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Mystical High Collar
Poppin' collars and poppin' heads.

A high, flared collar is a common item worn by characters with mystical powers (whether magic, ESP, or something else).

This was long part of the look for people passing themselves off as mystics (along with turbans, gypsy head scarves, and crystal balls). Also, a high collar, that fully concealed a wearer's head from behind, was useful in certain stage-magic tricks that employ body-doubles. So this showed up in fiction for mystical characters.

A Sister Trope to High Collar of Doom (and overlaps with mystical villains), Robe and Wizard Hat.


Anime and Manga

Comic Books
  • Doctor Fate has high collars as part of his cape in some versions of his costume.
  • Doctor Strange wears a blue robe with a high collar, and his red cloak has an even taller one that forms two 'horns' over his shoulders.
  • Immortal Iron Fist, a Supernatural Martial Arts master, wore an extended collar until recently. Though the reasoning behind it was more due to the fashion of the times.
  • Black Racer of New Gods sometimes has a high collar around his head as part of the black armor he always wears.
  • Spawn's cape has a ridiculous collar for a sentient, hell-made cape.

Film - Animated

Film - Live Action
  • The wish-granting Zoltar machine in Big includes a bust of a bearded guy with a high collar.
  • In the 1931 Dracula film, Bela Lugosi as Dracula sports a high-collared cape. And as in the book, his vampire abilities are supernatural, such as the ability to shapeshift and shroud people's minds.
  • Mestema of The Dungeonmaster is an Evil Sorcerer who wears an extremely wide collar on his cloak.
  • Jareth from Labyrinth has several powers, as he is the Goblin King, including many illusion powers.

  • In King Kelson's Bride, Liam wears a "long, high-collared coat all of pure white wool save for the black Furstáni hart emblazoned on his breast" for his magical investiture as padishah (called the killijálay).

Live-Action TV
  • When wearing formal attire, the Time Lords of Doctor Who sport an ornate cloak-and-high-collar combination.

Multiple Media
  • In Noob, Gaea, a Summon Magic user, has a high collar as part of her late Season 4 / Season 5 / fourth novel outfit.

Tabletop Games
  • Dungeons & Dragons
    • Module T1 The Village of Hommlet. The costume of the magic-user Burne demonstrates this, as shown in this picture of him and his friend Rufus.
    • Module L1 The Secret of Bone Hill. The cover features a female mage wearing a red bodysuit with a high collar, as seen here. We know she's a mage because she's blasting a skeleton with a Lightning Bolt spell.

  • In the framing scenes that open and close Wicked, Glinda's dress has a high collar that doesn't seem attached to her dress.
  • A major stage adaptation of Dracula in the 1920s gave Dracula a cape with a high collar for purposes of the kind of stage-magic trickery mentioned in the trope description. The cape went on to become part of the popular image of Dracula by way of the 1931 film which used the stage version as its basis.

Video Games
  • Several of the Mesmer outfits in Guild Wars have high collars, some even just slightly flared out.
  • The wizard classes in Ragnarok Online often include high collars, including their fur-lined capes.
  • A number of magic-using classes in World of Warcraft have armor sets including collars as high as the back of the character's head.
  • In Rune Factory 4, Arthur wears a cape with a very large, high collar and is never seen without his star-shaped spellbook, though he speaks very little of magic. Kiel talks about magic quite often, but only has a small collar on his capelet.
  • When City of Heroes released their Super Booster II: Magic costume pack, one of the new pieces was a high collar for capes.

Western Animation

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