic) is a yonkoma series created by Okawa Bkub (otherwise known for his Touhou doujins).

It's not easily summed up, as it has negligible amounts of continuity and is a Widget Series featuring a mix of anime/manga/video game references and Non Sequiturs. The only two recurring characters are a pair of schoolgirls named Popuko and Pipimi; the former is shorter, blond-haired, and exceptionally quick to anger, while the latter is taller, black-haired, and is generally calmer. Other details tend to vary from comic to comic.

Bkub's Twitter can be found here. Fan translations of his comics are common; Sir Lorence is known for typesetting others' translations and posting them on Tumblr, leading to the series attracting the attention of an English-speaking audience. (Click here for all of his Poptepipic-related posts, in order.)

After some teasing, Pop Team Epic will be getting an anime in October 2017.