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09:03:40 PM Mar 5th 2011
edited by Camacan
Perhaps these could be rewritten — but they seem misleading as they are. Cruella is not intended to invoke Pretty in Mink, she's the superstar of Fur and Loathing, very much a opposite trope. Perhaps you could say Pretty in Mink is there in parody form but I think that may be confusing.

  • 101 Dalmatians: Cruella DeVil is an iconic villain in fur. The Dalmatian puppy coat is the driving force behind the film. She wears a huge fox coat / The live-action version also had a significant display of a white tiger fur, and a fur fashion show in the sequel.

  • 101 Dalmatians: Cruella DeVil! The Dalmatian puppy coat is the driving force behind the whole book. She wears a white mink cape and says she sleeps between ermine sheets.
06:48:22 AM Apr 10th 2011
Could you include Re L Mayer from Ergo Proxy?
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